Match of the Mascaras

I’m a big mascara junkie. I don’t buy many or have lots at any one time but I rarely ever stick to one. I just like to test the waters and see what I’m missing out on. Let’s crack on! First up is the Seventeen Back Lash Mascara. I got this free when I spent over I think it was £10 and it isn’t that bad. When I say that, I mean it’s not bad layered underneath other mascaras. On it’s own it doesn’t give the volume that it promises and it doesn’t do anything for my bottom lashes but for a freebie you can’t really complain. Next is the l’Oreal Telescopic Mascara which I was given by a friend who wasn’t really getting on with it. I really like this mascara. It’s super lengthening and is perfect for applying a more volumising one on top. It’s clump free but I don’t put it on my bottom lashes as it makes them look like creepy spiders, urgh. Last, but certainly not least, is the Clinque High Impact Mascara which I got free in Glamour magazine ages ago. This. Is. Incredible. When it says volume, it means volume. It makes my lashes look the best they’ve ever looked and I am in love. The only downside is that when this runs out I don’t think that I can afford to get a new one *cry face*. This is definitely my favourite out of all three but what I do if I’m going on a night out is put them all on and they make my lashes look insane. I am such a rule breaker.

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