Naked Heat vs Revolution Iconic Fever

For my birthday a couple of weeks ago my cousin gave me the Revolution Re-loaded Iconic Fever Palette. Safe to say I was very pleased (any eyeshadow is legit my number one) and I was excited to dig in, especially with the mattes because a one wash brown matte eyeshadow has been all I’ve been wearing recently. After about a week I started to realise that this is a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette. I don’t know why it took me so long to realise but beside a few extra shades I’d say they were identical. Because I love reading posts about dupes and watching videos of people testing different products on half of their face I thought I’d put both of the palettes to the test by recreating the same look with a different palette on each eye. Here’s how I got on.

First, I swatched all of the eyeshadows from the Naked Heat Palette and then found the matching one from the Revolution palette. Most of the Revolution eyeshadows were very similar, if not the same, as the Urban Decay ones. Not just in colour but also in texture. They’re not quite as buttery smooth but for the difference in price they’re not that dissimilar. One shade that is noticeably different is Lumbre. The Urban Decay shadow is a light peach with some gold shifting shimmer but the Revolution ‘equivalent’ doesn’t have as much of a sheen and is more of a copper (and to be honest I prefer the Revolution one). Overall I’m very impressed with how similar the shades are.

Left swatches: Urban Decay | Right swatches: Revolution

When testing both palettes out, I wanted to use as many eyeshadows as possible – so I did. I started out with Chaser (light matte brown) all over the lid and then Sauced (warm matte brown) in the crease. I did notice that Sauced was slightly darker and a bit more pigmented but with a little bit more work I managed to get the Revolution shadow up to the same level. I then went in with Low Blow (orange matte brown) through the crease but focusing on the outer edges. The Urban Decay shade was darker again than the Revolution one when one the eyes but I worked a bit more and managed to match them (ish). Finally (because I clearly used every single matte eyeshadow in my crease) I went in with He Devil on the outer corners. These shades were very similar and performed pretty much identical. Now moving onto shimmer! After putting some concealer on my lid (Maybelline Eraser Eye in Light) I went in with Scorched. When I swatched these on my arm there was a noticeable but difference, but on the lid they look exactly the same. Everything from the colour to the sheen is spot on! I ended by using Ember along the lash line (exactly the same) and He Devil under the eye. Stepping back I thought they looked exactly the same and to look at you wouldn’t notice or know that two different palettes were used.

Left: Revolution | Right: Urban Decay

I tested the wear time of both eyes throughout the day to see if the cheaper palette didn’t last as long as the pricier one. There was no difference. None. At all. I am so impressed with how the Revolution palette holds up. It more than delivers on colour and wear time. The only thing that’s a bit different is pigment and the eyeshadows take a little bit more working with but nothing that’s going to majorly set you back. When one is £42 and the other is £4, it’s crazy how similar they

One week with HD Brows Eyeshadow Palette

The second in my ‘One week with…’ series is HD Brows Eyeshadow Palette in Foxy. I got this little beauty in my Look Fantastic Advent Calendar at Christmas and although I’ve used it a couple of times I have never given it a proper rod test so I wanted to spend the week giving it a go to see what I thought of it. There are five shades which are all golds and warm toned browns in a sturdy (but maybe kind of chunky) black packaging with a mirror. The shades are:

Bare – A matte warm toned cream
Golden – A shimmery gold
Honey – A matte light brown
Bronze – A shimmery mid toned brown
Truffle – A cool toned shimmery brown

Now I really like this palette. The shades are totally up my street, golds and browns, and because there are only five it’s really easy to decide which ones to use. I love a palette with a cream shade because that’s what I use as a base to blend out and to highlight my brow bone (some people like a matte black but I need that highlight). Side note: I love the brush in this palette. A fluffy brush that is a bit too small to blend but is good for applying shades onto the lid and a tiny angled, dense brush which is amazing for the brows and to put a little something something on the lash line. This is the perfect everyday palette for me, I can put Bare all over the lid, Honey in the crease and Bronze in the outer corners and that’s me done. I also love that I can use Honey in my brows as it is a great cool toned brown that just beefs them up a little bit.

But, what I love about this palette is also its downfall. The fact it’s so easy to wear day to day means that if I want to do something a bit more smokey means it’s quite difficult. The shadows aren’t the most pigmented so when you want to do something deep it takes four times as long as it would take something like the Naked Palette to do. I tried to do a smokey eye a couple of times over the week and although I liked the look, I wouldn’t use it for a night out or an occasion where I would usually go really dark on the eyes. That is the only complaint I have with this though – it really is a special little palette and I’m glad I’ve taken this week to really test it out because I’d love to start using it more often!

Have you tried this palette? Did you like it?

One week with Urban Decay Naked Heat

One of my favourite blog posts that I’ve written over the past however many years I’ve been writing on this thing is the ‘A week with the Naked Smoky Palette’. I spent a week where the only thing I used was that one palette to see if I could make it work for a variety of different looks. So, I thought, two years on’ that I’d do the same with the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette. I bought this last year and although I used it a heck of a lot when I bought it, over the past few months it’s been a bit neglected. So I used this palette everyday for a week, different looks for different occasions, and gave it a proper test.

So, how did the week go?

I started off with a makeup look that I used to wear all the time. Back in the day when I was at university I used to do a smoky eye situation everyday. I mean why I didn’t want those extra precious minutes in bed I don’t know! I do love the way it looks though especially with the warm tones of this palette. Basically, Ounce all over the lid (shimmery cream), Chaser through the crease (light matte brown) followed by Low Blow (matte brown) and Lumbre (shimmery peach) all over the lid. Finishing touches are Cayenne (dark warm toned matte brown) on the outer corner and Ashes smudged into my lash line. Loved this look and it wasn’t too hard to do – the eyeshadows are so easy to blend that they’re not hard to work with in the slightest.

Recently I’ve been all about the one stop eyeshadow. Basically a one swipe wonder that I can put on in the morning and not have to think about for the rest of the day. This palette has got a lot that can work for this. I love Sauced for everyday, a warm toned brown that is way on the reddy side but I’m totally in love with it. A couple of swipes blended out into the crease and I’m all set. The same with Lumbre and Scorched except they’re a bit more jazzy as they have plenty of shimmer in them.

I went out on a big hurrah with another old favourite – a bit of shadow with some winged liner. I realised when I wore it how much a love it but boy does it take a lot of maintaining. The basic shadows I used were Ounce (the shimmery cream) all over the lid with a mixture of Low Blow and Chaser in the crease (matte browns) and then on the outer corner. Easy and simple because, let’s face it, doing winged liner is traumatising enough without having it mess up a load of shadows underneath!

By forcing myself to use this for a week I’ve totally fallen back in love with the palette. I never didn’t like it anymore but I got out of the habit of using it and every time I went back to it – the warm tones scared me a bit. But after getting back into the swing it’s a yes, yes, yes from me. This will be my go to for a smoky eye situation and my one swipe wonders, in fact pretty much anything!

Go to guys: Sauced, Lumbre, Low Blow, Scorched, En Fuego, Ashes

Take them or leave them: Ounce, Chaser, He Devil, Dirty Talk, Cayenne

No thanks: Ember

What’s on my product wishlist

I could easily spend so much money on all things beauty it’s actually now beyond a joke. So in an attempt to stop my spending I thought I’d list all of the products that are on my wishlist which is mainly made up of things which are a little on the pricy side which I’d buy for/on a special occasion.

One thing that I’ve always wanted to try (and I should really get myself down to a counter) is the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. It’s one of those products that everyone and their dog raves about but it’s so darn expensive that I don’t want to get my purse out and take the plunge in case it’s not quite right for me. One day I’ll go to a counter and get myself a tester but until then I’ll admire from afar!

Over the last couple of years there have been a few Nars eyeshadow palettes that I eyed up and very nearly bought but for one reason or another it wasn’t meant to be. The Nars Unwanted Palette literally looks like a thing of dreams, mattes, shimmers and glitters in warm shades, I mean can we not. That’s my idea of heaven. But it came out after I bought the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette and I couldn’t justify the purchase of another warm toned palette. But everyone raves about Nars eyeshadows and I feel like one day I will take the plunge and add one of their palettes to my collection. (Side note: They all look like quite a petite size which would be good to travel around with – I might be wrong but that’s the vibe I’m getting).

Last year I achieved one of my goals (small goals) and bought a Dior lipstick (which I cannot get enough of) and another thing I’d love is a Chanel Lipstick. Not only do the bullets look amazing but the product inside is pretty good too. I think one day when something exciting happens I’ll buy one for myself as a little treat but for now I’ll just look at swatches and dream.

Glossier You. Oh what a dream it would be to have this perfume in my stash. I got a mini sample with a Glossier order I made months ago and to be honest I haven’t stopped thinking about how nice it smells. It’s what I’d call a natural smell, kind of florally but it could be mistaken for your usual smell (side note: the bottle is really pretty). I usually wait until I’ve finished one perfume before buying another and only have two on the go at once so when I’m in the market for another perfume to fill the gap I think that this would be the one!

What’s on your product wishlist?

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Mac palette of dreams

I’ve always wanted to try Mac eyeshadows. Every time I’ve been in the area of a Mac counter I’ve had a cheeky swatch but never actually put my hand in my pocket to buy any. That all changed when for Christmas I had this little treat waiting for me (thanks v much parents). It’s the Amber Times Nine palette and *spoiler alert* I’m obsessed.

It’s the size of one of their usual quads but houses nine eyeshadows, all warm toned with a great mix of glitters, mattes and shimmers. I’ve been using it pretty much everyday since I’ve got it and it’s fast become one of my favourites. There’s a variety of daytime shades which are great for day to day and others which are ready for something a bit more jazzy. This will be a great palette to travel with, it has pretty much everything you need in it. Simple matte shades for when you just want to throw something on your face and also to use as crease shades on a more smokey option. A dark eyeshadow to use as a liner and two glitters that look great in the centre of the lid.

Here are some of my favourite shades. Georgia Peach may look like nothing in the palette but is a really good crease shade and is one to use when you want to put something on your lids with minimal effort. Cork is another cracking matte that’s versatile and works well in the crease. I’m a big lover of glitter so Creative Copper and Don’t Tell are both winners for me – Don’t Tell just edging it out a bit because this on it’s own all over the lid looks great and is a seriously way to make yourself put together on a dark winter morning.

Really want to get more Mac eyeshadows in the future – any shade recommendations?

I built my own NYX palette! First impressions

I was so excited when I walked into Boots in Leeds and they had the empty palettes for the NYX single eyeshadows. Every time I’ve been in they’ve always been out of stock so I thought I would jump at the chance and make my own quad to test out the eyeshadows! I’ve heard good things about the NYX eyeshadow palettes before, their Ultimate Shadow Palette’s in particular, but I’ve not heard much about these. Colourwise I wanted to get shades I would use but also maybe ones that I don’t really have already. I decided to go for the full proof quad formula, highlight, crease, jazzy colour and outer edge.

At the Boots I was in there was a massive selection of shades but I found it quite hard to find a shade that I would be able to use as a base colour, on my brow bone and in my inner corner. They were either a bit too dark or bright white. I finally settled on Innocent, a shimmery cream that’s on the warm side. Swatching this I found it really pigmented and soft but not totally buttery. Using a Mac 217 I applied it all over my lid and up to my brow bone. There was no fall out and it gave a lovely sheen to my lid. It’s an eyeshadow I’ll be using as a base but also on its own on top of my Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise in Jean.

I wanted to get a crease colour that would work for everyday and that I could build up for something more smokey. I also wanted something matte which I found quite difficult to find when there weren’t any testers but I settled on Suede. It’s a really nice light matte brown that gives a natural shadow in the crease. It took me quite a while to build up but it wasn’t really an issue and when I gave it a good test it lasted all day. It will be such a useful shade to have and I’ll use it with a smokey eye, something more natural and in the crease with guilt trip on the outer edge with winged liner.

I knew that I wanted a ‘jazzy’ colour to make my palette a bit more lively, and that’s where Showgirl comes in. In the pan it looks like a shimmery red, it also looks like that when it’s swatched, but on the lid it actually comes up more orange. Nevertheless it’s a gorgeous colour! Swatched on the hand it is very pigmented, but on the lid it takes a bit of building to get an intense colour. But it looks gorgeous on the eye and the colour didn’t fade throughout the day so it’s a winner in my book!

Guilt Trip is my final shade and another versatile one. I wanted a dark shade to use on my outer corners and to define my lash line. It’s an ashy brown that would work really well in the crease of a darker smokey eye. There’s no fall out with this colour and it doesn’t smudge throughout the day, which I sometimes find with other ‘darker’ shades.

Overall I’m pretty impressed. I’ve always wanted to be able to customise my own palette but was a bit weary to spend a small fortune to start off with. This cost me £14, £4 for the palette and £2.50 for each of the eyeshadows. The palette itself is cardboard so I don’t know how long it will last but the eyeshadows are held into place by a magnet and when the lid is closed they feel secure and not like they’re going to fly out and smash everywhere. I would totally recommend these eyeshadows, especially if you want your own customised palette but don’t want to pay top dollar.

I’d love to try more eyeshadows from NYX so if you have any recommendations please let me know!

L-R: Innocent, Suede, Showgirl, Guilt Trip

My Week With The Naked Smoky Palette

I bought the Naked Smoky Palette back in Florida in Summer last year and although I loved it when I got it, I haven’t used it that much since. I’ve no idea why I never reached for this palette but I never thought, “oh yeah, let’s crack out the Naked Smoky today”. When my birthday rolled around I was trying to think what new eyeshadow palette I was going to buy with my birthday money. I was browsing round Debenhams and looking at the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and thought, Abz you don’t need another eyeshadow palette. So I thought I’d set myself a little challenge. If I could use my unloved Naked Smoky palette everyday for at least a week then I could rethink my palette purchase. I’m SO glad that I did this because I’m now in love with this palette. It’s got everything that you need for any type of eye look. Warm shades, cool shades, mattes, shimmers, glitters, it’s got it all!

So, let’s look into some of my favourite shades. I love Dirtysweet. It’s a gorgeous gold shimmer and it is extremely pigmented. I like to use this all over the lid when I do a warm smokey eye. Whiskey is so versatile. It can be used through the crease for a smokey eye and in the outer corner for something a little bit more natural. It’s a warm, chocolate brown that is a pure matte. If you want a compact eyeshadow palette that has everything you could ever need then you need this!

L-R: High, Dirtysweet, Radar, Armor, Slanted, Dagger, Black Market, Smolder, Password, Whiskey, Combust, Thirteen

Single Eyeshadow Problems

The idea of going into a shop and buying hoards of single eyeshadows really satisfies me but when I get home it’s a completely different story. I don’t know if it’s just me but trying to use them in my every day makeup just seems really hard! With a palette, everything is set out for you and you know what goes with what, etc, but trying to pair single eyeshadows together or fitting them in with a colour from a palette just seems wrong. Also the size of a single shadow just seems way too much for one person to use in their entire lifetime! They’re always so big and I don’t know why but I buy colours that are a little weird and hard to wear so I only ever use a bit of them at a time. These issues have kind of put me off trying out a ‘make your own palette’, like the Mac palettes. Although it will be in a palette form, I don’t know if my brain can think of them as altogether rather than just the separate eyeshadows that I’d have bought them as, which is a real shame as creating a palette of shadows where I like everyone would be a really good thing. If anyone has this problem then please tell me because I feel like I’m just a weird single eyeshadow hater!

Favourite Friday: Shopping the Stash

Following on from Monday’s post I thought I’d put some of the things mentioned onto my face. It was a really weird experience because it was like they were new but they’re not (so comprehensive in my speech). First up was the Rimmel BB Cream in the shade Light. This is the wrong colour for me straight off. It looked okay upon first application but throughout the day it just got more and more orange and more and more greasy. The fact that it made my skin oily was the reason why I stopped using it in the first place but I thought the coverage was nice and when I first put it on it on my skin it was nice and light. Next up is the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 20. My mum gave me this because it was too light for my her. It’s a good shade match for me and when I used to use it I really liked it because it was good at highlighting. However I remembered that as soon as I put it on why I stopped using it, the separation. Halfway through the day it made me look as if I had a serious skin disease, not a fan. Shadow time! I used the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze as a primer as I moved on to the shade Rose Gold and then my Mac Painterly paint pot. Still love this, great application, doesn’t crease and love the colour and shimmer. Now, onto the MUA Heaven and Earth Palette. I was obsessed with this back in the day and when I put them on I understood why. I used the highlight shade on the inner lid, the gold on the rest, the second to darkest in the crease and the darkest shade in the outer corner and underneath. They are so well pigmented, great colour payoff and really easily blendable. The problem lies a the end of the day, because all of the colours seem to blend into one. I have no idea why this happens but there is no difference between shades like there was at the start of the day. Lips. In the first photo I’m wearing the Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint in Nothing but Nude. Love it. Love the shade, lasts all day, doesn’t feel uncomfortable, just great. Finally its the Orange No7 Lip Crayon. I really like the shade but it’s very heavy and sticky on the lips so I’m not that big of a fan, might have to say RIP to this one.

Wintery Browns

At this cold and wintery time I’m taking full advantage of wearing dark colours on my eyes and not being looked at as some depressing saddo! In this look I used one eyes shadow stick, one! I’m the kind of person that normally uses 103 eyes shadows all different shades of the same colour for no reason other than the fact that I enjoy blending. I used the Rimmel scandal eyes eye shadow stick in bootleg brown and just applied it with the stick and then blended like mad with my mac 217. It took me FOREVER to blend it out but I think it’s because I wasn’t quick enough, silly me. I think that it turned out well and with my new Maybelline colour elixir in caramel infused it was a very warm and wintery face.