Getting into the Swing

I’m so proud that since I decided to blog four days a week that I’ve actually stuck to it! Yay! It was easy when I was blogging about my holiday as there was so much to talk about but now, being back at university and my bank being a little low so i can’t go out and do exciting things, my life has got a little, dare I say, dull. So I’ve come up with a schedule to keep myself on track, here we go!

Monday- I’m going to keep this day free so if anything is on my mind then that’s what the post will be about, last week’s monday post being an example, I mean who even thinks about highlighters never mind writes about them!

Tuesday- This will be something to do with food. Whether it’s a review of a restaurant that I’ve recently been too or something that I really liked that I cooked myself during that week. Just anything that’s tasty and delicious!

Thursday- Welcome to list’s day! It could be a top ten, things I recommend, the list is endless (oh dear, what a pun).

Friday- This will continue being favourite friday and although I’ve only been doing it for a few weeks I’m really enjoying thinking about what I’m really liking wearing/ doing/ whatever at the minute.

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