Round Up #4

Another busy week in the life of work experience and I have to say it’s been a great one! I don’t think I’ve ever been so busy, journalist by day, doing extra-curricular activities by night (I know, me voluntary activities that include moving!). So without further ado shall we delve in? Okay!

Birthday Fever

Last weekend I had a mini holiday, the mini-est holiday ever as it was less than 24 hours, down to Wokingham. Little fact; Wokingham is the safest town in the UK, true story. If you’re wondering, Abz why did you take a 9 hour round trip to the south, then I’ll tell you. It was my housemate’s (and friend’s, because housemates can be friends too) 21st birthday! Party! I had such a good time. A little too much fizz was consumed but it was great! I learnt two things when I was down there: 1. Posh vodka does not sit well with me and 2. bouncers do not take kindly to people trying to sleep on the club sofas. I have to mention that I was very tired from a busy week and not just heavily intoxicated. I have some class.

Soap and Glory Solar Powder

Yesterday I found something that excited me greatly. The Soap and Glory Solar Powder is now in a plastic case. A few months ago I was watching a YouTube video and I swore I saw this but nothing was mentioned anywhere online so I just assumed that I made it up but clearly I didn’t! I think that this will be so much better. I don’t have a problem with the current packaging but this will make it nicer to carry and with a big mirror, easier to use.

Costa times

As I’ve been at work experience the only place that there is to go on my lunch break is costa. I’m not even joking when I say that this place has become my second home. Recently I’ve been going in in the mornings and lunchtimes which isn’t great on my bank account, especially at the minute when I’m not earning a wage. I have a latte and sometimes toast or a lemon muffin. It has to be one of my favourite places and I don’t know what I’m going to do when I finish and I’m not there everyday.

Can’t Live Without

I thought that to follow on from last Monday’s post about my forgotten loves I’d share the things that I really could not live without. First up is the Radio Times. I you don’t know what it is it’s basically a glorified television magazine, but it’s amazing! So many interviews and quizzes, and because I’m obsessed with all things telly it’s right up my street. I realised that I can’t live without it last week when I didn’t buy it, I was getting withdrawal. Sad I know. Ever since I first bought the Lush Lip Scrub in Mint Julips just before Christmas my lips don’t feel the same if I don’t use it. I love the taste, the way it makes my lips feel soft and when I run out it will be a definite repurchase. I bought these Kitsch Hair Ties just after my summer holiday and I’m really annoyed that I didn’t get them before! I never wear normal bobbles now, only ever these because they don’t hurt and I don’t end up with a giant knot if I’ve been wearing a scratty bun all day. Although on the pricy side (I think they were around £7 for 5) I haven’t lost one yet! Last but not least is my beloved costa card, something I would probably die without. I go to some kind of coffee outlet nearly everyday at uni and at home we might go to the Costa in town 3-4 times a week. It’s a sad life. I love everything about it and that’s all there really is to say. LOVE COFFEE LOVE LIFE!

Road to University! Week Eight

I’m feeling that this blog may need a name change but then it would ‘disrupt the flow’ and my OCD tendencies may go into overdrive so I might just leave it as it is. 

My lectures this week were introductory ones to the modules we’ll be studying for the rest of the year and it’s made me really excited for the course! This week are the start of my seminars so I’ll see if I’m still as enthusiastic, but I had one yesterday and I enjoyed it SO much! Is that sad? Oh well. 

My Tea- thought it
was a nice picture

I’m starting to understand two things this week:
1. Why people have money problems.
2. Why people go to a campus university so they are a safe distance away from a city centre to not murder their purse on a daily basis. 

It’s good that I am close to the centre as I am only 5 minutes away from my lectures and all the walking means that I don’t have to consciously think about doing exercise (which is probably the best perk…I hate exercise). But it just means that if I’m bored I just think “Hmm..Costa is only 5 minutes away, it wouldn’t kill my purse, I’ll just go and have one small decaf mocha latte”. This then turns into a drink, a packet of crisps and either toast or a muffin depending on what time of the day it is. Somebody please stop me.

Venus Fly Trap

I don’t improve the money problems by going to a student lock in, into a packed Topshop, grabbing things that I’ve been eyeing up for weeks and literally sprinting to the till before anyone tries to steal it from me, which would never happen but you never know. Here are my purchase, and before you wonder if I went to any other shops, I couldn’t do it to myself.

 I can’t explain how much I love this bag. It’s just so beautiful and green! In other news the freshers ball was last Sunday and it was really good. My only issue is that my shoes are ridiculously gorgeous but also quite uncomfortable after extreme dancing so it wasn’t a late one. But Matt Edmondson and and Wretch 32 turned up and gave some good performances.

So I’m looking forward to another week of learning and working and I’ll see you next week! I’ll leave you with a picture of Wretch.