How to: Get Over the Uni Blues

It’s getting that point with most students now, it’s been a nice time off but a good night out on a random Tuesday night wouldn’t hurt. Then you realise that there’s still three months until it’s time to go back and that’s when the sadness sets in. But no need to fear! I have a few handy tips to suppress the uni blues and make it so you can last until September without have a mini melt down.

1. Keep busy

Since I finished second year I’ve been kept busy with work experience and to be perfectly honest it’s been great. It’s meant that I haven’t even had time to think about uni and all that jazz. If you feel the uni blues looming and you don’t have a job try keeping yourself busy by planning to do something everyday. It doesn’t have to mean going out, it could be a film day, anything to keep busy.

2. Look at photos

This is a great one. You may think that looking at photos makes it even harder but by remembering all of the good times and happy memories there’s no need to be sad that you’re not there living them. Videos are also another great one, especially if they’re hilarious night out ones.

3. Organise a meet up

Even if you live oceans apart you could still find a way to meet up with your little uni family. By organising a get together it shortens the time gap that you’ll all be apart and it’ll be as if you’re all still back at uni. Also visiting other people’s towns is fun, see how the other half live!

Single Eyeshadow Problems

The idea of going into a shop and buying hoards of single eyeshadows really satisfies me but when I get home it’s a completely different story. I don’t know if it’s just me but trying to use them in my every day makeup just seems really hard! With a palette, everything is set out for you and you know what goes with what, etc, but trying to pair single eyeshadows together or fitting them in with a colour from a palette just seems wrong. Also the size of a single shadow just seems way too much for one person to use in their entire lifetime! They’re always so big and I don’t know why but I buy colours that are a little weird and hard to wear so I only ever use a bit of them at a time. These issues have kind of put me off trying out a ‘make your own palette’, like the Mac palettes. Although it will be in a palette form, I don’t know if my brain can think of them as altogether rather than just the separate eyeshadows that I’d have bought them as, which is a real shame as creating a palette of shadows where I like everyone would be a really good thing. If anyone has this problem then please tell me because I feel like I’m just a weird single eyeshadow hater!

May Favourites

This is the first in hopefully a long line in monthly favourites posts!  I think that by doing my favourites monthly rather than weekly it’ll be a more accurate representation of what I’ve been loving over a long period of time, rather than just for that week. So let’s jump into the faves!

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

This has been such a good discovery this month. Pairing this with my next favourite is like my new fave makeup combo! I use it when it’s wet and it does a really good job at making my foundation and concealer melt into the skin and really helps it to last all day. I’m finding that it’s starting to get a little grubby and I have no idea how to clean this little sponge thing so if anyone has any ideas then please let me know!

L’Oreal True Match Concealer

I’ve professed my love for the foundation version of this little beauty on my blog before and the concealer does not disappoint. I got it as part of a 3 for 2 offer from Boots and just picked it up on a whim without really knowing much about it. I find that the coverage of this product is quite full and is able to cover up both blemishes and the under eye area with ease. I have the shade 02 vanilla and it is the perfect shade for me, I’m so in love with this product.

Eating Out

This month has been the month of eating out. I’ve been all over the place, both restaurants and cafes which means that in the upcoming weeks my Tuesday posts are full of good food, yay! I don’t know where I think I’ve got all of this money from but recently I’ve been eating out multiple times a week. It’s just so hard being in Nottingham and not wanting to try out all of the amazing places that it has to offer.

Tour de Yorkshire T-Shirt

This is a pretty random one but I got a little parcel through from home the other week and it contained this T-Shirt from my dad. I’m in serious love with it. Not only is it one of the comfiest things ever or that it’s green but it reminds me of such a good day when I went home to go and watch it pass through the area near to where I live. Also I’m Yorkshire obsessed so it’s nice to have a top to share that with the world!

Voluminous Violet

We’ve come to the end of our colourful journey and I have to say I’ve quite enjoyed it! But it’s not quite over yet because we still have one to go and that’s (drum roll please)….violet! Purple is a really easy colour to work with on the eyes and always looks really good, kind of like a more colourful take on neutrals. Without further ado, let’s get started.

I know that you think I’m going to prime my eyes with the Mac Painterly Paint Pot but I went for  change this week and used the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate which is a red-y purple that makes a good base for this type of look. Using my Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette I took the colour Vanity and put it on the inner part of the lid and then took Bondage and put it on the rest of the lid. For this look I didn’t go into the crease and the main focus was the colour on the lid. Using a fluffy brush I blended it out so that it went soft into the crease and then took Alchemy, a pink/purple, on a small brush and put it in the inner corner and then used the same brush with Bondage on and ran it underneath the eye. To finish off the look I took the Rimmel Kohl Kajal in Jet Black on my water and tight line and the Clinique High Volume Mascara and fully coated the lashes.

I love the fact that this look is really easy to do but is very sultry and smokey. I may have to use this on a night out one time because I love the way that it looks.

Oddly Orange

Orange is one of those colours that can look great but it can be quite hard to work with. For this look I used orange on the eyes and lips but in a way that didn’t make me look like a crazy person. I think that it turned out quite well and the eyeshadow made my eyes look really blue which I’m always a fan of.

Jumping straight onto the eyes I primed them with my favourite primer of all time the Mac Painterly Paint Pot. For this look I used the Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette and worked mainly with the shade Lucky taking it all across my lid, packing it on with a Mac 242 brush. It’s a gorgeous peachy orange shade with lots of shimmer so it looks insane on the lid but not over the top. I also took a little bit through my crease but not too much, just enough to give a little glow when I open my eyes. The only other shade I used was Reign on the outer corners to give a little more dimension. I didn’t pack it on and I made sure to really blend the edges to make it soft. To finish off I used my Rimmel Kohl Kajal in Sable Brown in my waterline and tighten and used my Seventeen Backlash Mascara for more natural lashes. On my lips I used my Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Fruitti to give them a bit of an orange tint. This is perfect for the spring/summer time in my opinion because it’s nice and bright but you can dab it on to leave more of a stain.

I really enjoyed experimenting with orange and I don’t think that people should be scared of using this colour in your makeup because it can look really good. I’ll definitely be using the shade Lucky more often.

La Cachette! (Take Three)

Another trip home means another visit to La Cachette and another great meal! You know the drill let’s just get into it. For a while now I’ve been meaning to try the rabbit pie but because I’ve been having the Beef Wellington for main I left it, so today was the day. This was so delicious! The rabbit was tender and melted in the mouth and went perfectly with the sauce. There were chunks of carrot underneath which were nice and sweet and the pastry was thin and not overtaking. Perfect portion size, gorgeous flavours, what more can you ask for?

Next up for main I had partridge which I chose because I’ve never tried it before. This was one of the best mains that I’ve ever had, not just here but anywhere. It came with creamed cabbage, chorizo and fried polenta. The polenta was to die for, crispy on the outside but soft in the centre and the creamed cabbage was out of this world. It was so tasty, seasoned to perfetction, and the fact that the creaminess was just right made it even better. The partridge was delicious as well and everything went really nicely together. I wasn’t too bothered about the chorizo as I found it hard to cut but the flavour was good and I’d definitely have it again.

Finally onto pudding. By the time it’d got to dessert I was stuffed so I went for one scoop of almond and praline ice cream. It was really tasty, sweet, not too almond-y and the little chunks of almonds made it super great. I’m never normally an ice cream person but I really enjoyed this, a little something to end a fantastic meal on.

My Skincare Routine

I’ve never done a skincare routine on my blog before which seems very strange seeing as though I’m VERY into it. If I haven’t gone through each step of my routine I feel like something’s missing on my face. This has been my routine for about nine months and I don’t think that it’s going to change for a very long time so let’s jump into it!

In the morning the first thing I use is the Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Cleanser. This just takes off any remaining grub that may still be on my face from the night before but also wakes me up a little bit (because those 9am starts are just not working for me at the minute). Next up is my beloved Seaweed Toner from The Body Shop. Until I found this my skin was just an oily mess but now it only starts to get a little greasy as the day goes on. This isn’t stripping but it leaves my face feeling matte and clean. Then the Simple Revitalising Eye Roll-On comes out to play and is so soothing on the eyes that I just want to roll it on all the time! I also use the Simple Spot Roll-On which is similar to the eye one but is designed to tackle spots. It’s not the best one I’ve ever used but it’s not too bad, I’d rather have a tea tree one as I feel like that’s better than tackling spots. Next up is my lip saviour; the Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub. This takes off the dead skin and leaves lips feeling soft, and tasting really delicious! While the scrub’s on I use The Body Shop Absinthe Hand Cream. This has become a habit now and when I don’t do it, I feel like there’s something missing. After slathering on my Maybelline Baby Lips I use my Nivea Oil Free Day Moisturiser. I can feel this running out by the day which really makes me sad. It’s moisturising without making my skin feel greasy and slippy and I don’t feel too shiny later in the day, which some moisturisers tend to do. Moving onto night time and to take my makeup off I used to use the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish but I still need to repurchase so for now I’m just using The Garnier Micellar Water which does the job just as well but it takes a little bit more time. The only change to my routine at night is that I swap my moisturiser. I use the Vichy Night Detox which is the best night moisturiser I’ve ever used. It’s thick but, again like most of these products, it doesn’t make my skin oily and greasy. I’m going to be sad when this runs out and I may have to do a cheeky repurchase.

So that’s my skincare routine. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know because as I said I’m in the market for a new ‘makeup takeoff’ cleanser so any suggestions would be greatly received!

Raving Red

It’s time for the first splash of colour and in true rainbow style we’ll start with red. Red is one of those colours that no one ever really uses on the eyes because it 99% of cases you look like you have some kind of disease. I wanted to have a go and see if I could create an eye look that made red a colour that doesn’t look too scary.
After doing my standard face and brow routine, I got straight to work on the eyes. After priming my eyes with the Mac Painterly Paint Pot I used Heaven from the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette on the inner part of the lid and then Nudie from the same palette on the outer lid. Then I went straight in with the star of the show, my Kiko Eyeshadow in 138. Using a Mac 217 brush, but any fluffy brush will do, I lightly started to build this up in the crease. The reason I did it lightly was just in case it got a bit too heavy, this way I had more control. I made it so the colour winged out a little bit and once that was achieved I used Reign from the Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette on the outer corner. This way the red was softened on the outside and didn’t look as harsh. Now for the scariest part, taking it underneath. I just did this as normal, on a Mac 242 but this time I tried to keep it as close as I could to the lash line. Finishing it off with my Rimmel Brown Kohl Kajal and Benefit Roller Lash Mascara and that’s the look done.
Personally I really like this look, it makes my eyes look really blue, and I think I got away with it without making my eyes look red and puffy. Trying this out makes me want to do it again, so you never know!

Origins Face Masks

Don’t you just love it when you discover a bargain because I do! The other week when I was doing my usual blog stalking session I saw that someone had bought three Origins Face Masks, a brand which I had previously not tried, for £20 instead of £50. So I was straight onto the Boots website and before I knew it they were in my basket. I couldn’t wait to use them so each night for the next three nights I gave them a road test and all of them are insanely good.

Starting with the Charcoal mask this is the one that I’d heard most about. This is what I’d call a ‘traditional mask’ as it does the whole hardening so that you can barely move your face and you can really feel it working. It claims to draw out the badness and open the pores and it definitely does. After using this my face is left soft and in the days afterwards considerably clearer. Next up is the Overnight Mask. I was a bit weary before using this as I have oily skin and the thought of leaving something on my skin for a long time made me think it could become a little greasy. However, this is anything but. It smells fruity (big bonus) and has quite a thick consistency. When I wake up in the morning my skin feels fresh and soft and is great after a night of drinking, a real life saver. Last but not least, is the Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask. I think that this one is my favourite as it’s super thick, smells like menthol and clears my skin up like no other. It’s a quick fix for when my face is going through a bit of a bad spell. I lather this onto my face and neck, leave it for, you guessed it, 10 minutes and feel the magic happen. After washing it off my skin feels soft and tight, in a good way.

I’m so glad that I bought these, they work so well! Hopefully they do my skin some good and I don’t get too addicted because I don’t think I could afford to buy them again at normal price.

Favourite Friday: Season Change

Winter is my favourite season of the year but sometimes the cold and the rain gets a little bit much. This is when I enjoy the fact that spring has sprung. The solar eclipse that we experienced a couple of weeks ago was the first time that I felt the seasons change. In celebration, here are five things that I love about spring:

  • Spring makeup-Dewy Skin and pale pink eyes, yes please!
  • Breeding season-Baby lambs and other sweet creatures are the highlight of the year for a creature cuddler like myself.
  • Sunshine-Everyday makes you feel happy when the sun is shining.
  • No more thick coats-Sometimes towards the end of winter I just want to shed a few layers.
  • Greenery-The green green grass of spring!