Bills! (Take Three)

I went through a phase last year of eating at Bills any chance I could but then I think I overdid it because I just wasn’t into it anymore. I’m so glad that I gave it a little break because I really loved it. I like the whole vibe of the place and I tried their pink lemonade for the first time and I would seriously recommend it, delish!

I went for the chicken burger with chipotle mayonnaise and sweet potato fries. A word of warning, it doesn’t say that it comes with anything on the menu but it comes with sweet potato fries. This dish was amazingly delicious. The bread was sweet and that is my favourite thing to have on a burger. It came with coleslaw inside which was a nice touch. I love coleslaw and it was nice because it wasn’t overly creamy and didn’t make the bread or the chicken soggy. The chicken was crispy on the outside, moist in the middle with a delicious flavour. The mayonnaise had a really nice flavour that meant it was good to dip my fries in and to have on my burger. The sweet potato fries were amazing, crispy, soft and deliciously sweet. You also get loads to say it’s just in a little can. The portion of the whole meal was spot on and I would definitely have this again!

I pushed myself a little to go for a dessert and I chose the pecan pie with malted milk ice cream. It was delicious! The pastry was thin and crisp, the pecans were sticky and sweet and it was just a nice size. The ice cream tasted like banana to me which isn’t a bad thing because it was delicious and it went well with the pie. I don’t think there’s anything else I can say about this other than yummy!


I’ve been to Browns a few times but it’s not been recent enough to have been featured on this blog, how exciting! In recent weeks I’ve shown places I’ve been to a lot so it’s nice to share a new place and a different menu of food. Let’s begin.

We skipped starters and went straight into mains where I had smoked haddock fishcakes and crispy fries. The fishcakes were super delicious, smokey from the haddock and with a good ratio of fish and potato. It came with a herby tatar sauce which I loved and it went well with both the fishcakes and the fries. Speaking of fries, these were insane! Full of flavour and really crispy which is exactly what I’m looking for. They came with ketchup and english mustard mayonnaise which was really nice as it gave the mayo something a little extra special. I’m not normally a big fan of the little side salad that usually comes with this kind of dish but I enjoyed having a little nibble of the leaves. The portion size was just right and afterwards I didn’t feel like I was about to explode, which is the sign of a good meal.

For dessert I was looking for something a little lighter than what I normally go for, but there was nothing that I really fancied, so I went for the Cambridge burnt cream which was just a creme brûlée. The portion was quite big and although it tasted nice the dish was very shallow so the custard was thin whereas I prefer deeper dishes so I can a big spoonful. The custard was creamy and the top wasn’t greasy which sometimes happens with this dish. My biggest disappointment was that the shortbread biscuits it said it came with weren’t shortbreads but rather a floppy ‘normal’ biscuit. Overall I really enjoyed this meal and Browns is always a good outing so no doubt I’ll be popping back in sometime soon.

Bills! (Take two)

Bills take two and it was just as good as the first. It was a very impromptu visit which meant I chose something on the menu that I wouldn’t normally go for. For my main I chose the starter of crispy duck salad. I NEVER go for salads, but the apple sold it to me because I really fancied something fresh. It was really tasty and duck was full of flavour. The mixture of lettuce, rocket and apple went really nicely together and it didn’t taste like a normal boring salad. I also had a sneaky side of sweet potato fries which were delicious! They were crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and full of a sweet sticky flavour.

For dessert I had the pecan pie with malted banana ice cream and it was beautiful! The pie was sweet with a soft inside and thin pastry. Perfect combo! The pecans were nice and sweet and the ice cream was out of this world. The mixture of the pie and the ice cream were perfect and it’s definitely one that I will have again.

Harrogate Trip

Monday was a fun filled day full of food, food and food! Me and my mum went to Harrogate for the day to have a relaxing bonding sesh. The main reason for going was to go for afternoon tea at Betty’s and it certainly didn’t disappoint! After arriving in Harrogate at around 11am we had a little Debenham browse before realising we were going to pass out from hunger so we went straight to Betty’s. I love that place so much, words can’t even describe, so every time I go in I’m always over whelmed.

The afternoon tea (which can be consumed at anytime of the day) comes with three wonderful layers:

  • Sandwiches- Egg mayonnaise, roasted ham and mustard, chicken and tarragon mayonnaise and smoked salmon with cream cheese.
  • Scone- Sultana or cheese scone with jam and clotted cream.
  • Cakes- Lemon macaroon, fruit tart and chocolate and praline mousse cake.
I think that my overall favourite layer was the sandwich layer, which is really surprising because I have a really sweet tooth, but they were just so yummy I was blown away! There’s something about putting small foods on a cute stand and drinking tea which takes a whole procedure to drink that makes me so happy, and it all tastes ten times better. I will definitely be having another one of these in the near future.
The rest of the trip consisted of shopping and buying more Betty’s cakes to eat later on that evening (yay for cake!). Love Harrogate!