Putting Aldi beauty products to the test

I didn’t expect a quick trip to Aldi would prove so exciting for me as I entered with nothing and left with a handful of products which were the definition of an impulse buy. I’d heard of the Aldi beuty products and theur ‘dupes’ a few months ago and never really gave them a second thought. But when I spotted a few of them in the middle aisle of doom I had a real urge to give them a go.

I picked up the Lacura Exfoliating Mud Mask – dupe for the Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment, the Lacura Aloha Bronzer – dupe for Benefit Hoola Bronzer, and Lacura Snapshot Ready Foundation Primer – dupe for Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer.

Before I got going with testing everything I wanted to see if the bronzer was similar/the same as Hoola. I don’t have the full size but I’ve got a mini that came free in a magazine a couple of months ago. As bronzers go they’re pretty similar. The Hoola one is slightly more brown and the Aldi has a bit more of a warm orange tinge, but nothing that’s too offensive. Pigment wise I’d say that Hoola is slightly more pigmented but only by a tiny bit. Not much separating the two.

Left: Hoola Bronzer | Right: Aldi dupe

My first impressions of the makeup products weren’t bad but they also weren’t amazing. The primer was very solid and it was a bit hard to rub into my skin so I ended up rubbing it into my fingers and patting on the parts of my face which get oily during the day, my nose, chin and forehead. The bronzer comes with this cute little brush, very much like Hoola, so I thought I’d give that a go. When I swatched the bronzer on my hand it was quite light so I went in heavy handed on my first go. Big mistake. This is a pretty pigmented bronzer, or at least on my skin tone, so I started off with an stripe down the side of my face. Not a great start. But when I blended it in and did the rest of my face I quite liked it. It’s the right amount of warmth and isn’t too dark for my very pale face. Not the easiest bronzer to work with as it took a bit of blending but not too shabby.

I’ve never tried the Glam Glow face mask that this Exfoliating Mud Mask supposedly dupes, but if you have the Himalayan Charcoal mask from The Body Shop then I’d say it’s very similar to that. When I applied it the only difference I noticed was the colour and the size of the exfoliating bits, they’re a lot smaller in the Lacura one (my guess is because it’s billed as an actual exfoliation mask. I first tried it on my nose and my chin as they’re the parts of my face that get the most oily and would benefit from a mask like this. I applied a thin layer and left it for five minutes (instructions say between five and ten so I thought I’d go lower for my first go). It dried down like a normal clay type mask and it brought out my pores which I’m guessing is a good thing as it looked like something was working – me showcasing my lack of skincare knowledge here. When I took it off a gave myself a bit of an exfoliation before getting rid of the rest with a flannel. Everything felt alright but I did notice that a couple of spots appeared on my chin later that night (could be a coincidence but thought it was worth mentioning). After reading a couple of reviews loads of people were saying that if you have sensitive skin the stay clear of this because it can do some damage, which might be something to bare in mind. I have to say that over the next few tries I had noticed that it was stinging a fair bit on my nose when I applied it, so I washed it off straight away because I don’t want it to be burning my skin!

Overall there were hits and misses. I think it’s going to take a bit longer to test out the mask but it’s not terrible. The exfoliating part is good but when it burns your skin, that’s not ideal. The bronzer is pretty fab for everyday. Not streaky and nicely warms up the face. The primer is a funny one. I like how it works on my nose but any other area, even my chin which is just as oily as my nose, sucks the life out my skin. So it may be a nose primer but not used for anything else.

The Best Eye Primer In The World!

I just thought I’d take two minutes out of your day to tell you about the most underrated product in my collection. I use this everyday, had it for 18 months and I mention it in nearly every blog post. It’s the Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly. This is the best primer I’ve ever used and I don’t intend on stopping anytime soon. I use it all the time and I can’t get enough. It’s barely even got a dint in it which is amazing from all the use. It’s the perfect nude colour for my eyelid, not too cool and not too warm, and it stays put all day. I simply put my finger in, swipe it on my lid and then blend it all the way from my inner corner up to my brow bone to even out my skin tone and get rid of any weird veins. I’m just seriously in love with this product and if anyone has any recommendations for any other Mac Paint Pot shades then please let me know. I hear Groundwork is good but I think I need some more of this product in my life!

Primer Problems

I’ve been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride with primers over the last 12 months. I’ve only used about four in my lifetime and I’ve definitely been through a honeymoon love period with each of them so I thought that I would go through my experiences and journey through the land of primers.

The first primer I ever bought and tried was the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer. I bought it to go with my Stay Matte foundation and at the time I was all about that winning combination, and I think that if I tried it again now I’d probably think the same. It was mattifying but not drying and it made my foundation sit really nicely on my face. It said that you could wear it under make up or on its own but I found that on its own it didn’t make that much of a difference. But under makeup it blurred over all of my pores and I felt that it’s the best primer for my nose because nothing has made it look so smooth like that primer.

I was given a mini Benefit Pore-fessional by one of my friends and although it was a sample size there was a lot of product inside. I was obsessed with this throughout the time that I used it which surprised me because it was slightly silicone-y and I normally don’t like that feeling on my face. I like the way that it was a nude colour and it blurs over any imperfections and means that I could wear it on its own. However, I have tried this one again recently and I don’t know how I liked it. When I applied it it slipped around everywhere and my foundation didn’t feel nice when I applied it. I wonder whether because it’s so different to the cream ones I’m now used to it just feels strange to flit between the two. But I did really like this primer at some point.

The Body Shop Instablur came into my life after I’d heard all of the rave reviews and I have to say I did like it for the first few weeks that I used it. But slowly it made my skin feel really heavy and I realised that the silicone texture wasn’t for me. When I squeezed it out of the tube it came out in a big lump and sometimes it would fall on the floor which I felt was a bit weird. I also thought that it didn’t blur over my face and just kind of sat on top of my face.

Finally the new love of my life is the Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer and if you want to read my opinions on that then read this post. I think that this love might possibly last forever purely for the fact that my makeup lasts so long when I put it underneath.

The Primer of Dreams!

I’ve done it. I’ve found the primer I’ve been searching for for so long. For about the last 12 months I’ve been on the hunt for a face primer that was mattifying but not ‘pore clogging’ and that was light but not like rubbing pure silicone on my face. In comes the Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer, light, creamy and oh so great. This has been my saviour when I’ve wanted my makeup to last all day without much touching up. In a morning I spray my face with my Body Shop Vitamin C Face Spray, apply a layer of this and then get to work. I’ve previously used both cream and silicone based primers and when I was first introduced to them I was all about the cream. Then one of my friends gave me a mini Benefit Pore-fessional and I was hooked. I loved the way that it felt and looked on my skin but when that ran out I couldn’t bring myself to buy a full size one (although my mum wears it so maybe I could give it a cheeky steal). I then moved onto the Body Shop Instablur but I have to to say it wasn’t for me. I enjoyed it during the ‘honeymoon period’ but it was too slippy and it didn’t spread around my face properly.

This is why I love this primer so much, it covers the whole face without that much product and it doesn’t lie when it says it extends foundation wear for up to eight hours because it really does. My love for this primer has made me want to try out some other items from this range. I know that the concealer has some good reviews and last year the foundation was popular to so maybe watch this space!

Round Up #5

Sunny Weather

Now although some days it has been a little bit too warm, I’ve enjoyed looking outside and seeing the sunshine. I’ve also liked cracking out the summer wardrobe, shorts strappy tops and all things brightly coloured. It’s got me really excited for my holiday which is only less than three weeks away!

The world’s best primer

You’ll be hearing more about this on Monday but I thought I’d give it a mention here because this week it’s really changed my life. With having work experience and sometimes doing stuff afterwards on a night I need my makeup to last me 12 hours plus without much touching up. I’ve already spoken about my love for the L’Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation before but in the sun it’s all a bit too heavy. So by using the Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer it turns my L’Oreal True Match Foundation into a much longer lasting base because on its own it sometimes gets a bit too oily too quickly. But again more about this on Monday.


So. Much. Food. Need I say more. I have a back log of food posts to go up (which is good as it means I can cover the weeks that I’m in Florida). There will be quite a few repeats especially in the next few weeks so don’t hate me but I did have different dishes so it should be alright. Tomorrow is also my mum’s birthday party and we’re having an afternoon tea style buffet which I’m really excited about but no doubt that will be in next week’s round up!