What TV shows to watch for a cosy winter binge

I’m a massive TV fan. Like huge. Especially if it has something to do with murders/crime/mysteries. I also love winter with it’s snuggly blankets and giant mugs of tea (although to be fair this is me all year round). So what could be better for a TV fanatic that’s permanently cocooned in a blanket than a cosy night in with a hot chocolate and cake watching a fab box set? Nothing, that’s what. So, I thought I’d share my favourite box sets with you in case you’re in need of a good old binge and also some of my favourite things to get cosy.

First up, Bodyguard. I became OBSESSED with this after I watched it, and when I say obsessed, I mean it. Any article with it in, I’d read it, talk of a series two, mate I’m all over it. I had one last exam to take last year and when I finished, my treat to myself was to binge the entire series again (also thinking about doing this for my brithday in a few weeks – I have a problem). If you lived under a rock for the back end of 2018, here’s a run down. Man becomes bodyguard to the Home Secretary and lots of drama ensues. It’s six episodes, an hour long, and can comfortably be binged in a day. I’m a wimp when it comes to blood/gore/general crime and I was fine with it. Also what can be better than staring at Richard Madden’s face for six hours?

If you have a fair few days/weekends free then RuPaul’s Drag Race is a great one to dive into. It’s so easy watching and most importantly addictive. If, once again, you’ve been living under a rock, it’s like America’s Next Top Model but for drag queens, and there are most of the series on Netflix. Perfect if you want something that’s not too heavy, maybe you can dip in and out of it or have it on in the background that doesn’t need total concentration. I think season six is my favourite but five is also great and the later seasons are fab too. Just be warned, you may have an urge to start randomly tongue popping and say things like ‘yaaaas queen’ or ‘tens across the board’. No? Just me?

I said it once and I’ll say it again, if you haven’t already WATCH HAPPY VALLEY. It’s everything you could want in a TV police drama and more. Murder? Yes. Gripping storyline? Yes. James Norton? Yes. Also it’s set in the best place to live ever in the whole entire world, Halifax! I may be slightly biased but there is some great scenery. There are two series, six episodes each, so could be an intense day long session or a great weekend in.

This one is a little bit out of my comfort zone (which as I’ve said is very low because I am a huge wimp) but we’ve recently been watching Luther. Several things to note: 1.Don’t watch it on your own, 2. Keep a pillow handy for the gory bits, and 3. Don’t watch it on your own, especially in the dark. It’s basically another crime drama set in London with Idris Elba as Luther (he’s really great in it) who goes around solving crimes but is a bit flexible with his morals. This has been less of a programme binge and more of a series binge as we’ve been watching a series over one or two days. The amount of episodes in each series vary but the most in a single series is six, so pretty manageable. It’s really addictive so you may fall down a rabbit hole with this one, sorry in advance.


A blanket – I know, I know, this is just a bit cringe because 1. it’s obvious that if you want to get cosy then a soft sheet of fluff the size of Yorkshire will do the job and 2. as soon as September hits, Instagram is full of flat lays with autumn leaves and carefully place blankets. But I mean it when I say I could not live without my blanket. It’s not worthy of instagram in the slightest, I’ve had it for about six years, maybe more, and it’s a little on the sad side. But it never fails to do the job when I want to snuggle down.

A comfy spot – What I mean when I say this is, for a ‘proper’ binge (AKA at least four hours without moving) you want to sit somewhere so minimal movement is possible. My go-to seat of choice is the sofa in the lounge. Not only is it the room with the best TV in but the seat reclines and I have a table next to me so I don’t have to stretch far for my couple of tea. It’s the little things.

A giant mug – This goes back to the minimal movement thing (can you tell how lazy I am) but a massive mug means that you can get more in so don’t have to keep trailing to and from the kettle to fill up. I have an amazing mug from Morrisons which lets you have two cups worth in one massive mug. Absolute dream! Same goes for cold drinks, the bigger the better.

Something delicious – Whether it’s a tasty piece of cake or a giant pizza, having something really delicious will round of a great day-long binge perfectly. Maybe go for something that’s not too time consuming so that you can get straight back to watching but something quite stodgy and full of carbs, especially in winter, can really hit the spot. Sorry healthy eating it was nice while it lasted.

I have a fair amount on my top watch list at the minute with You and the Fyre documentary at the top. What’s top of your binging list?

Christmas Jumpers

I am in love with christmas jumpers! As soon as it gets a little bit chilly (and around mid November) I’m wearing them in full force for all the world to see. I have a few different kinds, the ‘it’s too early to go all out so I’ll wear this one with wintery animals on’, the ‘this is a reindeer but you can’t really tell’ and the ‘grab your hats and antlers it’s time to party!’. For me christmas jumpers make the festive season and take it back to being cheesy and silly instead of being serious, like a good christmas film!

My favourite jumpers are the most festive ones that I own. Two years ago I had no kind of festive jumpers so I went on a hunt to get the cutest one I could find. The problem was I couldn’t find any, not one, gutted. But (sound trumpet fanfare) my mum had managed to find one in Primark, I obviously wasn’t looking well enough, and my collection of jumpers began! This jumper is the red reindeer one you can see at the top. It’s so snuggly and I wear it all the time. It’s not overly warm but will still keep you cosy when the snow closes in. The latest edition to my jumper family, also from Primark is this pink squirrel one. It. Is. So. Cute. I am in love with this jumper. It’s thicker than the other one so it’s for super cold days but I love how random it is with a squirrel instead of the conventional festive creatures. I doubt that this will be the end of my festive jumper purchases, hehehe.

Festive Furries

As you’ll have seen if you saw yesterday’s christmas tree post, I like teddies and furry creatures… a lot. During the festive period this ‘like’ gets heightened by about 10,000 with all of the santa and reindeers and snowmen and ahhhhh! It all gets a bit too much! I thought that I’d share some more photos from those bears who may only come out for one month of the year but who are still super cute!

The Christmas Tag

What, something that’s not a list?!? No! I thought that I’d do something a little bit different today and as it’s coming (kind of) up to Christmas what’s better than answering festive questions?!? Let’s get to it:

What is your favourite Christmas movie(s)?
Nativity, without a doubt. At the minute I’m waiting for it to be socially acceptable to crack it out and sing along, yes I do know all the words. I think that this film is so underrated and people don’t normally think of it when saying their go to christmas film, going for Elf or the miracle one that I’ve never seen. So, I’m here to spread the Nativity word, sparkle and shine!

Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?
Definitely the morning, I’ve never even thought about opening them the night before. We all wake up, go downstairs and take it in turns to open a present each, it prolongs the festiveness! Anyway how do you open presents the night before Santa brings them to your house!

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
One that stands out to me was when we were putting up the tree one year, it must have been about ten years ago, and two of our friends had come round to help. In our family me, my brother and my cousins all have baubles from disney with our names on, three of us have wooden ones and my brother, who is the youngest, had a nice glass one. My mum came in, gave my brother his bauble to put on the tree for the first time ever and said “Make sure you don’t drop it”. Out of the room she goes and as if on cue he drops the bauble on our laminated floor. Safe to say it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Merry Christmas!

Favourite festive food?
Hands down mince pies. Me and my dad have perfected the perfect pastry, it’s so flaky and delicious that they are definitely my favourites to eat at this time of the year.

Favourite Christmas Gift?
There’s so many to choose from. I’ve cried on many separate occasions when opening the paper. Two stand out to me, a fluffy stuffed dog and X factor tour tickets. The dog, who was called Kylie, made it in because I remember opening the present seeing the furry little thing and sobbing. Sad child. The X factor tour tickets were from the year Joe McElderry won but the reason I was so excited was because  I would practically be in the same room as Lloyd Daniels, my future husband, *face palm*.

Favourite Christmas Scent?
In my uni bedroom at the minute I have an air wick reed diffuser which is in the scent mulled wine and crackling fire. Every time I walk into my room the smell just sums up Christmas for me. Nice and warm and spicy.

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
Every Christmas Eve me, my brother, mum and dad read Kipper’s Christmas Eve, taking it in turns to read a page. A bit of a weird tradition but it always happens and it’s something to look forward to before the next day.

What tops your tree?
A little bear with a halo on. It’s too cute and i like that it’s a little bit different.

As a kid what was the one gift that you always asked for but never received?
Sylvanian families springs to mind, you know the little furry animal figures that lived the life of luxury in hotels and canal boats. I always wanted them but I never got them, no idea why but I think that my mum secretly wishes now that she had bought them for me.  

What’s the best part about Christmas for you?
The Christmas meal preparations are my favourite part because we start so far in advance. Every year we have nine courses so the prep starts now, and I mean now. This year we’ve already made the soup and the starter and the menu has been finalised so we’re well on our way to a great Christmas!

Let’s Talk: House To Flat

It’s finally come…SECOND YEAR! It seems like forever since I packed up my little room in central Nottingham and headed back home to ‘return to normal life’. Now I’m back and ready to paaaaaaaaarty, which has already happened as I’ve been back two weeks now. It feels really good to be back, I mean I do miss home sometimes (mainly the food and sky box facilities) but I like being able to cook for myself and spend time with my friends who I haven’t seen in aaaaaaaaageeeeeees!!! I thought I’d just share some pictures of my NEW ROOM in my NEW HOUSE (exciting isn’t it!). I tried to be all artsy and cool with the close ups but I don’t think it worked, enjoy!

My cosy corner

Recently life has just been deadline central. Take now for instance, I’m half writing this and half sorting out my latest portfolio to hand in. Sometimes I’m in that mood where I just can’t get my brain to think and all I want to do is sleep. Similarly, and this has been my mood this week, I’ve just wanted to get the work done and have actually enjoyed it!

This is because of my cosy corner. My room at uni has this little window seat type thing and when I arrived I put my big, soft blanket on it so I could sit on it and over the months I’ve pillowed it up and it’s so comfy! Mixed with the weather I like to grab a cup of tea, snuggle up with my pillows and teddies and just get in the zone. At the minute I’ve been listening to Imagine Dragons when doing my work, which is quite strange as i wouldn’t say that this was my normal type of music but it just kind of matches with the sun, if that makes any sense!

I’m just getting my stuff ready as today I’m hopping on a train to go to Manchester to see Miranda Hart! I’m so excited, eeeeeeeeeek, so I’ll probably write a post on Tuesday about my journey. Bye!

The early bird catches the worm…I missed it…

Today was the day of the best sleep ever. I don’t even know what was good about it but I woke up at 11:15 feeling so good! It’s really going to depress me going back to normal lectures that are on at stupid ‘o’ clock in the morning. Other good things that happened on this pretty good day were that I went to Marks and Spencers for a culpa. Nothing, I repeat nothing, is better than a M&S scone (at least today, tomorrow it’ll be something completely different…). 

                Day six: C is for…

…COSY!!! I’ve never realised it before but my house is so cold compared to being at uni! Either that or my body temp has just had a major shift. I’ve found myself walking around the house with several layers on as if I’m about to go on an arctic expedition. That’ll be one thing that I don’t miss when I go back, I shall be in charge of the room temperature again! Horray!