My top picks from the Glossybox Advent Calendar

After three years with three cracking advent calendars, I have to say that this year’s takes every biscuit in the biscuit tin. I went for the Glossybox offering in 2018 and every day it was a Christmas cracker of a gift. I love pretty much everything I got in the calendar but here is the creme de la creme, my top picks.

I’ve picked my five favourite products from this year’s calendar. I haven’t included the two brushes I got – a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and Luxie 552 Tapered Highlighter Brush – partly because I forgot and partly because it was so hard to choose my top five anyway it made it easier to leave these out.

Day one got off to a cracking start. I didn’t know what to expect from the calendar in terms of the type of products they were dishing out but when this made an appearance I knew I was in for a good month. This is one of the Nars Velvet Lip Glide– a sort of cross between a lip gloss and a lip lacquer I’d say. Packs a punch colour wise, sticks around for a decent length of time and is pretty moisturising. The colour I got was Burning Love, a red/pink that is pretty vibrant. When I first saw it I thought it might be a bit bright and out of my comfort zone but this type of pinky shade seems to work well for me and I couldn’t get enough of it during December. You can wear it full whack and be bold or I also quite like to put a little bit on and smudge it in day to day. Great forumla, fab colour and a win all round.

Anyone who doesn’t think there is something special about Huda Beauty needs their head testing. I honestly don’t know what it is about it, because let’s face it the packaging isn’t exactly the most premium in the world, but every time I look at it I get excited to use it. The ‘it’ I’m talking about is the Huda Beauty Winter Solstice Highlighter Palette. Normally I would take one look at these shades – a white with pink glitter, sheeny purple, yellow gold and blush pink – and run for the hills but after giving them a try I’m a big fan. I don’t think I’d be able to get away with them by themselves but by blending them together with The Balm Mary Lou Manizer I can make it work. The two shades that are my favourite are Arctic Glow and Winter Rose. Both add a bit of extra sheen and I’m totally into it. Not something I’ll use everyday but when a special occasion rolls around I’ll definitely be cracking this out.

I didn’t think that a lip primer would appeal to me that much but when I need something to last, this little black bottle is what I turn to. It’s the 3INA Lip Primer and is a pretty unnecessary product in the grand scheme of things but when you’re putting 125 products on your face ready for a night out, what’s one more. It has a slight pink tint so is ideal for putting on just after my foundation to get rid of any concealer lips I have going on. By the time I then get round to putting my lip product of choice on it’s gone to a semi-matte and allows pencils, creams and lipsticks to glide over the top. Not something I’d have ever bought myself, but something I’m enjoying.

Potentially the best pigment/glitter I’ve ever used, anyone who loves a bit of sparkle needs this in their lives. I audibly gasped when I pulled this out of the box. It’s the Pop Beauty Pure Pigment Eyeshadow in Metallic Copper and is a fine glitter pigment that is the most gorgeous copper colour. It’s so glittery and gorgeous but also surprisingly easy to work with. Even though it’s more of a pigment than a glitter, I still use a glitter glue before I use it to make sure it sticks to my eye, and that has been working really well for me. Fall out wise there isn’t that much, especially considering it’s such a fine powder. It looks great on a smokey eye and also with that all over the lid and a light matte brown in my crease. I would seriously consider getting more shades of this because the formula is so great.

Last, but certainly not least, is the only skincare product in my top five. This is the Mitchell and Peach Fine Radiance Oil. It’s the perfect mix of oily and watery – what I mean is that it isn’t greasy and doesn’t make my oily skin even worse. I can’t report back on if it’s dramatically changed my skin for good but I do wake up in the morning with a plumped up face so I think it must be doing something good!

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