Festive Fragrances

There’s nothing better at Christmas time to cuddle up with a blanket next to the twinkling tree lights and have festive scents fill the air. Whether it’s a candle, perfume or just the smell of cooking from the kitchen, christmas is all around. Recently my mum and dad went on a Yankee Candle spree and one of the ones that they bought was called icicles. When lit it fills the whole room with the scent of christmas trees. I love it it’s a beautiful smell. At uni I have an air wick reed diffuser that smells like mulled wine and it is one of the most beautiful scents ever. It lasts for 4 weeks and gives a constant flow of festive fragrance, love it. One of the best smells ever at christmas time is the scent of festive baking. Gingerbread and mince pie smells that fill the whole house are just amazing and I think are my favourite smells at christmas time. I can’t wait to make them both so I can fill my nose full of festive goodness!

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