How To: Pack

This is the first post in hopefully a long line of ‘how to’s’ on a Thursday on this blog. This little series will feature anything and everything, from subjects like today, packing, to maybe food related ones like how to make a cake. Who knows, the opportunities are endless! Anyway let’s get into it!

I think that when it comes to packing I’m not too bad. Whether it’s for a holiday or going to and from uni I don’t think I do a shabby job. But there’s one thing that I think is the deal breaker when it comes to a successful pack, lists. For a few weeks prior to the packing event I create a list and whenever I think of something that I need to take I write it down. By doing this as soon as think of something it means that I won’t forget about it when it comes to packing later on. I also highlight all of the things that will be going in my hand luggage or in my bag if I’m going home from uni on the train so then I know what I’ll be putting in more last minute.

If I’m packing to go home from uni I try to put all the things that come under one category in the same box, e.g. clothes will go in one suitcase, kitchen stuff in a box, etc. That means that when I eventually move back to uni I won’t have to unpack the kitchen box and then repack it, I can just store it somewhere from June to September. Also I wrap my plates and mugs inside some of my clothes so that I don’t need to use any newspaper or bubblewrap. My packing product of choice is definitely a box compared to a suitcase. I don’t know why but I just think that it’s easier to pack in a box and not have to think about overfilling it too much compared to a suitcase.

Hope that was helpful. I’m currently starting to pack up my room and the sadness is unreal. Also it’s too hard I have too much stuff.

Road to University! Week Five

Okay, this is the week. The week! It’s come around so fast and I don’t think I’m ready! As per I’ve left everything until the last minute and I still need to sort through all of my stuff, ahh! Since I’ve just been buying things and adding it to the huge pile I haven’t gone through it until recently and I now realise I think I have way too much! I think I have about 4 wooden spoons, which seems pointless as I won’t be entering the bake off anytime soon. 

Okay so I’ve just packed all of my things and I currently have 4 plastic boxes, 1 cardboard box, 1 Ikea bag, 1 tesco bag and 2 suitcases! I think I underestimated how much I’ve bought and how much I already have. It’s way too much! But I think that that’s everything now and I don’t need to buy anything else, *fingers crossed*. 

I’m really sorry that this weeks blog has been short and sweet but not much has really happened this week other than general uni prep and packing. I had my last shift at work but I’m going back in December and I had my little leaving party with my friends and it was really cute. Today (tuesday) I’m going to visit my friend Megan which is exciting and then I move on Friday…EEEEK!

So to all of you that are going to university or starting something new good luck and I hope it all works out and goes to plan. See you next week where I’ll show you around my new home! Bye!

I’ll leave you with the attractive pictures for my student card ^_^