Florida Round Up #2

Week two over here in sunny sunny Florida. We’ve had a mix of good and bad weather but let’s just say it hasn’t spoilt the fun.

Magic Kingdom

Best day. I loved every second. Got there just as the gates opened. Headed straight for the dwarf mine train. Loved it. Winnie the Pooh ride, carousel, it’s a small world, Peter Pan and Dumbo were all amazing. After that we went to Tomorrowland. Went on the speedway, people mover and buzz lightyear which were fun. Then it was a case of waiting for the parade. It was great and I definitely held back some tears. Off to the shops and I bought some furry friends. Thumper and Doug from Up. Love those guys. Will defs becoming back!

Hollywood Studios

Arrived on another really hot day. Great! When we got there we had to wait for the gates were open. Once we were through we went straight for the tower of terror. Terrifying but really good. Then the Rockin’ rollercoaster (I think that’s what it’s called). Insane and amazing I loved it. More sedate then with wandering and a few shows. The Great Movie Ride was fun and then the Indiana Jones show. Great and nice to do something different. Final thing of the day was the Muppet 3D spectacular which was cute. Really enjoyed it.

Discovery Cove

Amazing day. First stop, otters. Waited for half an hour. Finally they were in the water. So cute. They came right up to the glass. Exciting moment. Went down the lazy river. Relaxing. Giant thunderstorm hit. Fingers crossed dolphin was still on. It was and the sun came out. Best time ever. Dolphins were called Thelma and Luna and they were both adorable. After 9 months of practising I kissed the dolphin and got the photo and I rode in on Thelma, not very majestically.


Not much more to say other than we went out for something to eat. Drove one and a half hours to Tampa. Watched Tampa Bay Rays. Came home. Fun times had by all.

Universal (again)

Went back to go on the Hulk rollercoaster. Insane. Went on the red Dragon Challenge rollercoaster. Also insane and very fast. Hogwarts Express over to the other park for another ride on Men in Black. Really good. Love that ride. Cheeky trip to Downtown Disney for a delicious ice cream! Yum!

Mini Golf

Winter Summerland mini golf. Cute courses. Fun golf. Loved it! ‘Nough said.

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