Food Day Three

Starter-Smoked Chicken Salad
I wasn’t really expecting much from this dish but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The salad leaves were a mixture of lettuce and rocket which was a nice combo and I don’t usually like rocket but it wasn’t too over powering. The chicken was tender, the green peppercorn sauce was nice and there was just the right amount. 
Main-Roast Beef
I had it cooked medium rare and it was perfect. It was tender and melted in the mouth which was gorgeous. The potato gratin had cheese on top and was to die for, which is unusual for me to say as I’m not the worlds biggest potato fan. The carrots were soft and had a really nice flavour with thyme. There was just the right amount of jus and overall the dish was good and tasty.
Dessert-Pecan Butterscotch Tart
This was the best of the puddings so far but it still didn’t blow me away. The topping was very nice and sweet with caramel pecans and the pastry was thin and cooked to perfection. The custard base reminded me of angel delight which didn’t really go with the crunchy topping.
Overall this meal was consistently good and tasty but nothing really blew me away so I’d say it was an 8/10.

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