What’s in my everyday lip stash

Buying a set of acrylic makeup drawers was a great decision on my part. I’ve had them for the best part of 18 months and although it means I have access to fewer products day to day, it means I can give things a good go. I tend to rotate things every few weeks to make sure I’m mixing up the things I wear, and it makes things more exciting when you rediscover a product you used to love. Anyway, what relevance does this have to this post? Well, welcome to my current lip drawer in my everyday makeup stash. These are the products I’ve been using day to day. Here’s what I love, what’s okay and what I won’t be going back to.

I mentioned this in my last post as it’s one of the favourite things to come out of the 2018 Glossybox Calendar – the Nars Velvet Lip Glide in Burning Love. I have so much time for this product purely because of how versatile it is. I won’t bang on about it too much because I mentioned it in last week’s post (you can read that here) but just know I love it and I think it will be sticking around in my drawer for a long time.

When it comes to lip colours, I’m a bit of a coward. I constantly think I’ll try and be bolder with my lip choices but I always stick to my trusty nudes or a darker variation on my natural pink-y lip colour. But, as per usual in the New Year, I’m determined to step out of my comfort zone and wear something a bit more exciting. Enter the Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle in Candy Venom. When I visited Paris last year we popped into Sephora and in the panic of the people/products/everything, I picked up a box of Sephora’s ‘best bits’. There was a lot of great stuff in there including this mini lipstick. The shade, a vibrant pink, is something that I would normally stay away from, but after giving it a go on a nightout in the French city, I fell in love with it (although at the end of the night it did end up all over my face which wasn’t fun). With this one it’s all about the formula. Hands down the best matte lipstick I’ve ever tried and I really want to pick it up in more colours. Stays put for a very long time but doesn’t make your lips feel like they’re in a desert. I do need to start wearing it more though so I’m hoping that by putting it in my lip drawer I’m more likely to pick it up.

This was a massive impulse purchase (when I say massive, I mean I wanted it for a while and one day picked it up and bought it without looking at the price) but one which has been 100% worth it. It’s the Dior Glow in 001 Pink. So easy to wear, it gives a sheer pink sheen and plumps up my lips a little bit. This was amazing in Summer for just a bit of something and it still works great when I want a lip balm with a little bit extra.

Oh look, it’s another moment where Abz thinks she can wear bright lipsticks day to day and ends up just leaving it in the drawer. It’s really sad because I love this product (Lancome L’absolu Lip Lacquer in Be Unique) and, although it’s bright, the colour but I haven’t been reaching for it much. I think it’s because I bought it at the end of summer and now we’re in the depths of winter I don’t reach for it. I may have to swap this out for something else and then it can come back with a vengeance in the spring. If you love lip products that feel like nothing on your lips then this is a winner for you. It has the consistency of water with a bit of a glossy finish but throughout the day as the gloss wears off you’re left with a really nice stain. I definitely need to get more wear out of this but it might just be in a few months time.

This little Nars duo came with a mini blush and I just love how tiny they are. Both in the shade Orgasm, they’re probably my perfect nude shade of pink that I used to wear constantly. The lip gloss is amazing. There’s so much to love. Great shade, as I’ve mentioned, with a hint of gold to make it pop, and a glossy formula that isn’t sticky disgusting. The size makes it amazing to chuck in my handbag and it works over SO MANY other products. A great buy. The same can’t be said for the lipstick though which is really disappointing. You would think that because they come as a pair they would both be cracking, but the lipstick really isn’t anything to write home about. The colour is nothing really, the formula is dry but not matte and I just can’t get it to work. Also, every time I use it I feel like the bullet is either going to drop out or break off. So the lipstick may have to be relegated to either the main makeup stash or the bin. Lip gloss is a keeper though!

Late last year a new matte liquid lipstick came into my life and I have to say, I’m not mad at it. It’s the LMX Matte Lip in Cupid. The shade I have is a light brown-peach and is probably my perfect ‘autumnal’ shade, so easy to wear for me and works on most days. As much as I love the colour, it’s the formula which makes this product a winner for me. No matter how many times I go over it when I apply it, it doesn’t get crumbly or ‘bunch up’ on my lips. It’s a smooth finish that’s matte without being drying and lasts a pretty long time. A total winner and is what I’m wearing nine times out of ten whenever I leave the house.

There are two lip liners currently in my lip drawer and both of them are fab. First up is my favourite lip liner from 2018 (click here to read my best in beauty post) which is the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Pillow Talk. I think it’s pretty much my perfect lip colour, maybe a little bit on the pinker side, but it looks amazing under any nude lip colour. It’s a perfect base for other products and when the lipstick on top rubs away throughout the day, this keeps it looking okay. The second lip liner is from LMX and is in the shade Hold Up. The formula of this is great, isn’t too hard when you apply it, stays put but isn’t drying. The colour is a deep pinky-brown and this paired with the LMX matte liquid lipstick is a dream combination. Not sure if you can still get the LMX products in Boots but if you can I really recommend the lip stuff.

What’s your top lip product of the moment?

Is this the best matte lipstick ever?

This time last month if you’s have told me I would fall in love with a matte lipstick to a point of obsession then I’d have probably laughed in your face. I was all about the glossy lip, slathering on the lip gloss, cracking out my sheeny lipsticks and generally having a great time moisturising in general. That was until this landed on my doorstep – The Powerlips Fluid. Big shout out to my mate Amy for hooking me up with this cracking beauty!

This is the shade Maven which I’d say is a nude which is slightly darker than what I usually go for. I have to say when I first saw the shade I was a bit concerned at how dark it was. I expected it to be more of a easy to wear nude but leans more to the vampy side. I have to say though now I’ve had a chance to wear it I’m completely in love. The shade also is bang in the middle of warm and cool which for me is bang on! The picture above is pretty true to life and it really pops and stands out against my little pale face.

With matte lipsticks I always feel like you need to compromise – something won’t be quite right but you put up with it because that’s just the way it goes. Like they’re not matte enough so end up all over your face or they’re so dry your mouth feels like the desert or it gathers on the inside of your mouth. You get it, nothing is ever quite right. But I’ve had zero problems with this one. It dries down totally matte in quick time but never gets to the point where it sucks the life out of your lips. One thing which is a big plus for me as well is that you don’t need to be careful when applying to not go over the same spot – you can over the same space loads of times and it doesn’t get clumpy and thick. This also gives it big plus points when reapplying as it just glides on top of what was there with no issues.

Overall I would love to get more of these because the other shades look incredible! If you’re starting to lose your faith in matte lip products and think you’ll never find the perfect one, think again!

What’s your favourite matte lip product? 

Summer Lip Favourites

I’m back! That break felt like forever, what was it, a month and a bit? But whatever that doesn’t matter now because I’m back with a bang! Since my last post I’ve been on multiple makeup sprees so there will be plenty of reviews to come. I seem to have an urge to buy so many lip products recently, but what I need to remember is that I only have one set of lips! They’re all pretty summer-y colours and because the weather has been so nice (*she says with rain pouring down the window*) I thought it would be good if my first post back was full of bright colours and sunshine! So without further ado let’s go!

I’ll start off with the Mac lipstick, the third now in my collection, which is Vegas Volt. I went through a phase of watching so many Mac lipstick collections on YouTube it was ridiculous, but this one in particular kept standing out to me. It got to the point where if I could see this lipstick wasn’t in someone’s collection, I would instantly move on to another video. So, as a treat for taking my shorthand exam (which I passed, woo!) I took a trip to Mac and picked this up. I love how different it is to anything I currently have. It’s a bright lipstick which seems to change colour on the daily. It can be more pinky and sometimes it can be more peachy but it’s just a great summer colour that I think will be great for my holidays. It’s an amplified finish which is amazing as it’s moisturising but not drying and sticks around for so long! The next two lip products are both from the Soap and Glory Matte-Lip range. First up is the shade Whoah-Pink. This one is a bright bubblegum pink but with a bit more of a darkness to it which I love. It looks great on a really sunny day with plenty of highlight on the cheekbones. Pretty Muted is a slightly more toned down version. Not quite nude but not a pink. I love how it looks as it’s the summer pop but without the fear it looks a bit too much. The formula of these is second to none, especially as they are only £3.50. They stay on really well, even after eating, and don’t feel uncomfortable even though they are matte. I want to pick up more of these as they are just amazing, and really handy to carry around in your bag.

If you could think of any more summer lip products that I might need then please let me know, come on enable me!

L-R: Whoah-Pink, Pretty Muted, Vegas Volt

Bold Lips For Scaredy Cats

About twelve months ago I told myself that I was going to be a bit bolder with my lip choices. So far I have not done that. I don’t know why I’m so terrified but my thought process is that I’ll put it on, get it on my teeth, have it on my chin and I won’t notice because I can’t see it. I think I’m just being paranoid (is anyone else like this?) but I really want to get over this ‘hurdle’ and wear a really WOW lip on a daily basis. I thought I’d share three of the best bold lip options from my lip-drobe and they’re the ones I think are best for those who are a bit scared when it comes to going bold.

First up is a cross between a liquid lipstick and a lipgloss and it’s the Fleur De Force Lip Gloss in Starry Starry Night. It’s a beautiful plum that is perfect for Autumn. Formula wise it’s pretty spot on for a comfortable, stay all day lip. It’s glossy but has a slight matte-ness to it that makes it stick to the lips and is what makes this such a great product. I want to get Written in the Stars next which is a gorgeous nude but I’m only going to get it if I get more use out of this shade first! Next is something that I actually wore out last week and I really liked how it looked, and we only had one teeth incident! It’s the L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Pink Passion and it’s one step down from a bubblegum pink. The formula is very comfortable on the lips and I even forgot it was there on occasion. I only had to reapply it once throughout quite a long day because even after eating my lunch it had left a slight stain on the lips and I didn’t get the awkward wearing away line I’m always concerned about with bold lips. I really want to try out more shades from this range. Last but not least is the Clinique Colour Pop Lipstick in Poppy Pop, This is such a gorgeous colour. It’s a poppy red (well done Abz, what a great description) and I think it’s the red that suits my skin the most. The formula is creamy and hydrating which is good because I can’t feel it on more lips. I don’t use a lip liner when I apply this because I don’t have one but you don’t need one. A lip brush is all that’s really needed for a crisp line and it doesn’t wear away in a weird way. I need to wear this a lot more often because I’m in serious love with this. I’ll keep you updated as to whether I branch out and go bold any time soon. Fingers crossed!

Lip Balm: Makeup or Skincare?

I was having a little think the other day, what category does lip balm fit into; makeup or skincare? First I thought that if it’s tinted then it’s makeup and if it’s not then it’s more skincare. But if I use my Baby Lips in Pink Punch instead of my usual one in Menthol when doing my skincare routine does that mean it’s still makeup? Then I thought it could have been the consistency. For example the Baby Lips are different depending on if they are tinted or not. The non-tinted ones are much more deeply moisturising whereas the ones with tint in are a bit more slippy and although they are moisturising they just moisturise the surface of your lips, if that makes any sense.

My favourite lip balm to use when my lips are in serious need of some help is the Lanolips LemonAid Lip Balm. I smother a lot onto my lips and just wait for it to sink in and work it’s magic. It’s amazing what this does in such a short amount of time, so I’d say that’s my favourite skincare lip balm. My favourite makeup lip balm is a new one to my collection and is the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfecter in 05. It feels moisturising on the lips and gives a nice amount of colour that wears really well throughout the day. After writing this post I still have no idea what category lip balms fall into, if any, but I’m interested to know if anyone else thinks that this is a legitimate query. So, if you think they’re either makeup or skincare please let me know!

Newbie’s Guide to Brights

As you’ll know if you’ve read this blog before that I really shy away when it comes to bright lip colours. To try and get more out of my comfort zone I’ve been experimenting with different colours and if you’re like me and want to test the waters in the bright lip pool then look no further than this handy little guide.

The Entry Level Bright- The first ever lipstick I bought last year was the Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 28. I have no idea why I went for such a bright, bubblegum pink but I wore it everyday for three months until I bought my first nude. It’s like a matte finish but not so drying and with a bit of a shine and can be worn bold or just patted onto the lips. I’ve chosen this as an entry level option for the fact that the shade of pink and the different options to wear it bold or not means that you can really test it out and see if bright lips are for you.

The Option For Bold- This Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter in Tutti Fruitti is one of the best lip formulas to produce a bold lip. The fact that this colour is orange makes it different from the standard nude or pink but isn’t as harsh as a red. Like the Kate Moss lipstick, it’s easily build able, even more so, and the glossy finish means it’s easy to wear and not scary to someone who is still a nude lover.

The Bold Nude- This is my most recent purchase in the lip department and I’ve fallen in love. I chose it as a spring colour and I feel that although it is quite a dark peachy pink, it’s still not too over whelming for us newbies. It applies very opaque and has a really good staying power on the lips but isn’t uncomfortable to wear. It transfers as very bright and pink on the lips but still doesn’t look too in your face and more soft, I really like it and I’ve been wearing it a lot recently.

New Lip Products

Over the past few weeks I’ve been expanding my lip collection and branching out so I thought I’d share my new additions with you and give my thoughts. First up is the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Nudist. I’d heard a lot about this and I was in need of a lip product that put a little something on but did’t require too much effort and upkeep throughout the day. This colour is literally exactly the same colour as my lips. I love it. It smells amazing, like vanilla, and is perfect to just shove in your bag and take on the go. I have heard that they can melt easily so I’m a little weary about it but so far mine hasn’t shown signs of melting. Next is The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Tint in 03. For me this is such a nostalgic product. About seven years ago I had this after going to a Body Shop party at someones house and used to wear it all the time. The smell and the taste take me back but I have to say it’s a little disappointing. When I put it on the lips it clung to the dry patches so was a nice colour but redder in some areas than in others. It’s also not great on the cheeks as it dries too quickly to blend out properly and it ends up looking like you’ve got a skin infection. It has to be said though, the staying power is insane (The swatch is still on my hand when I’m writing this and no amount of makeup remover can get it off). Last but not least it’s one of my new favourite lip combos. For my birthday my friends got me a Mac Lipstick in Kinda Sexy. Every time I go into Mac and look at the lipsticks I have no idea which one to go for so I’ve come to the conclusion that from now on I’m just going to let other people choose them for me. It’s a matte nude that is insanely moisturising and long lasting on the lips. I’m in love with this lipstick but when I pare it with my new lip liner the love grows stronger. Instead of folking out £10-£15 on a Mac lip liner I searched through Boots to try and find one that matched at a cheaper price. Enter the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip Liner in Spice. It’s pretty much an exact match and was half the price of a mac liner. These too together make such a long-lasting combo that doesn’t take much up keep and I love it.

L-R: Nudist, Kinda Sexy, Spice, 03

Favourite Friday: Pink Lip Combo

When the money starts rolling in there’s only one place to go (other than Costa which is a given), Boots. After hearing so much about the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk I decided to go for the poor mans option and buy the Rimmel Lip Liner in East End Snob. With some claiming it’s a pretty exact dupe of Pillow Talk I felt it was only time that I gave it a go, and am I glad I did! The consistency is creamy but it ‘dries’ (it doesn’t really dry but I can’t think of another word to describe it) and it doesn’t budge on the lips. For me it’s not so much ‘your lips but better’ but more of a nice, bright pink. My favourite lip combo at the minute is wearing this all over the lips and then topped off with my trusty Kiko Lipstick in 902. It lasts for most of the day without much topping up and brightens up the face. I’m sold on this whole lip liner business now!

Take Care of your Lips!

My lips hate me. No that’s not an exaggeration, they just really don’t want to be on my face. When I put nothing on them then we get on fine but if I’m feeling a little bit more glam and want a bit of lipstick action they want none of it. So as I’ve been getting more adventurous in this department I’ve had to find products that keep my lips happy and give a nice canvas in which to apply my product of choice.

As I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, the Mint Julips Lip Scrub has literally saved my lips. I put this on morning and night and it gets rid of all the dead skin (TMI I know) and means that my lips are no longer bumpy and disgusting. I think that the Maybelline Baby Lips are great and really moisturise my lips. When I first tried them I have to say I wasn’t a big fan but now I really lather them up (if you can lather a lip balm) and they lock in the moisture. This time last year I was having major lip problems and nothing could sort them out. That was until my friend let me try her Lanolips. I was straight into Boots to to get one of the these and I went for the lemonade one, which is really good. It is a little bit pricey, but if your lips are literally dead this will bring them back to life. For my birthday I got a Satsuma Lip Balm from The Body Shop and this is so creamy and nice on the lips that I like to use this at night. It also smells amazing, and you can’t go wrong with that!

Lash out of the Lipsticks

Time for the lipsticks! I was never the biggest wearer of lipsticks but over the past 12 months I’ve built up a nice little collection so let’s get going. First up is my Kiko Smart Lipstick in 902 Pastel Pink. I bought this whilst I was in Barcelona in the summer and I’m so glad I did. It’s pretty much the same as my natural lip colour so when I put it on it’s a my lips but better kind of thing. It was super cheap (just €3) and is balmy and lasts a decent amount of time on the lips. Next up is the Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 28. This was the first lipstick that I ever bought because I thought it would look good on a night out. It’s not a matte formula but I’d say it’s 90% matte with a little bit of shimmer and not as drying. I don’t wear this that often but when do I wonder why I don’t because it gives a pop of colour that is really flattering. The second lipstick I ever purchased was the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Heather Shimmer. I bought this thinking it would be a good nude but it’s quite a bit darker than my normal lips. It takes me quite a while to apply this as if I do a ‘one sweep’ motion it goes on a bit too dark and looks like a crayon, weird I know, so I have to use a lot of coats to dab it on. However, when it’s on it looks really nice, a bit Velvet Teddy-ish, the only problem is that it doesn’t last too long on the lips. Another nude in my stash is the Rimmel Lipstick in Pink Nude. I’d say that this was more coral than pink but it’s a really good lipstick. The colour is flattering, similar to the Kiko one in terms of application and lasting power. The only thing that lets this down is the fact is has quite a pearly finish and sometimes looks a bit strange on the lips. Last but not least is Mac Shy Girl Lipstick. This is such a beautiful coral colour that sits nicely on the lips. This is my go to smokey eye lip as it looks gorgeous. The only problem with this is if it’s not dabbed on it can look a little streaky. The winner of this is a tie, I just can’t choose, between Kiko and Mac. I use them both so much as they are both beautiful colours with my favourite type of formulas.

28, Heather Shimmer, Nude Pink, Shy Girl, 902