Why I’m obsessed with glitter and my favourite options

I love glitter. Right that’s it, see you in the next post. No, I just thought that I’d share my love for the sparkle in a blog post, along with my favourite glitters and the way I find best to apply them. Enjoy this sparkly post!

The Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow in Gold Goddess is actually magical. I got it for Christmas the year before last and it’s changed the game when it comes to glitter. I do love a chunky glitter with plenty of sparkle (I mean look at all the shade options I have) but there wasn’t something I could use for a sheer wash of sparkle that wasn’t just a shimmer eyeshadow. With this you can dab a bit on and blend it out so it’s ‘barely there’ – or as barely there as glitter can be – or keep layering it up for something that really packs a punch and looks amazing. Also there’s no need for glue and it is potentially the easiest thing in the world to apply. I have no idea why I don’t have more shades of this because I’m 100% in love with this product.

I searched high and low for the Revolution Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow Palette after one of my friends tagged me in a post on Instagram last year. It was nowhere to be found and I had to fill the hole with some of the individual magnetic ones. BUT I was very surprised and extremely happy when my fab friends gave me this as part of my birthday present. Thanks friends! I mean look at it, it’s a glitter lovers dream! I have the Hot Pursuit palette. I’m yet to have a proper play around with all of the shades but Inflamed is something pretty special. It shifts green and pink in different lights and is like something I’ve never seen before. I love this formula. Because it’s pressed it’s easier to work with than one that’s in a pot. I still use a glitter glue (the one from NYX is my go-to) and it stays put. Safe to say, I’m in love with this palette.

My picks for what I’d class as ‘traditional glitters’ come from Revolution and NYX. Yes, they have the potential to spill all over the place but a little tap into the lid and a swirl of the brush should contain it. I have the Revolution Glitter Bomb in the shade Last Dance, a really nice bright pink and the NYX Glitter Brilliance in Copper, a sheeny red copper. Both solid options, easy to work with and with a dab of glitter glue they stay all night.

On New Year’s Eve I decided to go all out with the glitter and put it in my hair. I picked up a little tub of the Go Get Bio Glitter in the shade Sea Glitter- biodegradable which is always a win – and it has a mix of large chunks and tiny specs. After a lot of googling I ‘attached’ it to my head with hair gel and hairspray. I put the gel onto my hair and then scooped up the glitter and sort of patted it onto my head with not much precision and a lot go hope, then sprayed it with hairspray. I really liked the look of it and it pretty much all brushed out of my hair and into my hairbrush the night after. My hair was really crispy though after all the gel and spray but I think it was worth it.

The best brush and on the gin craze | March Favourites

Get ready for a bit of a bumper favourites this month as this is a loves of February and top picks of March rolled into one post. We have a mixture of everything – makeup, an instagram account and the best drink you’ll probably ever taste!

I’ve mentioned my sudden love for gloss a fair few times recently but there’s one that has been head and shoulders above all the rest – NYX Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake. Not only is the shade totally up my street, a pinky nude that is a bit darker than my usual lip colour, but the formula is legit magic. Not sticky but so high shine it’s blinding. I think I’m going to have to pick up a few more shades of these because I’m obsessed.

I think I may have mentioned a couple of months back but when I went to Edinburgh last year we went on a gin tasting and it totally opened my eyes to this gin-mania that’s going on at the minute. Although I’m still a prosecco girl at heart I am partial to a bit of rhubarb and over the last couple of months I’ve found myself thinking about having a rhubarb gin with lemonade at least twice a day. My favourite (and to be honest one of the only ones I’ve tried) is the Edinburgh Gin Rhurbarb and Ginger Gin Liquor. It’s less gin and more a sweet sort of syrup but that means that it really hits you in the face with rhubarb and I’m all about that! 

My dad would say I have too many brushes, I say you can never have too many. So you can imagine my excitement when for my birthday my friends bought me a set of eyeshadow brushes that were multicoloured and sparkly. DREAM. For the past month I’ve been giving each of them a little go but there’s one that I love so much, I honestly don’t know how I’ve ever lived without it. It’s got long-ish hairs (hairs?) and they’re flexible with a flat top and it makes the perfect highlight brush. It may be a tenth of the size of previous highlight brush but I prefer it ten times more. It means I can just brush it onto my cheekbones in a sort of swirling motion, take it up to my brow bone and onto my cupids bow with no problems and no worries that it’s going to end up spreading onto the middle of my cheek, which has been known to happen.

I’d like to give a quick shout out to Kate La Vie’s instagram. It is so stunning and looking at it makes me instantly happy. Also I have an instagram album full of home inspo and 99 per cent of it are posts of hers.

Products that are seriously under hyped

There’s always talk about hyped up products, how great they are or even if they are worth all the ranting and raving in the first place. So today I thought I’d give a special mention to those products that don’t have much time in the limelight but are great and need to be shouted about.

Last year I delved into the world of NYX eyeshadows and I was seriously impressed. Their palettes get a lot of air time but I had heard next to nothing about their single shadows and I have no idea why. They’re around £4 each, come in a ton of different colours and finishes and can fit nicely into magnetic palettes. I bought four shades last year that I thought would be quite versatile and then a shimmery red to make things a bit more interesting. I think they’re so good for the price point and I have no idea why they don’t get the kind of credit they deserve.

Back when they were released around 18 months ago there was a bit of hype around the Mac Liptensity Lipsticks but after a few weeks it all quietened off and hasn’t really picked back up since. I am a total lover of this formula, creamy and comfortable on the lips but the pigment really packs a punch. I only have one of these (I’m much more of an eye shadow hoarder than a lipstick collector) in Smoked Almond and it’s my go to autumn lipstick – a warm nude that verges on brown. There’s a wide range of shades so why not give it a go.

Something which is slightly newer in my stash is the NYX blush in Mauve N’ Out. Why has no one piped up about these blushes before! If you have and I’ve totally ignored it I apologise but I am well and truly on board with this product. It is pigmented, which can be an issue if I’m not concentrating and decide to slap a load on my face, but when used correctly it gives a rosy flush to my face which perks it up in all the right ways. It feels very similar to my usual blush colour so I feel like it will go with any kind of makeup look. Small and compact, I’m looking forward to travelling with this!

If you’ve read a few of my posts recently you might have noticed my sudden love for lip gloss. I’m all about that plumped vibe and I’ve been cracking out the creamy finishes and the glossy products left, right and centre. The thing that made me come to my gloss loving realisation was the Pixi Lip Lift Max in Honey Sheen. It’s so good and I’ve heard next to no one share my enthusiasm for it. It has a subtle peachy shimmer so works great over the top of other lip products and it gives a great plump and tingling feeling without making it feel like someone is stabbing me in the lips with tiny knives. Such a great ‘throw in your bag’ product.

What is your favourite ‘underhyped’ product?

My purse hates me | Beauty Haul

What a few weeks it’s been. I was struck down with a mystery ‘illness’ that came and went within the space of a week (very bizarre) and then the Beast from the East arrived with its buckets of snow and freezing temperatures. So here’s something for you to warm you up – a few bits I picked up on a recent makeup splurge. So, snuggle under a blanket, grab a cuppa and let’s get cracking.

There’s a NYX store in Leeds and yes, it is as magical as it sounds. I picked up three bits when I was there, the first being a lip oil. I saw this and pretty much grabbed it and shoved it in the little NYX bag my friends kindly retrieved for me to merrily fill. I was thinking it was going to be like the oils you see on instagram that magically plump your lips ready for your lipstick of choice. It doesn’t do that but I’ve been putting it on after I do my base to get rid of the foundation that gets on my lips. An unnecessary step but I’ve been liking it! If you read my January favourites then you’ll have seen that I’m all about lip gloss at the minute so I decide to pick up one of the Butter Lip Glosses in Angel Food Cake. There were loads of shades to choose from but I wanted something nude-y and this one does the job really well. I’ve not stopped wearing it since I’ve got it – great shade, non sticky formula and makes my lips shine! Totally into it. The last thing I picked up from NYX was a blush in Mauve n Out. A massive impulse purchase that I don’t regret. It’s a cross between a pink and a plum and gives a natural blush colour for winter and I think I’m going to get a lot of use out of it day to day.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Maybelline Super Stay Foundation so I decided to pick up one. I’ve not used it that much since I’ve got it but my first impressions are very positive. I have the lightest shade and it’s a pretty good match for me. The coverage is medium to full, totally my bag, and it’s mattifying but not drying. I’ve needed to do a bit of blotting during the few days I’ve worn it but I have to do that with most of my foundations anyway.

And last, but definitely not least, is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Fair Neutral. I’ve had this a couple of times before and every time I repurchase it I remember how amazing it. Full on full coverage, great shade match for me and lasts me a decent length of time.

All that glitters | The best sparkle for your eyes

I love glitter. To the point where I’d happily shower in the stuff. I love a bit of sparkle on my eyes, I just think it looks great packed onto the lid with winged liner – dreams! Here are my favourites to get that shimmer on my eyes and staying on through a night in the club, day trip out or slowing round the house (just sometimes like to bring a bit of glamour to life).

First up is the Pop shade from the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette, my first dip in the ‘sophisticated glitter’ pool. This pressed pigment sort of powder transforms any eye look from standard to something a bit more smokey. It’s a dirty gold shade with lots of glittery flecks in it so  when swiped across the lid it’s subtle but pretty. I like to apply using my finger just before I use mascara and really build it up so it’s super sparkly.

Next up are the Collection Glam Crystals. I first heard about these on Lucy and Lydia’s channel and haven’t really looked back since. I mean these are £2.99 and they’re pretty incredible. Basically a glitter eyeliner with flecks of different colours in it, it works great over other eyeshadows and lasts all day because of the wet formula that dries right down. When I use these I really layer them up, like eight coats, so there’s so much glitter is blinding, but they don’t feel sticky or thick on my eye lids. I have the shades Dancing Queen, a pink with silver flecks, and Funk, a bright gold. Love them both, they look so cool, I especially love them under the eye – although word of warning, they can sting a little when really close to the eyeball.

Now the last one is my favourite of all the glitters. I haven’t had it for very long but it’s so amazing that I have to share it. The NYX Glitter in Copper and the NYX Glitter Primer are a beautiful combination. Now, unlike the others, you should really put this on first before the rest of your makeup otherwise it will end up all down your face, but once it’s on it’s on. I put an eyeshadow down first, Sonic from the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette is good – a pinky red. Then I take a bit of the glitter primer and dab it on the top using my finger. After that I take a brush and pack on the glitter. Like the other two I pack a lot on but it looks great and is like a true glitter. Love it.

What are your favourite glitter products?

(Also can we just take a minute to appreciate this Primark cushion. I’m in love)

Left to right: NYX Copper | Collection Dancing Queen | Collection Funk | Charlotte Tilbury Pop

I built my own NYX palette! First impressions

I was so excited when I walked into Boots in Leeds and they had the empty palettes for the NYX single eyeshadows. Every time I’ve been in they’ve always been out of stock so I thought I would jump at the chance and make my own quad to test out the eyeshadows! I’ve heard good things about the NYX eyeshadow palettes before, their Ultimate Shadow Palette’s in particular, but I’ve not heard much about these. Colourwise I wanted to get shades I would use but also maybe ones that I don’t really have already. I decided to go for the full proof quad formula, highlight, crease, jazzy colour and outer edge.

At the Boots I was in there was a massive selection of shades but I found it quite hard to find a shade that I would be able to use as a base colour, on my brow bone and in my inner corner. They were either a bit too dark or bright white. I finally settled on Innocent, a shimmery cream that’s on the warm side. Swatching this I found it really pigmented and soft but not totally buttery. Using a Mac 217 I applied it all over my lid and up to my brow bone. There was no fall out and it gave a lovely sheen to my lid. It’s an eyeshadow I’ll be using as a base but also on its own on top of my Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise in Jean.

I wanted to get a crease colour that would work for everyday and that I could build up for something more smokey. I also wanted something matte which I found quite difficult to find when there weren’t any testers but I settled on Suede. It’s a really nice light matte brown that gives a natural shadow in the crease. It took me quite a while to build up but it wasn’t really an issue and when I gave it a good test it lasted all day. It will be such a useful shade to have and I’ll use it with a smokey eye, something more natural and in the crease with guilt trip on the outer edge with winged liner.

I knew that I wanted a ‘jazzy’ colour to make my palette a bit more lively, and that’s where Showgirl comes in. In the pan it looks like a shimmery red, it also looks like that when it’s swatched, but on the lid it actually comes up more orange. Nevertheless it’s a gorgeous colour! Swatched on the hand it is very pigmented, but on the lid it takes a bit of building to get an intense colour. But it looks gorgeous on the eye and the colour didn’t fade throughout the day so it’s a winner in my book!

Guilt Trip is my final shade and another versatile one. I wanted a dark shade to use on my outer corners and to define my lash line. It’s an ashy brown that would work really well in the crease of a darker smokey eye. There’s no fall out with this colour and it doesn’t smudge throughout the day, which I sometimes find with other ‘darker’ shades.

Overall I’m pretty impressed. I’ve always wanted to be able to customise my own palette but was a bit weary to spend a small fortune to start off with. This cost me £14, £4 for the palette and £2.50 for each of the eyeshadows. The palette itself is cardboard so I don’t know how long it will last but the eyeshadows are held into place by a magnet and when the lid is closed they feel secure and not like they’re going to fly out and smash everywhere. I would totally recommend these eyeshadows, especially if you want your own customised palette but don’t want to pay top dollar.

I’d love to try more eyeshadows from NYX so if you have any recommendations please let me know!

L-R: Innocent, Suede, Showgirl, Guilt Trip