Skincare picks, capsule wardrobe and new scents | February Favourites

Ah February. How you’ve flown by. But seriously, after the three decades of January I can’t believe how quickly this month has passed. I’ve had a lot of birthday fun and we’re ending on this great sunny weather. Who could ask for more?! In the middle of the month I was struggling to think of anything to add to my favourites but after my birthday I have a fair few to add to the list – with some I’m still giving a bit more of a test run which no doubt will feature in next month’s post. So without anymore fluffing up, here’s what I’ve been loving this month:

I have an item of clothing in my favourite this month – shock horror! This is rare because as much as I spend £50 a time on makeup and skincare I won’t spend £20 on a pair of jeans I desperately need. It makes so sense but anyone I’ll get back to the point. I have An Edited Life to thank for this buy. Last month I bought myself a black cord pinafore dress because I needed something to go with a load of colourful jumpers I had in my wardrobe and in the spirit of creating a capsule wardrobe I thought this would be a good bet. I’ve become fully obsessed with it. I wear it most days to work with a polo neck jumper underneath or just a normal jumper with some black tights and black boots. So easy, I just pick a jumper and it works together. Also I wore a stripey t-shirt with it the other day when it was a bit warmer and I was totally into that as well. An all round great purchase that I’ll be getting more and more use out of in the weeks and months to come.

Something I’m equally as obsessed with is my Aquarius necklace from Topshop. It’s delicate gold necklace with my star sign in a circle and I wear it a heck of a lot. I was lacking a delicate necklace and this has filled the slot perfectly.

I’m having a real skincare moment at the minute and it’s all hydration based. Although my skin is quite oily I think it’s also pretty dehydrated so I’ve been trying to use lots of products that will give it a boost but not clog my pores. The Nip and Fab Dragons Blood Plumping Serum (which I got in the Glossybox Advent Calendar) is perfect for that kind of thing. My skin drinks this up and it drys in about five minutes. I love it. In a morning I use that and then just before I use foundation I put a couple of pumps of the Barry M Unicorn Primer Drops Beauty Elixir to brighten up my face and give a boost. These two together are a dream team!

Let’s talk about the shea butter scent from the Body Shop. I’ve never had this one before and I don’t know why I’ve missed it for this long. My mum got me one of the sets for my birthday and it’s definitely become one of my new favourite scents. It’s so warming but not too sickly sweet and I’m all about it. I’ve also fallen back in love with the Body Shop Body Butters again. There’s nothing better than slathering a thick, deliciously smelling cream on after a winter shower.

For Christmas, my gran got me a load of these bath tea bags and they are an actual miracle. They let me have a wonderful smelling bath without the mess! I usually just put one of these in when I start running the bath (let it infuse you know) and then go in with the bubbles nearer the end. Once I’m ready to get in, take the bag out, give it and squeeze and done! I love all bath products but these are a bit more fun (also love tea so is very fitting).

Mini Boots haul and if the products are any good

I love Boots. It’s my spiritual homeland. Pretty much every time I go in, I come out with a armful of stuff and a shed load of advantage points, I can’t help it! So when I went to visit my friend who also has a Boots/beauty obsession I knew that I was going to be getting a lot of stuff. I was quite restrained (a little….maybe?) and left with a basket full of recommendations and impulse buys. I’ve given them a bit of a road test over the last few weeks so here are my thoughts on these products I picked up from Boots.

First up are the Barry M Unicorn Primer Drops Beauty Elixir. I’ve known about those £50, massively expensive unicorn drops from a brand I can’t actually remember for a while now but was never really interested in giving them a go. When I saw this shining purple bottle though I instantly picked it up and put it in my basket. It’s basically a hydrating primer that smells amazing and gives such a boost to by dehydrated skin but don’t make it oily – which is a big deal because I am an oily human being. It’s a bright pink colour with bits of shimmer in it, so looks a bit scary, but I’ve found it gives me a great base for foundation. My only problem is that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of product in it and I it might run out quite quickly but on the whole I’m a big fan.

Whenever I meet up with my friends, there’s always a moment before we go out when we pass round the Mac Fix+ with gold glitter in it. It’s something pretty special but because I’m tight I don’t fancy splurging on it myself (sorry). But when I saw Makeup Obsession, a brand I hadn’t heard of, had done one I got it straight away. Sadly I’m not a massive fan of this. The spray was okay but your face ends up soaking wet after a couple of sprays and after two weeks of use the nozzle on mine has broken with loads of product still left inside which is a bit annoying. But if you’re looking for a body spray then this could be fab because there’s so much glitter in it, it would look great on a night out. Not amazing but also not terrible.

After getting a recommendation from said Boots loving friend to get the Natural Collection Blush in Rosey Glow I took it and ran. How is this so cheap?! It was £1.99 and is a great product. Perfect on my skin as it’s pretty much my natural blush colour and builds up nicely so I don’t end up with a splodge of pink on my cheek. It really makes me want to try more Natural Collection products because I’ve been very impressed.

I was in need of a new foundation but didn’t really know which one to give a go next. Another friend recommendation later I picked up the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation. This is really great. I use it day to day and it blends really well, doesn’t take too much working with and looks pretty natural on my skin. The shade 100 is a good match for me as well. It gives medium coverage and a matte finish but doesn’t suck all the life out of my skin, and if I use the Barry M Beauty Elixir underneath I find it is a winning combination. I don’t know if I’d use it as a ‘night out’ foundation as my Revlon Colourstay gives me a bit more coverage but for everyday I’m a big fan.

When I was on a train on New Year’s Eve, I sadly lost the lid to my beloved Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer and because I didn’t want my makeup bag to become full of sticky concealer, I had to bid it farewell. A few weeks on I realised I couldn’t live without it in my life and repurchased it without a seocnd thought. This time I went with the shade Ivory (is it new because I’ve always got light before now thinking that was the palest shade?). It’s a pretty good match for me, probably the palest I would go in a concealer but it does look fab under my eyes. I’ve professed my love for this product before so I won’t go on about it but if you haven’t tried it then I recommend you give it a go. It’s the best concealer I’ve ever used, especially under my eyes.

The Regrets

Now, this is a post dedicated to those times where you buy something that’s quite hyped and your really excited to get it but it just doesn’t work out. This doesn’t happen very often but when it does I can’t help feeling a little bit sad, especially when other people seem to love it. First up is the Tanya Burr Lipgloss in First Date. I was really excited when this range was brought out and was ready and raring to go when my Superdrug started stocking it. I bought two shades, this one and Champagne Toast which I really like. However, this shade does not apply well on the lips. I can’t seem to make it work, it goes all streaky and when I press my lips together they stick and I have to prise them apart. I don’t know whether anyone else had this problem but it felt like such a waste of money, which is a real shame because I think the other shades are fine. One of the first felt tip eyeliners that was released back in the day was the Barry M Wink. I mean what could be better and easier to apply eyeliner than a felt tip pen instead of a brush. When I first bought it I struggled to use it but I never thought anything of it because it was so ‘revolutionary’, but looking back the tip was so thick like an actual colouring in felt tip that there was no way of making it work. Since I’ve been introduced to the likes of the L’Oreal Super Liner this has been reserved for fancy dress makeup only. One of my impulse buys that didn’t go to plan was the Makeup Revolution eyeshadow in Dirty Cash. It was only £1 and my logic was it was too cheap not to get. I didn’t even have to pay, I used my Superdrug points. The problem is the colour, it’s awful. When I use it on the eyes it just looks dirty. There’s nothing wrong with the pigmentation or the quality for the price it’s just the colour. Last but not least is the Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner. This little mini came free with Elle magazine a few months ago and even though I knew it had mixed reviews I wanted to try it anyway. There’s no denying that this product stays put but I just couldn’t use it. The whole squeeze and swipe did not work and it turned into a smudgy mess. Hopefully I don’t do this type of post again in the future but sometimes it doesn’t work out and it can’t be helped.

Forgotten Loves

There are plenty of things over the years where I obsessively wore something for months on end and then moved onto something else, especially when funds were limited. In this post I delved into my draws and found some things that were a daily staple back in the day. Let’s start off with the Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint in Nothing but Nude. It’s funny because I bought this thinking it was an orange and I’ve only just found out through doing this post that it’s meant to be a nude, strange! I wore this religiously to school in my second year of sixth form because it was something that I could put on in the morning and wouldn’t have to think about it smearing all round my mouth when I went onto my third chocolate shortbread of the day (it was so good). Next up is a No7 Lip Crayon, I don’t know the name because all of the writing has rubbed off (probably from over use). It’s balmy, moisturising and very glittery. I loved this colour and saved it for more of a special occasion item in Summer 2013. It’s a dark orange colour and I really should wear it more often! Something that I went through a real obsessive phase with is the Barry M Dazzle Dusts. I have five and bought all but one within weeks of each other. Throughout my first year of sixth form I wore these religiously, a different colour everyday all over the lid. There are some really out there colours and I commend myself on my sense of adventure! I still use them now but they are strictly reserved for fancy dress. Last but not least is the MUA Heaven and Earth palette. I bought this in my first few weeks of university and wore it pretty much everyday of the first term (until I bought the Naked 3). The lightest brown is the most used because that’s what I used for my eyebrows but some of my favourites were the lightest ‘highlight’ shade, the orange and the second to darkest. Looking at all of these makes me wonder why I stopped using them but I’m going to force myself to rekindle the love!