Favourite Friday: Season Change

Winter is my favourite season of the year but sometimes the cold and the rain gets a little bit much. This is when I enjoy the fact that spring has sprung. The solar eclipse that we experienced a couple of weeks ago was the first time that I felt the seasons change. In celebration, here are five things that I love about spring:

  • Spring makeup-Dewy Skin and pale pink eyes, yes please!
  • Breeding season-Baby lambs and other sweet creatures are the highlight of the year for a creature cuddler like myself.
  • Sunshine-Everyday makes you feel happy when the sun is shining.
  • No more thick coats-Sometimes towards the end of winter I just want to shed a few layers.
  • Greenery-The green green grass of spring!

Favourite Friday: Real Techniques Bold Metals

There’s something about makeup brushes that gets me really excited and, although some people think I have too many, I think that there are plenty of gaps in my collection for me. Enter the new Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection. Hotly anticipated, these brushes are more expensive that the standard collection but look so much cooler. With the long handle, weighted for optimal usage and gorgeous colours, I was sold. As my bank balance isn’t brilliant at the minute I picked up one of the slightly cheaper brushes, that being one of the eye ones. The big fluffy Mac 217 caught my eye at the beginning but after a lot of thought I settled on the 201 Pointed Crease Brush. This brush is insane. I use it through the crease, as the name suggest, and to smudge shadow underneath the eye. The way that this brush is made means that doing a smokey eye has never been easier. It’s as if all you need to do is put the shadow on the brush and let it get to work. I can’t rave about this enough and when I have a few more pennies I have my eye on the tapered blush brush.

Favourite Friday: Mug Cakes

This favourite Friday is possibly one of the best yet. It’s all about the cake! For my birthday I was lucky enough to receive a book that contains lots of different (and dare I say complex) recipes to make a large variety of mug cakes. I am a huge mug cake fan, I mean who wouldn’t like a delicious warm dessert that takes no time at all to make and doesn’t skimp on flavour. Some of the recipes require ingredients that probably won’t be ready to go in your cupboard but the ones that I’ve been whipping up are made with ingredients you will have. I’ve made a chocolate melt in the middle cake and a chocolate fondant cake (definitely my favourite) and a chocolate chip mug cookie. I can’t wait to get some more of the adventurous ingredients so I can make some of the different kinds and who knows, you might be seeing more mug cakes in the future! 

Favourite Friday: Birthday!

As you’ll know if you read yesterday’s post but it was my birthday! Over the recent years I’ve not been the biggest fan of my birthday but when it comes around it does seem to cheer me up. To celebrate I went out with my family for a meal last week, went out on Wednesday (what a night…) and tonight me and my friends are going to La Tasca for a very sophisticated meal, tune in on Tuesday to see how that went (#shamelessselfpromo). I don’t know how I feel about turning twenty. The lack of the ‘teen’ on the end makes it seem like I should start to become responsible. Maybe it’s now not acceptable to cuddle my furry creatures at night and sit with them while I watch TV…nah. The extra year makes no difference to life, I don’t know why people make such a big deal about it, it could be worse, you could not have made it this far (always look on the bright side). So on this momentous occasion of ‘turning into an adult’ I shall mark it with Squirrel, Dragon, Dolphin and Baby Sven watching a film, bliss.

Favourite Friday: Christmas

For my final favourite Friday before christmas it only seems fair to make it my favourite. I love everything about christmas, the food, the films, the lights…..it’s all too much! Winter is my favourite time of year and this is probably why. Christmas brings everybody together and it’s such a nice time, if you don’t like christmas you’re just weird! Not long to go now until the big day and I’m so excited!

Favourite Friday: Bed

This week has been a week of early nights, well my version of an early night anyway! After my late Sunday night antics (watching multiple episodes of Sherlock until the early hours probably isn’t the best idea) I thought it would be a good idea to go to sleep at a normal hour, which for me is 11ish so not that early. I’m trying to get into the habit of going up to my bedroom at around 10 so then I’ll be actually in my cosy den of a bed at a reasonable time. Then I’ll put on a TV programme that I watched so much that I could probably recite it, recently that’s been Last Tango in Halifax. I have to listen to something when I’m falling to sleep, probably because it takes my mind off my weird night time thoughts.

It’s not just sleeping that I like about my bed. You know on a weekend when you have a nice lie in and then when you wake up you don’t leave your bed for ages because you decide to watch a random film. I love that I just think it’s so cosy! I’m writing this now thinking that tomorrow morning when I wake up I’m going to do that but I have no idea what I’m going to watch, maybe Peter pan…hmm.

Bit of a random thing to be really enjoying but the amount of times this week I’ve thought “I just want to get in bed, give it to me” is ridiculous so I thought I might as well share. Who doesn’t love sleeping (other than productive people)?!?!

Favourite Friday: Travelling Light

When I say travelling light I mean weight not an actual flashing light thing (I just read back the title and realised that it could get misunderstood). This time last week I’d just come home for a little weekend away which was super cute and really nice. Anyway. I thought that this would be a good chance to see how much I can condense my makeup bag. Challenge!

Let’s start with face. I know that it looks like a lot of products but for me these are the essentials, I think I have a problem. I start with the mini benefit porefessional primer, which I’m still unsure how i feel about it, the use the Sephora 47 brush to blend over my beautiful face. If my bags are particularly bad I’ll use the Seventeen phwoarr paint then go in with the Mac pro long wear concealer to cover up pretty much all of my face! Then I powder it up using the Rimmel Stay Matte powder and a brush I once got free in a kit. After I’ve done my eyes I bronze my face with the Boujouis chocolate bronzer and add a bit of colour with the Benefit Dandelion blush.

Eyes eyes eyes! I took my Sleek eyebrow pencil back with me as I could choose if I wanted light brows or heavier ones. Setting these with the Maybelline Brow drama I ‘prime’ my eyes with the Maybelline colour tattoo in Rose Gold and go straight in with probably the best palette ever (Too Faced natural eyes). In the pictures I used the colours in the top row, heaven on the lid, cashmere bunny through the crease and sexpresso on the outer corners. I quickly lined my eyes with the L’oreal super liner, put some Rimmel brown eyeliner on my waterline and applied the Seventeen backlash and Clinique high impact mascara on my lashes. I should also mention that to highlight my face on the tops of my cheekbones I use the Maybelline eyeshadow in naked beige.

For lips I took three options; Mac shy girl, Kiko 902 and Rimmel Heather Shimmer. In the photos below I’m wearing Heather shimmer lightly patted on and the blended out. I think that I took a pretty successful makeup pack. Just the right amount that I used everything and I never thought “I forgot to bring such and such”. Challenge won! The sense of achievement is unreal.

Favourite Friday: Mac Pigments

As we are coming into the colder months I’m really getting into wearing purple colours on my eyes to spread the festivities and recently I’ve been cracking out some old products that I got as gifts years and years ago. At the minute my favourite purple eye look has been with these crushed metallic pigments by Mac. I got these for Christmas a few years ago now and I love the fact that when they are on the eyes they sparkle and shimmer like it’s nobodies business! Love the wet kind of look that they give.

This is ‘Dusty Desire’ as it’s a really deep purple it can look a little matt in some lights but knows when to bring out the sparkle. I like to use this one in the crease when I’m wanting a really dark look but mostly on the outer corners. However I would say that I use this one the least as it can sometimes be a little daunting and dark when I’m not really feeling that adventurous.

This is probably my favourite of all the pigments and it’s called ‘Prettified’. I like this one the most as it still has the little hints of purple sparkle but it is such a gorgeous copper colour and looks so good when on the lids. I use this both on the lid and in the crease depending on how intense I want to be with my eyes.

This unusual eyeshadow colour is called ‘Femininity’ and is the little surprise of the four pigments. In the pot it looks like a hot pink/purple, and it is, but in some light something magic happens…it turns blue. I just love the way it looks and the fact that it makes your eyes pop and stand out with the fact that IT’S A COLOUR CHANGING EYESHADOW! Insane.

And last but not least this is ‘Maribu’. Depending on the different lights this can look like a very light lilac or a bright white with a pinky hue. I like to use this one in the inner corners as it really brightens the eye and when I put it all over my lid it can sometimes look a bit too bright and reflective.

From right to left: Dusty Desire, Prettified, Maribu, Femininity

Favourite Fridays: Warm Scents

Sometimes there is nothing better than a good smelling moisturiser or perfume. I think that especially in the older months snuggling under a blanket with a nice hot drink and smelling a festive candle burning in the corner. Since in my new house we can’t have candles in case we burn the place down (which in my case would be highly likely) I’ve had to think of other ways to keep the autumnal scents alive.

One of my favourite scents is coconut and to me it reminds me more of the colder months than it does of summer. I have the Coconut body butter from the Body Shop and I think it has to be one of my favourites of all time. Not just in creaminess and how soft it makes your legs, but the smell stays around for so long! I’ll walk downstairs and my housemates will say “Oooh something smells nice” and it will be my legs. Classy.

One of my housemates went on holiday to Florida over the summer and very kindly brought us all back a Victoria Secret spray which was VERY nice! I got the Enchanted Apple scent and ass soon as I sprayed it it reminded me of a Mary-Kate and Ashley perfume I had once upon a time that I was absolutely in love with. Memories! I spray it all over my clothes during the day and on my pillows at night so when I’m sleeping at night it’s all I can smell.

Favourite Friday: Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette

Make up isn’t something that I really talk about on this blog but it’s something that I have a serious amount of, especially eye shadows. This week I seem to have been sticking to one eye shadow look which for me is not normal as I change it up on a day to day basis. Something about the colours just scream autumn and they’re soft and easy to blend I’m just seriously in love! This has to be one of my favourite eye shadow palettes ever! I’ve been wearing the ‘classic’ row of shadows, putting silk teddy in the inner corner and halfway across the lid, then push-up on the rest of the lid and then into the crease and finally putting erotica on the outer corner. I just love how metallic it is and when it catches the light it looks stunning.

This entire palette has so many possibilities for beautiful looks and even though I’ve had in since May I don’t think I’ve yet unlocked it’s true potential! Honey pot is a gorgeous glittery gold and I love wearing it with a dark brown smokey eye.