Wintery Flavours

I love winter and I especially love winter food! I think it’s the fact that its warming and comforting and the ‘heavy’ flavours come out that have been locked away for the past few months. Soups also come back into play which is great because sometimes there’s nothing better than snuggling up with a tasty soup and crusty bread when it’s freezing outside. My favourite flavour of soup in the winter time is butternut squash, especially when it’s creamy. Last week I went for a meal at a Chef and brewer and I had what I think is a typical wintery meal. For main I had duck with a black cherry sauce, dauphinoise potatoes and savoy cabbage. The sauce made the meal taste really nice and warming and i’m a big fan of cabbage as a little accompaniment as I like the crunch. For dessert I had hazelnut profiteroles and they were delicious. Not too sickly and not too sweet, hazelnut is one of those flavours that is warming and a definite contrast to fruity summer flavours.

Bills! (Take two)

Bills take two and it was just as good as the first. It was a very impromptu visit which meant I chose something on the menu that I wouldn’t normally go for. For my main I chose the starter of crispy duck salad. I NEVER go for salads, but the apple sold it to me because I really fancied something fresh. It was really tasty and duck was full of flavour. The mixture of lettuce, rocket and apple went really nicely together and it didn’t taste like a normal boring salad. I also had a sneaky side of sweet potato fries which were delicious! They were crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and full of a sweet sticky flavour.

For dessert I had the pecan pie with malted banana ice cream and it was beautiful! The pie was sweet with a soft inside and thin pastry. Perfect combo! The pecans were nice and sweet and the ice cream was out of this world. The mixture of the pie and the ice cream were perfect and it’s definitely one that I will have again.

Food Day Thirteen

Starter-Creamy Mushrooms
This starter was full of flavour. The texture of the mushrooms were nice as they were not too hard or too soft. The pastry was nice, it was puff pastry which isn’t my favourite but it was a mixture of crispy and soggy so I thought it was really nice. the sauce lived up to its name as it was nice and creamy.
Main-Roasted Duck
The duck was dry again, as I had it at the beginning of the holiday and it was the same. Some parts were moist but on the whole it wasn’t, however the crispy skin made up for it. There wasn’t much colour on the plate other than the pod peas which made it look not that appealing to eat. The sauce was really nice but there wasn’t enough of it and the mushroom risotto was tasteless. 
Dessert-Ivory Chocolate Mousse
It was a white chocolate mousse and was really tasty. There were a variety of berries on top which went really nicely with the mousse. The portion size was just the right amount.
This meal was good but the duck let it down quite a bit so I’d give this meal a 7/10. 

Food Day Two

Starter-Bay Scallop Gratin
I thought that this was so tasty. It came in a little metal dish which had holes where the scallops were and then the oil and gratin was over the top. It came with bread to dip into the oil which was nice but I would have liked a little more. The gratin was flavoured with garlic which is one of my favourite flavours so I really liked that and it went well with the scallops. Overall it was a little small and I would have like a little more bread with it but the flavour was great.

Main-Roasted Duck
The duck was a little dry but the skin was really crispy which I really like so that kind of made up for it. When mixed with the sweet berry sauce the duck became more moist and had a good flavour with the other elements of the dish. The cabbage was really soft and sweet with balsamic vinegar and I think was the star of the dish. The potato croquettes were also delicious. I would have liked some more sauce to moisten up the duck a little more. 

Dessert-Chocolate Souffle
I thought that this was very disappointing. It had a marshmallow texture which was very strange for a soufflé and it didn’t have much of a chocolate flavour at all. The only redeeming factor was the espresso sauce but other than that I was disappointed.


Overall I thought that the starter and the main were really nice but the dessert let it down so I’m going to say it was a 6/10.