Food Day Six

Starter-House Pate
Pate is one of my favourite things in this world as this one was yummy. The pate had lumps in which wasn’t bad but I do prefer it smooth. It came with a little piece of toasted brioche which was really nice but I could of done with another piece to use up all of the pate.
Main-Atlantic Salmon En Croute
This was really delicious. The salmon was cooked nicely, although it was a little dry in places, and there was the perfect amount of pastry. The sauce was gorgeous and there was a nice amount. The only thing that let the dish down were the potatoes which was a shame because dup until now most of the potatoes have been really nice and soft.
Dessert-Wimbledon (Strawberries, Champagne Jelly and Lime Cheesecake)
The reason why I went for this dessert was purely for the cheesecake after yesterdays amazingness. It was nice, tasty and the cheesecake topping was good but a little more of a mousy texture than yesterday. The champagne jelly was okay and so were the strawberries. It didn’t come as expected as it was more of a trifle but it was very nice.
I really enjoyed this meal as everything was really nice. I think that this meal was an 8/10. 

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