Lash out of the Lipsticks

Time for the lipsticks! I was never the biggest wearer of lipsticks but over the past 12 months I’ve built up a nice little collection so let’s get going. First up is my Kiko Smart Lipstick in 902 Pastel Pink. I bought this whilst I was in Barcelona in the summer and I’m so glad I did. It’s pretty much the same as my natural lip colour so when I put it on it’s a my lips but better kind of thing. It was super cheap (just €3) and is balmy and lasts a decent amount of time on the lips. Next up is the Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 28. This was the first lipstick that I ever bought because I thought it would look good on a night out. It’s not a matte formula but I’d say it’s 90% matte with a little bit of shimmer and not as drying. I don’t wear this that often but when do I wonder why I don’t because it gives a pop of colour that is really flattering. The second lipstick I ever purchased was the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Heather Shimmer. I bought this thinking it would be a good nude but it’s quite a bit darker than my normal lips. It takes me quite a while to apply this as if I do a ‘one sweep’ motion it goes on a bit too dark and looks like a crayon, weird I know, so I have to use a lot of coats to dab it on. However, when it’s on it looks really nice, a bit Velvet Teddy-ish, the only problem is that it doesn’t last too long on the lips. Another nude in my stash is the Rimmel Lipstick in Pink Nude. I’d say that this was more coral than pink but it’s a really good lipstick. The colour is flattering, similar to the Kiko one in terms of application and lasting power. The only thing that lets this down is the fact is has quite a pearly finish and sometimes looks a bit strange on the lips. Last but not least is Mac Shy Girl Lipstick. This is such a beautiful coral colour that sits nicely on the lips. This is my go to smokey eye lip as it looks gorgeous. The only problem with this is if it’s not dabbed on it can look a little streaky. The winner of this is a tie, I just can’t choose, between Kiko and Mac. I use them both so much as they are both beautiful colours with my favourite type of formulas.

28, Heather Shimmer, Nude Pink, Shy Girl, 902

Afternoon T(ea)V Spotting

As a little treat before I went back off to the wonderful world of university, my mum planned a little surprise as a nice send off. I had no idea what it was, like no idea, so when we pulled up outside I had a little bit of a mini heart attack. I think that I might be the world’s biggest ‘TV spotting’ geek because wherever I go that has been on the tele I can’t help myself but be like “Remember in series 2 of [insert programme name here] when they went to that church?!?! That’s the church!!”. I think it may be a condition.

As soon as we walked through the door I was taking in my surroundings and everything was so cute! Everywhere was filled with old fashioned furniture with little ornaments it was really relaxing. Then I saw it, the Last Tango in Halifax collage, with pictures of everyone when they filmed there…..just…too many feels….

The afternoon tea itself was beautiful. Cute crockery and tasty food you can’t really go wrong. The sandwiches were ham and mustard, beef and horseradish, cucumber and cream cheese and smoked salmon. My favourite was the smoked salmon one but the all of them were big on flavour. The scones (which were fruit) had just come out of the oven as they were still warm, mmmmm. Smothered in jam and cream you can’t really go wrong. To top off a super yummy ‘meal’ there were three desserts, a little strawberry sponge, a chocolaty truffle thing and a lemon posset. I can’t pick my favourite as they were all so delicious in their own little ways.  I’d definitely recommend going for afternoon tea here or anywhere as i think it’s a nice treat to have every once in a while!

Food Day Twelve


Starter-Spinach Dip 

I didn’t really know what to expect with this dish but it was very nice. The spinach sauce type stuff was topped with melted cheese and it was full of flavour and was nice and creamy. It came with warm tortilla chips which were tasty and there were a good amount of them. I liked this as it was different from any other starter that I’ve had before.
Main-Pork Scaloppine Oscar
This was very strange and interesting. It was a thin piece of pork covered in a cheesy creamy sauce  with white crab meat on top. It was a very strange but a nice combination. The crab was really delicious, the mash was creamy and the asparagus. The pork was a little tough to cut but wasn’t chewy.
Dessert-Warm Chocolate Cake
This was delicious. It wasn’t really a chocolate cake, it was more like a fondant without a melting middle. It was very chocolatly, had a nice texture and a nice portion size. Yummy!

Another good meal but I could have thought when I ordered not to order too many creamy things as it all got a bit creamy so I’d give it an 8/10 because it was still very tasty. 

Harrogate Trip

Monday was a fun filled day full of food, food and food! Me and my mum went to Harrogate for the day to have a relaxing bonding sesh. The main reason for going was to go for afternoon tea at Betty’s and it certainly didn’t disappoint! After arriving in Harrogate at around 11am we had a little Debenham browse before realising we were going to pass out from hunger so we went straight to Betty’s. I love that place so much, words can’t even describe, so every time I go in I’m always over whelmed.

The afternoon tea (which can be consumed at anytime of the day) comes with three wonderful layers:

  • Sandwiches- Egg mayonnaise, roasted ham and mustard, chicken and tarragon mayonnaise and smoked salmon with cream cheese.
  • Scone- Sultana or cheese scone with jam and clotted cream.
  • Cakes- Lemon macaroon, fruit tart and chocolate and praline mousse cake.
I think that my overall favourite layer was the sandwich layer, which is really surprising because I have a really sweet tooth, but they were just so yummy I was blown away! There’s something about putting small foods on a cute stand and drinking tea which takes a whole procedure to drink that makes me so happy, and it all tastes ten times better. I will definitely be having another one of these in the near future.
The rest of the trip consisted of shopping and buying more Betty’s cakes to eat later on that evening (yay for cake!). Love Harrogate!