Spring makeup shake up

Although winter is my favourite season, I love it when Spring rolls around and I can switch up my makeup stash and bring a bit more life to my face. From pink on the lips to a fresh and sunny scent I’m all over making myself feel bright to fit the brighter weather. When it comes to other months, I don’t seem to have much of a drastic change when it comes to what makeup I use. For example, in autumn the cold starts sneaking in and my lips start to gradually get darker and my foundation becomes more high coverage. But in spring I feel like it’s a fresh start and I need to clear out my winter weather products and make way for the fresh bases and lighter tones. So, here are a few of the products I’ve brought into my everyday rotation that scream SPRING!

I’ve fallen back in love with the Nina Ricci Nina perfume. I bought it last year in Lanzarote and it’s the perfect spring/summer scent. Sweet and a little bit floral it’s really been hitting the spot in this hot weather we’ve been having recently. The Revolution Stick Foundation is the best everyday base for when you’re in a hurry – and is just the right amount of coverage for the warmer weather. I put a few stripes on my face after letting my skincare routine sink in for a few minutes and then I go in with my big blending brush (I think it’s from Look Fantastic) and blend it in. It literally takes less than a minute to do which is amazing for me in the morning because anything that gives me longer in bed is a winner. The coverage is literally whatever you want it to be. I can make it really light with just a few swipes or layer it up for when I need a little more coverage. I lasts a descent amount of time – most of the working day – before sliding off my face and in this hot weather it’s been a dream because I have been a sweaty mess lately!

Every year when spring rolls around my trust Mac Blush in Immortal Flower comes out to play. A peachy pink that is impossible to over do it’s been an annual staple in my collection since I was given it by my friend Fiona in our first year of uni. It goes with pretty much any look and although it looks like a nothing colour, I love the warmth it brings to my face. A pinky lipstick is always a spring/summer staple for me. I have a new liquid lipstick coming very soon (seriously excited) which will fill this slot for me but for now the Tanya Burr Lipstick in Sunday Walk wild nicely. If there’s anything that gives my face a bit more life it’s a pinky nude and this one is great to just slap on in a hurry, safe in the knowledge that it’s not going to end up all over your face at the end of the day. Other pinky lip products I love are the Tanya Burr Liquid Lipstick in Rhubarb and Custard (slightly brighter but I lived in this last year) and my favourite lip product of all time at the moment, the Dior Addict Lipstick in Tout-Paris, a sheer pink that is so comfortable…I’ve already expressed my love for this enough so I’ll spare you it again…it’s amazing.

What’s your favourite product to bring out for spring?

Top Spring to Summer Products

It’s getting to that time of year again. Is it Summer, are we still having a bit of April showers, who knows?! Recently I’ve been trying to get into the Spring/Summer spirit by going a bit more natural in the face department which is new for me because normally I go all out when I do my makeup, especially on my eyes. Here are my favourite products to transition from the coolness of Spring to the slightly less cool British Summertime.

I was searching for a base that was light and easy to apply but that gave me enough coverage to cover all of my lumps and bumps. I remembered that the Bourjois CC cream was supposed to be quite good so I had a cheeky purchase and I have to say I am very impressed. The coverage is light to medium and it is really good at evening out the skin and covering up redness. I apply this with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and use concealer on any areas that need a little bit of extra coverage, like under my eyes and on some blemishes. I have been dying to get my hands on some of the Tanya Burr palettes for a while now and when I found they had finally arrived in my local Superdrug I was more than happy. I felt that the Hollywood palette could add some gold shades to my collection that I didn’t already have. A more in-depth review on this palette is coming soon but here are my initial thoughts. I wasn’t the biggest fan when I first used it. I felt that the colours were a bit wishy-washy and Enchantment in particular was a bit of a let down. I now really like this palette. It’s perfect for every day and I love the gold colours in this warm weather we’ve been having recently. This palette also works really nicely with another new favourite of mine, the Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Whiskey. I originally wanted to buy Smog but they had run out so I chose this one instead as I just wanted a brown to create softer eye looks. It goes on really smoothly, stays put all day and gives the eyes a little extra something something. Another Urban Decay product that will be my Summer staple is the Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter in Aura. I posted a review last Thursday which you can read here and I express my absolute love for this product. It’s a really intense highlight that is pink toned and looks amazing on the cheeks! Last but not least is what will be my go to daytime Summery lipstick, the Clinique Pop Lipstick in Melon Pop. The texture of this is so creamy and comfortable on the lips it is perfect for Summer. The colour is a lovely coral pink and although it doesn’t have a great lasting power it is so easy to re-apply that it doesn’t matter.

I’m so ready for the Summer and to go on holiday and just chill!

Bringing In The Pink

Spring is here (well on some days, on others it’s still cold, winter-y and rainy) and I’m cracking out the pinks for the occasion. I’m not a big pink fan but at this time of year I have this sudden urge to cover my face in baby pinks, matte pinks, sparkly pinks, fuchsias, I go a bit mad. So I thought I’d take you through some of my favourite pink products for the springtime. I might say pink a few more times for good measure…pink, pink, pink. There we go, I’ve got it out of my system (pink).

My Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette is great for a subtly pink spring look. There’s a mix of mattes and shimmers and you can go all out with a smokey eye or something a bit more daytime appropriate. My favourite shades are Trick, a metallic rose gold, and Nooner, a matte rose brown. One of my more recent pink loves is the Soap and Glory Love at First Blush stick in Pink Pop and Pearl. In a few swipes I have a lovely pink shimmer on my cheeks. It lasts pretty much all day and gives a nice highlight that does last all day. I really want to try out the actual highlight stick because that looks amazing! I re-discovered this lipstick the other day and I definitely don’t get enough wear out of it. It’s the L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Pink Passion. I bought it last year but always thought it was a bit too bright for me, but when I wore it the other day with a simple winged eye look I was a big fan! It lasts for a very long time on the lips and has a comfortable creamy formula. Even when the lipstick has gone it leaves a stain on the lips which is great when a food situation occurs!

Favourite Friday: Season Change

Winter is my favourite season of the year but sometimes the cold and the rain gets a little bit much. This is when I enjoy the fact that spring has sprung. The solar eclipse that we experienced a couple of weeks ago was the first time that I felt the seasons change. In celebration, here are five things that I love about spring:

  • Spring makeup-Dewy Skin and pale pink eyes, yes please!
  • Breeding season-Baby lambs and other sweet creatures are the highlight of the year for a creature cuddler like myself.
  • Sunshine-Everyday makes you feel happy when the sun is shining.
  • No more thick coats-Sometimes towards the end of winter I just want to shed a few layers.
  • Greenery-The green green grass of spring!