The Food Awards!

As with the cruise ports it’s time to reflect on the best meals of the holiday! I’ll choose a best starter, best main and best dessert, then the best overall meal, Let’s go!
Best Starter:
Without a doubt the Beer Battered Cod Fingers. They were so good that, to not sound too weird, sometimes I can still taste the curried tartare sauce, it was just that good!
Best Main:
Although the Seafood Spaghetti scored higher, the Salmon En Croute was a lot more memorable and had some really delicious aspects. Anything with pastry is a winner with me and everything else was just a cherry on top.
Best Dessert:
Three words, White Chocolate Cheesecake. It was so insanely good that I just want to relive the experience everyday for the rest of my life. 
Best Overall Meal:
This was a hard one to choose as there good points and bad points about all of them but I finally settled on the meal I had on Day Eleven. It was the Beer Battered Cod Fingers, Beef Wellington and the Coffee Mousse. There was a mixture of fish and meat and the dessert drew everything together , it was very nice indeed.
I’m going to miss looking back on all of the food I ate on my holiday because it reminds me what I ate and maybe what I liked enough to have again in the future. Bring on the next holiday so I can do this again!

Food Day Thirteen

Starter-Creamy Mushrooms
This starter was full of flavour. The texture of the mushrooms were nice as they were not too hard or too soft. The pastry was nice, it was puff pastry which isn’t my favourite but it was a mixture of crispy and soggy so I thought it was really nice. the sauce lived up to its name as it was nice and creamy.
Main-Roasted Duck
The duck was dry again, as I had it at the beginning of the holiday and it was the same. Some parts were moist but on the whole it wasn’t, however the crispy skin made up for it. There wasn’t much colour on the plate other than the pod peas which made it look not that appealing to eat. The sauce was really nice but there wasn’t enough of it and the mushroom risotto was tasteless. 
Dessert-Ivory Chocolate Mousse
It was a white chocolate mousse and was really tasty. There were a variety of berries on top which went really nicely with the mousse. The portion size was just the right amount.
This meal was good but the duck let it down quite a bit so I’d give this meal a 7/10. 

Food Day Eleven

Starter-Beer Battered Cod Fingers
This starter was out of this world. The batter was super crispy, the fish was perfectly cooked and the curried tartar sauce had so much delicious flavour it was crazy. By far the best starter on the ship but possibly the best starter I’ve ever had! Perfection. 
Main-Beef Wellington
Beef Wellington is one of my favourite meals of all time and this didn’t disappoint. The only thing that let it down was that the fondant potatoes as they were undercooked and hard and the pastry was a little undercooked but it was still really tasty and had a good texture. The meat was perfectly cooked and was very tender and soft and went really well with the tasty carrots. 
Dessert-Coffee Mousse
The texture of this mousse was better than yesterday as it was more of the mousse I’m familiar to. The taste was gorgeous and there was plenty of it and the little piece of chocolate on top was a nice touch.
Another great meal was definitely as good as yesterdays so to I’ll match the score with a 9/10! 

Food Day Ten


Starter-Thai Green Chicken Salad

I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this! I’d never normally choose a salad but I didn’t fancy anything else on the menu so I thought I would give it a go and I’m very glad I did. It was really tasty with a little bit of a kick. The chicken was perfectly cooked, nice and moist, and went really well with the different textures, a mixture of crunchy and soft, The portion size was good and the sauce was very tasty, could have just done with a little more of it.
Main-Sea Bass
I love sea bass and I wasn’t disappointed. The fish was cooked perfectly with lovely crispy onions (another favourite of mine) and a tasty tomato sauce that brought everything together, could have just done with a little more of it. The potatoes were thin and crispy and the spinach was nice and tasty.
Dessert-Coffee Mousse
Compared to all of the other mousses I’ve had on this holiday this one was certainly the strangest. The texture was unusual as it was a little bit chewy which I’ve never come across before. However the flavour was really nice and the little bit of raspberry sauce and cream were tasty as well. The portion size was just enough as well.

This overall meal was probably the best so far on this trip. Everything was consistently very good and I enjoyed everything a lot so this one gets a 9/10!

Food Day Eight


Starter-Slow Roasted Salmon
The flavours of this meal were beautiful and everything went really well together. It came with both cooked ‘normal’ salmon, as the name would suggest, and smoked salmon, which I love so that was a great surprise! The cooked salmon was perfectly cooked and came with a peppercorn topping which was beautifully tasty. Finishing it off was a hot horseradish cream which was really nice but just a little bit hot for me.
Main-New York Strip Steak
Much like the Manhattan strip steak it was cooked very nicely medium rare but a little chewy. The accoutrements were chips spinach and mushrooms which were really yummy and this is normally what I like when I have steak. The sauce was BBQ mustard which I wasn’t looking forward to when I saw it on the menu as I don’t really like BBQ flavours but I was pleasantly surprised. The only thing that let it down was that the steak was a little chewy but I preferred this steak to the Manhattan one.
Dessert-Orange Mousse
This dessert was actually really nice for a simple mousse. The texture was nice and creamy, slightly cheescakey, and the flavour was full of orange. There was a little raspberry garnish of the side which was tasty and sweet, a nice contrast to the orange.

This meal was a good little all rounder, consistently good with a few stand out elements, so I think it deserves a 8/10.