Favourite Friday: Pretty Little Liars

Last Wednesday my life changed forever, dramatic I know but it’s true. I’ve been getting really bored with Netflix recently because I’ve exhausted all the series’ I wanted to watch and just wanted to get into something really juicy. Then Pretty Little Liars popped up on screen and it was love at first episode. I love the characters, the story, the drama it’s just all too much! As of writing this post (Wednesday) I’m on episode 5 of series 3 and to say I’ve had two days off it works out that I’ve watched 51 episodes in 5 days, which if I’ve done the Maths correctly is 38 hours and 25 minutes worth of programming. It’s not as if I even have that much free time! Someone send help.

Since I”ve been obsessing over this series I thought it would be a good time to update my ‘what to watch on Netflix list’. If you’d like to read my previous post click here, let’s go:

  • Orange is the new black– I know, late on the band wagon. I have no idea why I put off for so long but I felt like I’d missed out on a lot when I started. Parts are a little bit close to the edge but you just get sucked in and when you’re hungover from a heavy night it is definitely a good remedy, believe me I know.
  • The Paradise– On the last day of first term, just before I went home for Christmas, and I watched the entire of series one that night…sad I know. I’m a fan of period drama type programmes so if that’s your thang I’d recommend it. Really easy watching. 
  • Merlin– I was a Merlin watcher from the very first episode right to the end and I was a huge fan… until series 5 but judge for yourselves on that one. Now that Netflix has all of the series I can’t wait to re-watch them all (except series 5, I’d never put myself through that again).
  • The Inbetweeners– It doesn’t matter how many times I watch these episodes they are just as hilarious! Funny and cringey, everyone should watch this at least once but I can guarantee, one episode and you’ll be hooked. 

Road to University! Week NineFollow my blog with Bloglovin

Too cool for school…yeaa,
maybe not.

Well hasn’t the weather suddenly taken a turn for the worst. It’s so depressing! It also doesn’t help that I have two coats, neither of which protects from the rain. The one I’m wearing at the minute, which is the thinner of the two, doesn’t have a hood but my other coat isn’t helpful as, 1. Isn’t waterproof and 2. Should only be worn in arctic conditions. So I’m turning up to most of my lectures looking like a drowned rat. What a great way to make friends.

Sorry about not posting last week but I’m not gonna lie, I couldn’t be bothered. It was a mixture of a pile of work and listening to Connor Maynard’s ‘RU Crazy’ on repeat…don’t judge.

I thought, seeing as though the weeks are becoming repetitive and I’m in the same routine I would write about something else so you (and I) don’t get bored. So, this week it’s all about FOOD! I mean I can’t go wrong because who doesn’t like food!

Here’s a run down of the meals I’ve had this week:

 Tuesday- Chicken and ham pancakes
Made by my mum and dad and stored in my freezer this is one of the best meals in the world! A pancake day pancake stuffed with chicken and ham in a mushroom sauce covered in cheese and cooked until crispy. Just nom.

 Wednesday- Toad in the hole
This has become my wednesday staple as ever since I’ve been here I’ve had it every wednesday. How can you go wrong with a fried onion yorkshire pudding and sausage!?! The only problem is that it takes me about an hour to make as I work at the speed of a snail and I just get too excited!

 Thursday- Sausages and gravy with cheese and herb scones
Yes, this is a bit of a weird combination but (insert foodgasm noise here). It’s all so good! Whats even better is that it didn’t take me that long to make and it was just so delicious!

 Friday- Garlic pizza toast (and a sneaky bacon sandwich!)
So easy to make and sometimes i just have a craving for it. Probably takes 10 minutes to make overall and is a quick substitute for actual pizza. As for the bacon sandwich, the bacon was cooking and it was a moment of weakness!

Saturday- Stuffed chicken wrapped in shortcrust pastry
This has to be one of the proudest moments of my ENTIRE life! I made everything, the pastry, the stuffing I even butterflied the chicken to get the stuffing inside. It tasted so good! So proud.

Hope you enjoyed this little look at my diet, not the best but as long as it tastes good I don’t really care! Hope there’s a lot of food envy and see you next week!

Road to University! Week Six

Well I’m finally here! It’s the start of the next 3 years of my life and I’m really excited to get cracking. Now that I’m here I can see myself here. I’m looking forward to getting my room fully sorted and properly settling in.

Army night!

As of writing this I’ve been out 4 nights in a row with tonight being my night off, otherwise I’ll fall asleep in the middle of the street. So far, so good and still a lot more to go! Just one problem though…I can feel a cough coming on, and when I get a cough, I really get a cough. There are two stages to my illness:
1.The pathetic “this isn’t really a cough but I have to get it out of my system” cough, which usually generates looks of why bother you’re not even ill, and
2.The dangerous “seriously I’m about to cough up a lung someone please help me” vomit cough, which could be seen to get an even worse response as some people think it’s too forced and you’re attention seeking.

Hopefully it won’t get any worse but I sincerely doubt it.

So far my room is feeling pretty cosy with my bright green furnishings and every leaflet I’ve been given telling me to go to such and such club on such and such night I have stuck on my wall making a ‘leaflet collage’ if you will. I can’t wait until I’ve finally found a place for everything so it feels like a proper home away from home. Also I’ve been very lucky that my flat mates are amazing and I’m really looking forward to getting to know them in the next year!

Although my finances so far haven’t been a problem, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t over spend and forget to budget…and buy food!

So, by next week freshers will have finished, I’ll have started my course and things will be getting real! Hopefully my illness will be gone so i will be able to fully enjoy my experience. See you next week!

Road to University! Week Five

Okay, this is the week. The week! It’s come around so fast and I don’t think I’m ready! As per I’ve left everything until the last minute and I still need to sort through all of my stuff, ahh! Since I’ve just been buying things and adding it to the huge pile I haven’t gone through it until recently and I now realise I think I have way too much! I think I have about 4 wooden spoons, which seems pointless as I won’t be entering the bake off anytime soon. 

Okay so I’ve just packed all of my things and I currently have 4 plastic boxes, 1 cardboard box, 1 Ikea bag, 1 tesco bag and 2 suitcases! I think I underestimated how much I’ve bought and how much I already have. It’s way too much! But I think that that’s everything now and I don’t need to buy anything else, *fingers crossed*. 

I’m really sorry that this weeks blog has been short and sweet but not much has really happened this week other than general uni prep and packing. I had my last shift at work but I’m going back in December and I had my little leaving party with my friends and it was really cute. Today (tuesday) I’m going to visit my friend Megan which is exciting and then I move on Friday…EEEEK!

So to all of you that are going to university or starting something new good luck and I hope it all works out and goes to plan. See you next week where I’ll show you around my new home! Bye!

I’ll leave you with the attractive pictures for my student card ^_^

Road to University! Week One

It’s been 5 days since I found out my results and I am beyond excited to start university, but I never actually realised how much there was to do! In less than a month I’ll be heading off to Nottingham Trent to study Print Journalism and everyone will see my sexy face everywhere (jokes!). 

I never really realised what a huge deal it was moving out, being by myself in the big wide world. It’s like I am ready to be on my own, to have my own space (and new things!), but at the same time I don’t have a clue how TO live on my own. I mean I can bake and decorate 12 cupcakes no problem, but when I attempt to cook pasta it’s like chewing on plastic, delicious! However, I have a month to perfect the issues so who knows, i might be a pasta making pro by the time I leave!

For me, this week on the ‘road to university’ has been all about celebrating my results and making sure I confirm my place so I don’t turn up in September and they’ve given my place away (which knowing me would probably happen). So excited to move into my new room in Gill Street South as it’s brand new so it’ll be squeaky clean when I move in! I’ve checked my confirmation emails probably a hundred times to make sure I’ve not missed anything, and I haven’t although I’m still not convinced. Also this week I had my claim to fame after being featured in the Halifax Courier. Only my picture but still, better than nothing at all. I do think that my face is at it’s best when I’m in mid speech…not.

For my course induction I’ve been given the task of reading many, many newspapers and keeping up to date on all things current. So far I think I’m doing quite well, however I have noticed that the news in my local area isn’t too exciting, but I’m persevering! Some of the things I’ve found out from reading the different types of newspapers, like The Observer compared to the Daily Mirror, has made me really excited for the course. I cannot wait to get cracking! However, I still feel like there is a long way to go and I need to make the 10 ‘o’ clock news seem more exciting. 

Probably the BEST thing about going to university for me was that it was an excuse to buy my very first laptop! I know, I’m very selfish. I already have an iPad but I have always wanted a macbook and thanks to a long serving savings account my dreams came true! The only problem is that I think I may be slightly addicted…don’t judge me. I’m not the most ‘tech savvy’ though so I had to be told by multiple people the amount of memory I need and if I need an external hard drive or not, so whilst they were sorting that out, I was picking out a pretty case (I went with turquoise in case you wondered). I just need to remember that when I actually get to university I need to use my laptop for all the right reasons, and not get addicted to minesweeper which I’ve already downloaded…

So congratulations to all who passed and are going in the same direction I am. I can tell it’s going to be an amazing journey and I hope that you come along for the ride!