Spring makeup shake up

Although winter is my favourite season, I love it when Spring rolls around and I can switch up my makeup stash and bring a bit more life to my face. From pink on the lips to a fresh and sunny scent I’m all over making myself feel bright to fit the brighter weather. When it comes to other months, I don’t seem to have much of a drastic change when it comes to what makeup I use. For example, in autumn the cold starts sneaking in and my lips start to gradually get darker and my foundation becomes more high coverage. But in spring I feel like it’s a fresh start and I need to clear out my winter weather products and make way for the fresh bases and lighter tones. So, here are a few of the products I’ve brought into my everyday rotation that scream SPRING!

I’ve fallen back in love with the Nina Ricci Nina perfume. I bought it last year in Lanzarote and it’s the perfect spring/summer scent. Sweet and a little bit floral it’s really been hitting the spot in this hot weather we’ve been having recently. The Revolution Stick Foundation is the best everyday base for when you’re in a hurry – and is just the right amount of coverage for the warmer weather. I put a few stripes on my face after letting my skincare routine sink in for a few minutes and then I go in with my big blending brush (I think it’s from Look Fantastic) and blend it in. It literally takes less than a minute to do which is amazing for me in the morning because anything that gives me longer in bed is a winner. The coverage is literally whatever you want it to be. I can make it really light with just a few swipes or layer it up for when I need a little more coverage. I lasts a descent amount of time – most of the working day – before sliding off my face and in this hot weather it’s been a dream because I have been a sweaty mess lately!

Every year when spring rolls around my trust Mac Blush in Immortal Flower comes out to play. A peachy pink that is impossible to over do it’s been an annual staple in my collection since I was given it by my friend Fiona in our first year of uni. It goes with pretty much any look and although it looks like a nothing colour, I love the warmth it brings to my face. A pinky lipstick is always a spring/summer staple for me. I have a new liquid lipstick coming very soon (seriously excited) which will fill this slot for me but for now the Tanya Burr Lipstick in Sunday Walk wild nicely. If there’s anything that gives my face a bit more life it’s a pinky nude and this one is great to just slap on in a hurry, safe in the knowledge that it’s not going to end up all over your face at the end of the day. Other pinky lip products I love are the Tanya Burr Liquid Lipstick in Rhubarb and Custard (slightly brighter but I lived in this last year) and my favourite lip product of all time at the moment, the Dior Addict Lipstick in Tout-Paris, a sheer pink that is so comfortable…I’ve already expressed my love for this enough so I’ll spare you it again…it’s amazing.

What’s your favourite product to bring out for spring?

Five minute summer face (that takes me fifteen)

It takes me forever to do my makeup in a morning. What would take some two minutes will take me ten, especially when I’ve still not woken up properly. So, this has been my go-to ‘work face’ that takes  about 15 to 20 minutes in a morning and] lasts just long enough to get me through the working day. A lot of the products are cream as well as I’ve found that I can pretty much swipe, blend and go.
After some good weather and an experiment with the St Tropez Self Tan Express Face Sheet Masks (which side note worked out quite well) my skin is looking quite tanned so I’ve ditched the foundation. I’ve been going straight in with concealer and I’ve been reaching for the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. I just apply it under my eyes so I don’t look quite as dead in the morning and maybe a little bit on my chin if it’s looking a bit spotty. This is normally when I go in with powder but because I’m all about the cream products it’s time for bronzer. Last year I bought the L’Oreal Glam Bronze Cushion De Soleil and I love the way it makes my skin look, like a natural glow. I use my Real Techniques Stippling Brush to apply this and put it where I usually bronze, forehead, cheekbone area and jawline down my neck. I then do two swipes of this Collection Speedy Brush in the shade Cheeky on both of my cheeks and blend out with my Body Shop buffing brush, a flat topped brush. One swipe on each cheek is enough to blend out to a nice flush and it lasts pretty much all day without making me look like I’m red, hot and sweaty. Highlight wise I’ve been using the MUA Luxe Ombre Highlight Stick. There are three shades on the stick, light, medium and dark. What I do is angle the stick to just put the lighter two shades on the tops of my cheek bones, cupids bow and the end of my nose. It gives a great glow that isn’t overly subtle but not as in your face as my others.

A quick dusting of my Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder and that’s my base sorted. I sometimes give my face a quick spritz with the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, just to make sure I don’t sweat everything off throughout the day (because, TMI, I do get a little greasy).

For my eyes I start off with the Kiko Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick in 21 Passion Fruit. It’s so easy to use, swipe blend and done. It’s a gorgeous pink gold that goes well with Tanya Burr My Paradise Palette. I usually use the shade Tranquility all over my lid and just blend it out, leaving a shimmery pink that to me screams summer. Add a touch of mascara (L’Oreal Baby Roll is my pick at the minute, does the job) and that’s my eyes done. Very toned down from what I usually do but it takes me next to no time.

To finish everything off my brows, which will have been waxed and tinted within the last month, get a quick brush through with the tinted side of the Fleur de Force by Eyelure Brow Tamer in Medium. My lipstick of choice is something light, in both colour and texture. I’ve been reaching for the Clinique Pop Lipstick in Melon Pop. The peachy colour makes my skin look more bronzed and I like the fact that it’s glossy but doesn’t come straight off. Love love love!

What’s your favourite summer makeup product?

Clinique Melon Pop | MUA Luxe Ombre | Collection Cheeky | Tanya Burr My Paradise | Kiko Passion Fruit

A very exciting airport purchase | Dior Addict Lipstick

I recently came back from a week away in Lanzarote and what an amazing week of relaxation it was. Seven days of sun, tapas and lots of reading, we were back at the airport waiting to catch a flight back to unusually sunny Britain, *sob*. As a final holiday treat to myself I decided I was going to buy something a little more high end that I wouldn’t think about getting at home. After wandering around the duty free shop in Arrecife airport I decided with it’s beautiful packaging and great shade selection that a Dior lipstick would be the way to go. A fair few swatches later I walked out of the shop with the Dior Addict Lipstick in Tout-Paris.

I’m in love with this lipstick. The texture is soft and creamy but not at all sticky and it has a decent lasting power on the lips. The colour I went for, Tout-Paris, is a sheer bright pink. I wanted something that I would wear everyday because even though it will be a ‘special product’ I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t just sit in a drawer gathering dust. It works well on it’s own and gives a sheen to the lips but I also love to use it on top of my Body Shop Lip Liner in Clover Pink, a my lips but better colour. I think it’s the perfect product for summer and I can’t wait to wear it on the daily!

I’d love to add more high end products to my collection so any recommendations would be much appreciated!

Dior Addict Lipstick | Tout-Paris

Summer products that come out of hiding

I love winter, it’s my favourite of the seasons but there’s something about summer makeup that gets me excited. I love the bright colours and the glossy finishes that summery products give, although a high coverage matte base is what I’m all about.

The first product that comes out in the summertime is SPF. I know! I’m sorry! I should wear SPF all the time but I only ever remember when it’s sunny outside. I’m currently using the Clarins UV Plus UV+ SPF50 neutral which I got free from a Sephora once upon a time. Because I always forget to wear it except in summer, it’s one of the product that gets introduced back into my collection at this time every year. Another product that I’ve reintroduced into my collection is the L’Oreal Glam Bronze Cushion De Soleil. It’s a really good product when you just want to give your face a natural bronze and give it some warmth. I use a stippling brush to apply this where I normally put my bronzer and it gives such a nice warmth to the face and makes me look a little more sun kissed. I’m totally loving it at the minute. 

Two years ago when I was in Florida I bought the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy and fell in total love. It’s a beautiful coral/pink colour that is perfect for summer and has been a staple in my collection since I bought it. It can be quite easy to overdo it with this product as it’s very pigmented but using just a little bit at a time means you can build up a gorgeous glow. I’ve been loving this blush when I use the Tanya Burr My Paradise palette on my eyes. Now last but not least the Clinique Pop Lipsticks in Melon Pop and Poppy Pop. Just look at these. Not only do the shades scream summer but the formula is so creamy they are perfect to wear when it’s boiling hot outside. I’m not often brave enough to wear Poppy Pop but Melon Pop is so easy to wear, it’s perfect for everyday.

Do you have any products that you get out of hiding when summer rolls around? Let me know!

Bringing in the sparkle

I love a bit of glitter. Pretty much any chance there is I like to crack out the sparkle. With this hot weather that seems to be sticking around (and when I say hot I mean not raining) it makes me want to wear glitter even more. When I wore this look I was having such a good day, my hair perfectly went into french plaits, my foundation sat nicely and I had no eyeliner problems. This was great, but you know the saying ‘all dressed up and nowhere to go’? This was the case. Me and my friends went to watch Trent university compete in the Rugby League varsity but other than that I was just sat in my room trying to take a profile picture worthy selfie (it didn’t happen, I know sad times). If you fancy doing a bit of a daytime glitter look then these are the products I used.

I primed my eyes like always with the Mac Painterly Paint Pot and used the shade Truth (a cream shade) from the Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette to set that and even out my eyelid. I then took the shade Undone (a light, cool toned matte brown) from the same palette in my crease. I kept applying and blending until I got a nicely defined crease. I also took that shade under my eye and blended it to smoke it out. Now it’s time to crack out the liner! I did quite a large wing (at least it was big for me) and did a relatively thick line on the lid as well, making sure I reached right by the lashes so no skin peaked through. I used the L’Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim in Black to get this crisp line. Now for the fun part! I would recommend the Collection Glam Crystal Glitter Eyeliners to anyone who is going to use glitter at any point in their life because they are amazing. There’s no need for a glitter primer and it goes on so easily. You can have just a little bit of glitter or keep on building it up for something really opaque and intense. I used Funk for this look, which is a gold and looks stunning and really great for Summer. I simply coloured in the wing with the glitter, I did two coats, and I love the little bit of shimmer it gave without being over the top. To the look I used my Soap and Glory Smoulder Kohl Eyeliner in Black in my waterline and then put on lashings of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I went for something simple on the lips and used the Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Lunch Date which gave a nice shine to my lips.

I’m definitely going to be trying out more glitter looks in the future and I need to pick up more colours of these Collection glitters!

Top Spring to Summer Products

It’s getting to that time of year again. Is it Summer, are we still having a bit of April showers, who knows?! Recently I’ve been trying to get into the Spring/Summer spirit by going a bit more natural in the face department which is new for me because normally I go all out when I do my makeup, especially on my eyes. Here are my favourite products to transition from the coolness of Spring to the slightly less cool British Summertime.

I was searching for a base that was light and easy to apply but that gave me enough coverage to cover all of my lumps and bumps. I remembered that the Bourjois CC cream was supposed to be quite good so I had a cheeky purchase and I have to say I am very impressed. The coverage is light to medium and it is really good at evening out the skin and covering up redness. I apply this with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and use concealer on any areas that need a little bit of extra coverage, like under my eyes and on some blemishes. I have been dying to get my hands on some of the Tanya Burr palettes for a while now and when I found they had finally arrived in my local Superdrug I was more than happy. I felt that the Hollywood palette could add some gold shades to my collection that I didn’t already have. A more in-depth review on this palette is coming soon but here are my initial thoughts. I wasn’t the biggest fan when I first used it. I felt that the colours were a bit wishy-washy and Enchantment in particular was a bit of a let down. I now really like this palette. It’s perfect for every day and I love the gold colours in this warm weather we’ve been having recently. This palette also works really nicely with another new favourite of mine, the Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Whiskey. I originally wanted to buy Smog but they had run out so I chose this one instead as I just wanted a brown to create softer eye looks. It goes on really smoothly, stays put all day and gives the eyes a little extra something something. Another Urban Decay product that will be my Summer staple is the Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter in Aura. I posted a review last Thursday which you can read here and I express my absolute love for this product. It’s a really intense highlight that is pink toned and looks amazing on the cheeks! Last but not least is what will be my go to daytime Summery lipstick, the Clinique Pop Lipstick in Melon Pop. The texture of this is so creamy and comfortable on the lips it is perfect for Summer. The colour is a lovely coral pink and although it doesn’t have a great lasting power it is so easy to re-apply that it doesn’t matter.

I’m so ready for the Summer and to go on holiday and just chill!

Round Up #7

Another week, another round up and it hasn’t been the most exciting week in the world because it’s all been about the holiday prep. I’ve been bulk writing blog posts and taking what seems like hundreds of pictures so that I can have some chill time. Although starting from next Friday there will be a Florida Round Up where I will be rounding up (obviously) everything that I’ve done that week!

Summer is here!

We may have had that heatwave but the good weather seems to be here to stay and I am loving it. Winter may be my favourite season of the year but I when the sun shines I am a summer fan and event more so when there’s ice cream around. Ice cream normally isn’t my sweet treat of choice but when the sun comes out I’m all about the mint choc chip or a 99. Yum!

Holiday prep

If you read my post yesterday then you’ll know all of the things I’ll be doing before going on holiday and my week has just been consumed with getting everything done before I get on that plane. As I’m writing this blog post I’ve still not packed but I’ve written a list of all the things I need and packing will probably come tomorrow. I find that if I pack too soon then I forget what’s gone in so it’s just easier to do it a couple of days before.

Exciting foods

You’ll find out more about this next Tuesday but I had the chance to try a delicious lunch snack called a Naanster. But more about that on Tuesday, I just wanted to mention it as it has been part of my week.