Naked Heat vs Revolution Iconic Fever

For my birthday a couple of weeks ago my cousin gave me the Revolution Re-loaded Iconic Fever Palette. Safe to say I was very pleased (any eyeshadow is legit my number one) and I was excited to dig in, especially with the mattes because a one wash brown matte eyeshadow has been all I’ve been wearing recently. After about a week I started to realise that this is a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette. I don’t know why it took me so long to realise but beside a few extra shades I’d say they were identical. Because I love reading posts about dupes and watching videos of people testing different products on half of their face I thought I’d put both of the palettes to the test by recreating the same look with a different palette on each eye. Here’s how I got on.

First, I swatched all of the eyeshadows from the Naked Heat Palette and then found the matching one from the Revolution palette. Most of the Revolution eyeshadows were very similar, if not the same, as the Urban Decay ones. Not just in colour but also in texture. They’re not quite as buttery smooth but for the difference in price they’re not that dissimilar. One shade that is noticeably different is Lumbre. The Urban Decay shadow is a light peach with some gold shifting shimmer but the Revolution ‘equivalent’ doesn’t have as much of a sheen and is more of a copper (and to be honest I prefer the Revolution one). Overall I’m very impressed with how similar the shades are.

Left swatches: Urban Decay | Right swatches: Revolution

When testing both palettes out, I wanted to use as many eyeshadows as possible – so I did. I started out with Chaser (light matte brown) all over the lid and then Sauced (warm matte brown) in the crease. I did notice that Sauced was slightly darker and a bit more pigmented but with a little bit more work I managed to get the Revolution shadow up to the same level. I then went in with Low Blow (orange matte brown) through the crease but focusing on the outer edges. The Urban Decay shade was darker again than the Revolution one when one the eyes but I worked a bit more and managed to match them (ish). Finally (because I clearly used every single matte eyeshadow in my crease) I went in with He Devil on the outer corners. These shades were very similar and performed pretty much identical. Now moving onto shimmer! After putting some concealer on my lid (Maybelline Eraser Eye in Light) I went in with Scorched. When I swatched these on my arm there was a noticeable but difference, but on the lid they look exactly the same. Everything from the colour to the sheen is spot on! I ended by using Ember along the lash line (exactly the same) and He Devil under the eye. Stepping back I thought they looked exactly the same and to look at you wouldn’t notice or know that two different palettes were used.

Left: Revolution | Right: Urban Decay

I tested the wear time of both eyes throughout the day to see if the cheaper palette didn’t last as long as the pricier one. There was no difference. None. At all. I am so impressed with how the Revolution palette holds up. It more than delivers on colour and wear time. The only thing that’s a bit different is pigment and the eyeshadows take a little bit more working with but nothing that’s going to majorly set you back. When one is £42 and the other is £4, it’s crazy how similar they

Favourite Friday: Cheap Palette

If you haven’t heard about this palette then where have you been? Every blogger and their dog has been talking about this and saying bold statements like these palettes are the drugstore equivalent to Urban Decay eyeshadows. So, naturally, when I found myself in need of a cheap palette to take on holiday with me this was the one I turned to. These palettes are the Collection Eyes Uncovered palettes and they come in three different nude shades. In terms of the shades I felt that the matte black would make this palette a lot more versatile and I don’t have that many grey eyeshadows (which kind of justifies the purchase). At £3.99 you really can’t go wrong with these. They’re not the best eyeshadows I’ve ever used but for the price they ain’t half bad. They take a lot of building up to get an intense colour but once that’s done the lasting power is pretty darn great. My favourite colour is the second to last as on the lid it turns into a cool shimmery purple which looks gorgeous. If you’re in the market for something new to add to your collection, get one of these palettes, you’ll thank me.

Favourite Friday: Festive Eyes

Just after Christmas last year I gave myself a little treat in the form of the Naked 3 palette. I was so excited when it came and for the first few months I got a lot of wear out of it. Then as the summer came and the oranges and browns were calling my name, the once loved rosy palette was left at the back of a drawer. But, after a half year break it’s coming back out to play! The cranberry tones of winter are perfectly suited to these colours and paired with some other products, the perfect festive eye is super simple!

As a base for the shadows I like to use the Maybelline colour tattoos in the shades metallic pomegranate and rose gold. When I want a darker eye look I use metallic pomegranate and then the second half of the Naked 3 palette all over the lid, but when I want something a little lighter I use rose gold and the first half of the palette on the lid and then one of the darker colours through the crease. To make it more cranberry in colour I use a little bit of the L’Oreal infallible eye shadow in the shade escape to Bordeaux through the crease. 

In this look I went for something a little bit lighter so I started with the colour tattoo in rose gold and then put strange on the inner part of the lid and then dust on top. I then used trick on the outer part of the lid and nooner through the crease. To darken up the crease a little more I put factory into the outer part of the crease. Finishing off with some brown eyeliner in the waterline and mascara and you’re good to go!