The eyeshadow palette you need to buy right now: Revolution Extra Spice

Hooray, I’m back! After months of stressing over exams and other life related things I’m back with a new site and am ready and raring to go.

To get back into the swing of things I thought I’d kick posting off with my latest obsession for my face, the Sophdoesnails Extra Spice Palette from Revolution. For me this has been the ultimate impulse buy. I’d been eyeing it up for a while but was a bit sceptical of Revolution products and how they would perform, but I was in Superdrug picking up some other bits and before I knew it it was in my bag, checked out and out the door.

This palette is £10 (see why it was so easy to buy on a whim) and you get 18 eyeshadows. It’s on the warm side, with lots of oranges and reds, but a few neutrals make it a great one to use everyday. For a tenner you really can’t go wrong with how these eyeshadows perform. They’re pretty special.

Cookie dough is such an amazing shade. I’m pretty sure I’ll hit pan soon which makes me sad but it shows just how much I use it. Day to day when I have ten minutes to slap on a face and go out the door I use this on a big fluffy brush all over the lid. It also works well with something a bit more smokey as a transition shade or just a bit of a base to get things started. A neutral mid-tone brown, I literally can’t get enough of this shade.

Cheesecake is another great shade and paired with cookie dough it makes a great warm toned matte eye. Add in shimmery gold dreams then you have autumn all over your eyes – now that’s a dream. I also sometimes add dreams on top of cookie dough if I want to add a bit more sparkle day to day. Also a quick shoutout to Reputation for being the blackest black eyeshadow I’ve ever laid eyes on. It may look a bit green in the pan but you’ll be blown away at how dark it is (well at least I was but I’m quite easily please!).

I’ve got lots of use out of 95% of these shades, creating orange-y smokey eyes, everyday one wash looks and jazzy sparkle-y ones that are a bit more neutral. Also a couple of purple toned eyes. I haven’t had a proper go with infinity yet, an amazing gold glitter, but I can’t wait to have a chance to use it. Aurora and lakes, both khaki green shades, haven’t had much love and I’m not totally into them but if you wanted something a bit different then these could be right up your street. The only thing I wish this palette had was a white/cream eyeshadow to use as a brow bone highlight but I can live without it.

All in all, if you’re in the market for a new palette which has something a little bit different and won’t break the bank then get this. I’m totally obsessed and can see myself using this a lot for a while.


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