Damn Abz, back at it again with the delicious food posts! Oh how I have missed looking at pictures of delicious food and sharing my thoughts on them. I thought I would start with something I have never spoken about before on my blog, and that is brunch. I’ve never been for a proper brunch before so this was a very exciting moment and it was a birthday brunch for one of my amazing friends which made it even more special.

If you’ve been reading my blog since last year then you’ll know that I’ve been to Bills before on a few occasions and I’m a big fan but I’ve never tried any of their breakfast stuff. I rarely get the chance to have pancakes so I went for those with the bacon. You get three big, american style pancakes with blueberries, bananas, strawberries, bacon and a drizzle of maple syrup. This was the perfect brunch size as I was starving by the time we got there so I wolfed it down at the beginning but there was enough to fill me up until tea time. The pancakes were soft and fluffy and I liked the addition of the blueberries in the pancakes as when you cut through one it exploded like a blueberry firework! There was the right amount of fruit to pancake and I had just enough crispy, delicious bacon to enjoy. Overall I would definitely have this again in a heartbeat.

If you know of any other brunch places that you think I should try out then please let me know!

Hockley Arts Club Pancakes

Last week I was starting to wonder how I was going to get my pancake fix on pancake day. Then the night before I got invited to go to the Hockley Arts Club in Nottingham to have a taste of the sweet stuff. I didn’t really know what I was going to but how could I say no to sweet pancake-y goodness! We got there and it was £6 for three pancakes and a shed load of toppings. When it came we struggled to fit everything on the table! It had jelly sweets, chocolate chips, marshmallows, berries, bananas, nutella, lemon and sugar, toffee sauce and strawberry sauce. Normally I’m all about the lemon and sugar but the nutella was so darn delicious that I think it stole the show! I had two Gnutella’s and one lemon and sugar and then finished the rest of the nutella that was in our little pot with a spoon (it was yummy). I could have done with a couple more pancakes but that might just be me being greedy and for £6 I can’t complain!

The Pudding Pantry! (Take Two)

Another day, another meal out, but this one is slightly different as it’s not so much a meal as a glorified dessert. You may remember if you’ve read this blog for a while that a few months ago, I took a trip to the Pudding Pantry in Nottingham. It’s a little cafe that specialises in all things pudding and the menu is literally to die for. I need to go more often because I literally want to try everything on the menu.

On this visit I went for the normal pancakes with bacon and maple syrup because I’ve seen pictures of them before and they look so good. You can add extra toppings to it like peanut butter and whipped cream but to me they’re quite expensive at £1-£2 each,  but maybe that’s just me. I was a little disappointed at the crispiness of the bacon (I like mine super crispy) but that is the only complaint. There were four pancakes, all fluffy and sweet and pancake-y, so good! There was plenty of syrup which is always nice and I just can’t explain how good they were. The whole vibe of the Pudding Pantry is just really cute and although it’s small inside it’s a nice place to sit and chat. If your ever in Nottingham I’d definitely recommend (pretty sure I said that in my last post but it’s just so good!).