Christmas Party Face

Everybody needs a christmas party face, something a little bit more special so that when you look back on pictures you think “I was on top form that day”. This year I don’t have a christmas party so a normal Nottingham night out will just have to do. My definition of party eyes are sparkle, glitter, gold  or silver and something that you would never normally wear.

On my face I did my standard heavy duty combo, Rimmel stay matte primer to make sure I don’t start to melt, Max Factor foundation and Mac pro longer concealer to cover up the entire of my face and make it look semi normal. I also use a powder, like Rimmel stay matte, to make sure I don’t look shiny in the festive photos. I then use the Sleek eyebrow pencil to define my face, and I think it’s ok to go a little darker than normal because, come on, it’s christmas. On to the eyes. Priming the eyes is essential to make sure they stay in place so I used the L’oreal one. I then went in with the Barry M dazzle dust in gold to make everything sparkly and blended more gold shades, like honey pot from the Too Faced natural eyes palette. Finishing off with some long lasting gel eyeliner from L’oreal, Rimmel black eyeliner in the waterline and Clinique mascara, the eyes are done. To warm up the face I used a little bit of the Boujouis bronzer and then went in with my Soap and Glory peach party shimmer brick which makes your face shimmery without going full on disco ball. Ending it all with Mac shy girl lipstick you’re all ready to party the night away christmas style. 

Favourite Friday: First Term

It seems like two minutes since I entered the realm of second year and now it’s time to pack up my festive woolies and head back up north for a few weeks. So I thought that now would be a good time to reflect one the first term (sheds tear) with some of my favourite selfies, group shots, etc. Here’s to term 2!

The first night
The night of the lounge crew
The night where it rained…a lot
The night of new places
The night of the house
The night of halloween
The night of CBJ
The night of early pre drinks

The night of early entry

The night of memories…

The night of togetherness!

Refreshers Week Fun Times!

Looking back at ALL of the photos from ALL of the nights out I’m beginning to wonder how we managed it, but we did! Eight nights out with no breaks. Crazy. Now I know that the freshers reps had it hard because they were up early in the morning and went to bed…also early in the morning, but to be honest if you went through an entire interview process to be one, that is completely self inflicted.

My own personal refreshers experience this year was an amazing one! It was so much better than freshers week last year because it was just like going out with your friends like normal every night AND there were no lectures. Win win! The nights out were a great mixture of fancy dress, normal dress, cheesy pop, dance music. There were a few disappointing nights but it just means that we’ll avoid those places for a while.

My advice to anyone else planning to do a week of heavy partying would be to pace yourself, don’t stress about outfits (no one notices) and have fun! This is the only time in your life when you can go out seven nights in a row and you won’t be judged.