End of Blogmas

I did it!!!! I did 25 days of continuous posts and it has to be said I NEVER thought this was going to happen! I think that doing blogmas has taught me the importance of planning (I now religious use my laptop calendar which is colour coded within an inch of it’s life) and that getting on top of things will really make life easier. Although towards the end I got a little bit behind and was sometimes cutting it a bit fine for most of the time I was organised well in advance. Hopefully this will transfer into my uni work and I can be on top of that as I was with this (for the most part!). Tomorrow will be the final instalment and will just be a little Merry Christmas message so I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading these posts as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them and I will see you whenever (not decided when my next post will be, I’m still not that organised).

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