Lip Problems

In the last 12 months I’ve been seriously obsessed with everything that us girls can put on our face, but there’s still one thing that I can’t seem to get right: lips. When I apply it everything looks great but after about 2 minutes I look in the mirror and it’s all rubbed off! I don’t know if it’s my lip shape or if I just lick my lips all the time but it’s baffling! I bought a lip scrub to make a better canvas for the products but that didn’t work. What I’ve been doing is trialling different types of lip products other than straight lipsticks to see if anything else will work and actually stick!

My first thought was lip liners. People always say that they make your lipstick last longer so I splashed a whole £1 on an essence on called red blush. At first I was a huge fan. It lasted ages on my lips and looked pretty good but after a while I thought that my lips were going to rip in half if I smiled because they were so dry! That was out. My second thought was gloss because if I could feel it was there maybe I’d know if I was licking it off. After hearing many good things about them I bought a Maybelline colour elixir in the shade caramel infused and it was a good purchase! The fact that I could feel that it was there, not in a bad way, made me consciously want to keep it on so it seemed to last much longer than anything else that I tried. The only downfall was the winter wind, not great for the hair. The last thing I tried was the Maybelline color drama in minimalist and ladies and gentleman we have found out winner! It’s not too dry and not too slippy and it just seems to stick to my lips. Stays in place for ages, looks and feels great, what more can you ask for. Hopefully I get better at the whole lips thing so I can expand my lipdrobe, sorry purse!

Favourite Friday: Travelling Light

When I say travelling light I mean weight not an actual flashing light thing (I just read back the title and realised that it could get misunderstood). This time last week I’d just come home for a little weekend away which was super cute and really nice. Anyway. I thought that this would be a good chance to see how much I can condense my makeup bag. Challenge!

Let’s start with face. I know that it looks like a lot of products but for me these are the essentials, I think I have a problem. I start with the mini benefit porefessional primer, which I’m still unsure how i feel about it, the use the Sephora 47 brush to blend over my beautiful face. If my bags are particularly bad I’ll use the Seventeen phwoarr paint then go in with the Mac pro long wear concealer to cover up pretty much all of my face! Then I powder it up using the Rimmel Stay Matte powder and a brush I once got free in a kit. After I’ve done my eyes I bronze my face with the Boujouis chocolate bronzer and add a bit of colour with the Benefit Dandelion blush.

Eyes eyes eyes! I took my Sleek eyebrow pencil back with me as I could choose if I wanted light brows or heavier ones. Setting these with the Maybelline Brow drama I ‘prime’ my eyes with the Maybelline colour tattoo in Rose Gold and go straight in with probably the best palette ever (Too Faced natural eyes). In the pictures I used the colours in the top row, heaven on the lid, cashmere bunny through the crease and sexpresso on the outer corners. I quickly lined my eyes with the L’oreal super liner, put some Rimmel brown eyeliner on my waterline and applied the Seventeen backlash and Clinique high impact mascara on my lashes. I should also mention that to highlight my face on the tops of my cheekbones I use the Maybelline eyeshadow in naked beige.

For lips I took three options; Mac shy girl, Kiko 902 and Rimmel Heather Shimmer. In the photos below I’m wearing Heather shimmer lightly patted on and the blended out. I think that I took a pretty successful makeup pack. Just the right amount that I used everything and I never thought “I forgot to bring such and such”. Challenge won! The sense of achievement is unreal.