Way back when I did a Tuesday post on what my standard Nando’s order was so since I’ve not been out to eat this week I thought I’d share my standard Domino’s order with you! This post shall be short and sweet. On Saturday, as a little welcome back to uni present, me and my friends treated ourselves to a cheeky Domino’s order. We had a coupon for 50% so £80 later (only a tenner each, bargain) we were tucking into our delicious pizza. Every time we have a Domino’s I have the same thing, a cheese and tomato pizza, garlic bread, chicken strippers and cookies. The pizza would be nothing without the garlic and herb dip. I’m not even joking, we all got one of the big tubs each because there is just something about it that makes the pizza taste ten times better! The cookie’s are another serious must have. Delicious, soft and warm I just can’t get enough. I doubt that it’ll be long before another sneaky order is placed and more pizza enjoyed! The joys of a coupon code!

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