Hockley Arts Club Pancakes

Last week I was starting to wonder how I was going to get my pancake fix on pancake day. Then the night before I got invited to go to the Hockley Arts Club in Nottingham to have a taste of the sweet stuff. I didn’t really know what I was going to but how could I say no to sweet pancake-y goodness! We got there and it was £6 for three pancakes and a shed load of toppings. When it came we struggled to fit everything on the table! It had jelly sweets, chocolate chips, marshmallows, berries, bananas, nutella, lemon and sugar, toffee sauce and strawberry sauce. Normally I’m all about the lemon and sugar but the nutella was so darn delicious that I think it stole the show! I had two Gnutella’s and one lemon and sugar and then finished the rest of the nutella that was in our little pot with a spoon (it was yummy). I could have done with a couple more pancakes but that might just be me being greedy and for £6 I can’t complain!

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