What’s in my travel skincare bag – then v now

A year ago, before I packed my suitcase and went on a weekend away to Brighton, I wrote a post about what travel skincare I was taking with me on my trip. Well now I’m doing the exact same thing for another trip down to the seaside this weekend. So I thought I’d look back at what I was taking last year and if things have changed or stayed the same or if there was something I used that I wouldn’t touch now.

Makeup Remover | Garnier Micellar Water v Garnier Micellar Water and Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover

Snap! I’ve used this product on and off (but to be fair more on than off) for the last five years. It dissolves base makeup like no other and is just the pick me up I need when I’m feeling a little bit sorry for myself (AKA hungover). The only problem is that it’s not fab at taking off my eye makeup, which is where the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover comes in. It means that I can take off the tonnes glitter I put on my eyes on Saturday night a lot easier.

Cleanser | Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser Sample v Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser Mini

As you can see this, is the same. Although I’ve upgraded to an actual pot of the product instead of just using the sample. This isn’t the cleanser I use on the daily (I’m using the Saturday Skin Rise and Shine Cleanser) but I am still a big fan and it does the job.

Eye Cream | Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream v Clarins Eye Contour Gel

The Body Shop Eye Cream is one that I used for a long time. It’s not bad but I’ve used some better ones since. I’m currently using the Saturday Skin Eye Cream (which I do like) but it’s in such a big bulky tub that it would take up a fair bit of room so I’m taking the Clarins Eye Gel. I REALLY love this one. I’ve used up a few applications of this mini during my Paris trip last year and it’s the most hydrating eye cream I’ve used. So watch this space as I will probably purchase a full size soon.

Serum | The Ordinary Rose Serum v Pixi Rose Caviar Essence

Last year I put a little bit of the serum I was using (The Ordinary Rose Serum) into a mini serum container to take with me. I can’t say I’m a fan of this product anymore. It’s a bit too greasy and didn’t sink in properly into the skin. Unlike the serum I’m using at the minute which is beautiful. It’s like water and gives my skin a big hit of hydration. It’s what my skin needs right now as it’s really dehydrated and sinks into the skin in no time.

Lip Balm | Glossier Coconut Balm Dot Com v Glossier Mango Balm Dot Com

As you can tell, I love a balm dot com. So much so that the one I’m taking on this year’s trip is the new mango scent. They’re easy to wear and moisturising – big fan.

Moisturiser | The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream v Nuxe Nuxellent

With both of these products it’s a case of ‘use up what you got in your beauty advent calendar’. The Body Shop one is a hit with me though. A really straight forward, hydrating moisturiser that doesn’t get greasy or feel like on your face. If you’re in the market for a no frills bronzer then I definitely recommend this. Now, with this Nuxe product I think it’s a moisturiser but I’m not 100%. But because I’m taking the Pixi serum, if I don’t like it it doesn’t matter that much because I’m still get the hydration boost I need.


Pixi Glow Tonic | I love this product and don’t ever want to be without it so I’ve decanted (is that the right word?) it to bring with me. Fab!

I’m not taking a hand cream this time. I do use one every night (The Body Shop Shea one) but it’s not a necessity and I can do without it for a few days.

What’s your favourite travel skincare product?

Makeup I’m Taking Across The Pond

If you didn’t know I’m going on holiday on Sunday and I’m so excited. Florida here I come! So I thought I would take this opportunity to take you through what makeup I’ll be taking with me across the pond. I’m going for three weeks but I’m not taking a huge amount with me because I’m planning on have a little splurge when I’m over there (when in America, buy what the American’s buy). Also I’m so proud that I managed to fit the entire contents of my makeup bag in this photo and it not look awful, snaps for me!

Foundation wise I’m not planning on wearing foundation very much but just in case I’m taking my L’Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation in 11 Vanilla. It hasn’t got any SPF in it but that doesn’t really matter as I’ll be creaming up my face anyway. I doubt that I’ll really be using it that much but it’s there in case I have a really bad skin day and want to look nice for Mickey and Minnie. My L’Oreal True Match Concealer in 02 Vanilla will be my concealer of choice, good on blemishes, redness and under the eye so in this compact little kit it fits in well. As far as powder goes I only have one in my life and that’s the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 002 Pink Blossom. What more can I say, it’s cheap and does at great job at stopping shine.

Base down for my brows I’m hoping to have them tinted just before I go so all I’m going to need is something light like my L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper. It thickens, and gives a nice colour to my brows without being too clumpy. Eyes eyes eyes and it’s all about the Kiko shadow sticks in 05 and 21. I’m seriously in love and I don’t think I can go back to a pot cream shadow ever again. Swipe and done. I’ll probably buy a palette when I’m out there so I’m just going to take my Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette. It has everything I need and goes really well with the Kiko sticks. I’ll also be taking my L’Oreal Super Liner Superstar for more of a night look. It’s all about the Rimmel Kohl Kajal in Jet Black and my Seventeen Back Lash Mascara, as I’ll hopefully be buying one when I’m out there.

Soap and Glory Solar Powder Bronzer. Need I say more. So good and I can amp it up with the darker side if I get a bit of a tan. Blush wise it’s going to be Mac Satin Blush in Immortal Flower as it’s just so easy to wear and very pretty on the cheeks. Highlighter will be my Maybelline Golden Beige eyeshadow but I think I might purchase one when I’m out there because I’m coming to the end of this one now.

My L’Oreal Lip Gloss in Miami Vice will be coming with me as I think it will be the perfect holiday colour and I love the way it feels on the lips. My Mac Lipstick in Kinda Sexy will be making an appearance if I want something a little more nude as it’s so easy to wear and Mac Shy Girl will be my slap on peachy nude shade, but I’ll have to make sure I keep it somewhere cool otherwise it’ll melt.

What’s in my Bag

I thought that because it’s the ‘done thing’ I’d share with the internet the contents of my bag. Now, you’ve been warned, it’s not at all interesting or original but I fancied taking a picture of things coming out of my bag because I think it looks cool so let’s get cracking! Of course there is a purse, mine is from River Island and I found that I was limited in the purses that I could buy because I have about 25 separate cards and that means I need a lot of card space! At the minute I’m carrying gloves around with me because this weather really doesn’t agree with my hands. I got these ages ago and they’re so cute because they have little bears faces on *pause for awws*. I have a Soap and Glory Hand Food in there at present although it is quite underused. I use a Body Shop hand cream in the morning and at night but I never really think about it during the day so there’s really no point in it being in there. Beats headphones of course for when I get bored and a key so that I can let myself into the building in which I inhabit. A pen for all my writing needs and a Ted Baker spray which I got in a set for Christmas, cute! The little thing with an owl on is a pass case from Paperchase which is where I keep my railcard and my student card for easy access. Last but certainly not least I have blotting paper. My face has a tendency to get like a greasy chip so having theses to get rid or that disgusting layer is a godsend! I purchased these from Amazon at the beginning of August and they are still going strong!

Favourite Friday: Travelling Light

When I say travelling light I mean weight not an actual flashing light thing (I just read back the title and realised that it could get misunderstood). This time last week I’d just come home for a little weekend away which was super cute and really nice. Anyway. I thought that this would be a good chance to see how much I can condense my makeup bag. Challenge!

Let’s start with face. I know that it looks like a lot of products but for me these are the essentials, I think I have a problem. I start with the mini benefit porefessional primer, which I’m still unsure how i feel about it, the use the Sephora 47 brush to blend over my beautiful face. If my bags are particularly bad I’ll use the Seventeen phwoarr paint then go in with the Mac pro long wear concealer to cover up pretty much all of my face! Then I powder it up using the Rimmel Stay Matte powder and a brush I once got free in a kit. After I’ve done my eyes I bronze my face with the Boujouis chocolate bronzer and add a bit of colour with the Benefit Dandelion blush.

Eyes eyes eyes! I took my Sleek eyebrow pencil back with me as I could choose if I wanted light brows or heavier ones. Setting these with the Maybelline Brow drama I ‘prime’ my eyes with the Maybelline colour tattoo in Rose Gold and go straight in with probably the best palette ever (Too Faced natural eyes). In the pictures I used the colours in the top row, heaven on the lid, cashmere bunny through the crease and sexpresso on the outer corners. I quickly lined my eyes with the L’oreal super liner, put some Rimmel brown eyeliner on my waterline and applied the Seventeen backlash and Clinique high impact mascara on my lashes. I should also mention that to highlight my face on the tops of my cheekbones I use the Maybelline eyeshadow in naked beige.

For lips I took three options; Mac shy girl, Kiko 902 and Rimmel Heather Shimmer. In the photos below I’m wearing Heather shimmer lightly patted on and the blended out. I think that I took a pretty successful makeup pack. Just the right amount that I used everything and I never thought “I forgot to bring such and such”. Challenge won! The sense of achievement is unreal.

Road to University! Week Eight

I’m feeling that this blog may need a name change but then it would ‘disrupt the flow’ and my OCD tendencies may go into overdrive so I might just leave it as it is. 

My lectures this week were introductory ones to the modules we’ll be studying for the rest of the year and it’s made me really excited for the course! This week are the start of my seminars so I’ll see if I’m still as enthusiastic, but I had one yesterday and I enjoyed it SO much! Is that sad? Oh well. 

My Tea- thought it
was a nice picture

I’m starting to understand two things this week:
1. Why people have money problems.
2. Why people go to a campus university so they are a safe distance away from a city centre to not murder their purse on a daily basis. 

It’s good that I am close to the centre as I am only 5 minutes away from my lectures and all the walking means that I don’t have to consciously think about doing exercise (which is probably the best perk…I hate exercise). But it just means that if I’m bored I just think “Hmm..Costa is only 5 minutes away, it wouldn’t kill my purse, I’ll just go and have one small decaf mocha latte”. This then turns into a drink, a packet of crisps and either toast or a muffin depending on what time of the day it is. Somebody please stop me.

Venus Fly Trap

I don’t improve the money problems by going to a student lock in, into a packed Topshop, grabbing things that I’ve been eyeing up for weeks and literally sprinting to the till before anyone tries to steal it from me, which would never happen but you never know. Here are my purchase, and before you wonder if I went to any other shops, I couldn’t do it to myself.

 I can’t explain how much I love this bag. It’s just so beautiful and green! In other news the freshers ball was last Sunday and it was really good. My only issue is that my shoes are ridiculously gorgeous but also quite uncomfortable after extreme dancing so it wasn’t a late one. But Matt Edmondson and and Wretch 32 turned up and gave some good performances.

So I’m looking forward to another week of learning and working and I’ll see you next week! I’ll leave you with a picture of Wretch.