Longhorn Steakhouse!

Week two of the Florida food trip and this time it’s the turn of Longhorn Steakhouse. Unlike Texas Roadhouse last week the menu is a little more limited. There are a lot of options but it sticks more towards steaks and burgers and different versions and flavours of those. The service wasn’t as good as last week’s but it wasn’t awful and the decor was nice and cosy, like a log cabin, lots of dark wood.

Let’s jump into the meal and for starter we all shared chicken bites and handmade kettle chips. The chicken bites had a slightly spicy batter which was tasty and gave off a nice heat as well as having a sweet chilli sauce which went really nicely with the bites. The portion size was large for one person, but as a sharer for four it was absolutely perfect. The pieces were bite sized and really moist. The kettle chips were lovely. Crispy, not greasy at all and you could tell that they were made in the restaurant. It came with two dips, a garlic one and a barbecue one. The garlic one was okay but tasted a little funny and I didn’t try the other one as I’m not the biggest fan of barbecue. The chilli sauce however from the chicken bites went really nicely with it so I just used that. Overall I enjoyed both of these and the meal got off to a really good start.

For my main I chose the parmesan steak with seasoned fries. It also came with a salad before they brought this which was huge. I didn’t eat it because it had grated cheese in and I do not do raw cheese but it’s quite good that it came included with the price of your main meal. The steak was cooked lovely, near perfect but it could have just been a little bit pinker, I asked for it medium rare. The parmesan crust was needed because I like to have a sauce with my steak so this gave it a bit of something else. It was crispy and there was the perfect amount. The fries were very nice, tasty and crispy. The portion size of the whole meal was perfect, surprising from what we’d experienced before, and I polished off the whole lot. Lovely!

To finish off the meal I went for the chocolate lava cake. I have to say I was a little disappointed. I expected it to be a bit like a chocolate fondant, rich and full of chocolate-y flavour but it was a little bit tasteless. Too sweet, too clacky and too big. Sorry to be a bit of a downer but I just wasn’t a fan and it was a shame because for me it let down the meal a little bit but overall I really enjoyed it and pretty much everything was tasty.

Food Day Eight


Starter-Slow Roasted Salmon
The flavours of this meal were beautiful and everything went really well together. It came with both cooked ‘normal’ salmon, as the name would suggest, and smoked salmon, which I love so that was a great surprise! The cooked salmon was perfectly cooked and came with a peppercorn topping which was beautifully tasty. Finishing it off was a hot horseradish cream which was really nice but just a little bit hot for me.
Main-New York Strip Steak
Much like the Manhattan strip steak it was cooked very nicely medium rare but a little chewy. The accoutrements were chips spinach and mushrooms which were really yummy and this is normally what I like when I have steak. The sauce was BBQ mustard which I wasn’t looking forward to when I saw it on the menu as I don’t really like BBQ flavours but I was pleasantly surprised. The only thing that let it down was that the steak was a little chewy but I preferred this steak to the Manhattan one.
Dessert-Orange Mousse
This dessert was actually really nice for a simple mousse. The texture was nice and creamy, slightly cheescakey, and the flavour was full of orange. There was a little raspberry garnish of the side which was tasty and sweet, a nice contrast to the orange.

This meal was a good little all rounder, consistently good with a few stand out elements, so I think it deserves a 8/10.

Food Day Seven


Starter-Crab Cakes

These had a really interesting texture but were full of a delicious crabby flavour. The dish came with two crab cakes, a basil alioli and a snowy pea slaw. I wasn’t a fan of the snowy pea slaw but the basil alioli was insanely good. The crab cake and the alioli went really nicely together.
Main-Manhattan Strip Steak
I had my steak medium rare and it was cooked really nicely. It was a little chewy but that was just the nature of that kind of steak. As always the vegetables were cooked really nicely and were super tasty. The garlic butter gave a really good flavour, but what would have made the dish better would have been to have chips instead of a jacket potato and if it had come with onion rings.
Dessert-Sugar Free Red Berry Tart
I was very surprised with this dessert as the sugar free element makes it sound like it wouldn’t have much flavour but boy was I wrong! The pastry base was lovely and thin but the sponge on top was a little bit strange and would have been better left off. The cream was really nice as were the berries and berry sauce, but I could have done with a little more sauce.

This meal was okay and elements were tasty but it wasn’t a memorable meal so I give it a 7/10.