Rainbow Roundup

We’ve come to the end of this little series and I’ve had a good time exploring the world of colour and it made me realise that I can get away with wearing more colour on a day to day basis. I’ve also realised that the easiest way, or the way I find easiest, to inject a bit of colour into my makeup is through eye shadow rather than anything else, however this could be because I’m still afraid of experimenting with lip colours. I thought to round off this segment by sharing the best and the worst of the bunch, let’s go!

I loved this look, I loved doing it and I loved wearing it so it has to be an all round winner for me. Perfect for both day and night I think that it would look good on so many people .
This one just didn’t work out. I took the blue too low under the eye and although it did look better in real life than in pictures it still wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever done.
This turned out surprisingly well. I didn’t think that red would be a good one as I thought it would be hard to work with and that I would look like I had a disease. I loved the way that it turned out!
I still stand by the fact that I love the way that green eyeshadow looks but when I sat down and did it that day it didn’t work out as well as it could of. If anyone wants me to redo it please let me know because I love wearing green on a day to day basis!

Groovy Green

Green is my favourite colour but I don’t use it on my eyes very much. Doing the trent army theme for fancy dress at least once a term whilst being at university I’ve got used to using the colour in creative ways. Let’s get going!

Mac Painterly Paint Pot to prime as usual and then straight in with some neutral shades. I used Truth from the Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette all over the lid as a base and then went in with Undone on the outer part of the lid and Downfall in the crease. Now it’s time to go in with the green. I decided to focus on the lash line so it’s kind of subtle but at the same time when the eyes are open all you can see is green. Taking Dragon from the Urban Decay Palette on an angled brush I swept it close to the lash line and then blended it out into the lid. Then I went in a little darker with the L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Kaki Repstyle but kept it even closer to the lash line. I finished off the eyes with the Rimmel Kohl Kajal in Sable Brown and the Seventeen Back Lash Mascara.

This wasn’t the most successful colour in this rainbow takeover series but I think that this could look really cool (if someone with better skill than me did it) but I don’t think the pink polo shirt I’m wearing in the photos helps, great planning there Abz well done!

Raving Red

It’s time for the first splash of colour and in true rainbow style we’ll start with red. Red is one of those colours that no one ever really uses on the eyes because it 99% of cases you look like you have some kind of disease. I wanted to have a go and see if I could create an eye look that made red a colour that doesn’t look too scary.
After doing my standard face and brow routine, I got straight to work on the eyes. After priming my eyes with the Mac Painterly Paint Pot I used Heaven from the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette on the inner part of the lid and then Nudie from the same palette on the outer lid. Then I went straight in with the star of the show, my Kiko Eyeshadow in 138. Using a Mac 217 brush, but any fluffy brush will do, I lightly started to build this up in the crease. The reason I did it lightly was just in case it got a bit too heavy, this way I had more control. I made it so the colour winged out a little bit and once that was achieved I used Reign from the Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette on the outer corner. This way the red was softened on the outside and didn’t look as harsh. Now for the scariest part, taking it underneath. I just did this as normal, on a Mac 242 but this time I tried to keep it as close as I could to the lash line. Finishing it off with my Rimmel Brown Kohl Kajal and Benefit Roller Lash Mascara and that’s the look done.
Personally I really like this look, it makes my eyes look really blue, and I think I got away with it without making my eyes look red and puffy. Trying this out makes me want to do it again, so you never know!

Rainbow Takeover

As one ‘blog bit’ comes to an end, another one begins. To replace the face fights which has graced Thursdays on my blog for nearly two months now I’ve decided to make it all about colour. Each week I’ll be going through the colours of the rainbow and incorporating them into a makeup look. I’m really excited to try this out, some of the colours might not work out but it’s all about experimenting! Most of the focus will be on the eyes, because that’s the easiest way to inject a bit of colour, but I’ll be trying out lips and maybe a bit of highlight action, you never know! So stayed tune on Thursday’s for that.