Getting into the Swing

I’m so proud that since I decided to blog four days a week that I’ve actually stuck to it! Yay! It was easy when I was blogging about my holiday as there was so much to talk about but now, being back at university and my bank being a little low so i can’t go out and do exciting things, my life has got a little, dare I say, dull. So I’ve come up with a schedule to keep myself on track, here we go!

Monday- I’m going to keep this day free so if anything is on my mind then that’s what the post will be about, last week’s monday post being an example, I mean who even thinks about highlighters never mind writes about them!

Tuesday- This will be something to do with food. Whether it’s a review of a restaurant that I’ve recently been too or something that I really liked that I cooked myself during that week. Just anything that’s tasty and delicious!

Thursday- Welcome to list’s day! It could be a top ten, things I recommend, the list is endless (oh dear, what a pun).

Friday- This will continue being favourite friday and although I’ve only been doing it for a few weeks I’m really enjoying thinking about what I’m really liking wearing/ doing/ whatever at the minute.

A girl’s best friend

There’s just something about stationary that gets me really excited, but there’s one thing that is better than all the rest….highlighters! I definitely think that anyone who’s at school, sixth form/college or university needs these in their life to survive. If your like me then you’ll refuse to look at notes or revision material unless it look colourful and kind of ‘look at me’. These are always a lifesaver during exams and at the minute I’m writing up all of my notes (because I’m such a good student!) so I underline the key points so it looks really pretty. I pair off the colours so one lecture will be orange and yellow and the next will be pink and blue as it looks nice and colour coordinated as well as easily showing what was in each lecture.

Just a random post today and an insight into my weird brain which seems to think that highlighters are a great topic of conversation!