Spring makeup shake up

Although winter is my favourite season, I love it when Spring rolls around and I can switch up my makeup stash and bring a bit more life to my face. From pink on the lips to a fresh and sunny scent I’m all over making myself feel bright to fit the brighter weather. When it comes to other months, I don’t seem to have much of a drastic change when it comes to what makeup I use. For example, in autumn the cold starts sneaking in and my lips start to gradually get darker and my foundation becomes more high coverage. But in spring I feel like it’s a fresh start and I need to clear out my winter weather products and make way for the fresh bases and lighter tones. So, here are a few of the products I’ve brought into my everyday rotation that scream SPRING!

I’ve fallen back in love with the Nina Ricci Nina perfume. I bought it last year in Lanzarote and it’s the perfect spring/summer scent. Sweet and a little bit floral it’s really been hitting the spot in this hot weather we’ve been having recently. The Revolution Stick Foundation is the best everyday base for when you’re in a hurry – and is just the right amount of coverage for the warmer weather. I put a few stripes on my face after letting my skincare routine sink in for a few minutes and then I go in with my big blending brush (I think it’s from Look Fantastic) and blend it in. It literally takes less than a minute to do which is amazing for me in the morning because anything that gives me longer in bed is a winner. The coverage is literally whatever you want it to be. I can make it really light with just a few swipes or layer it up for when I need a little more coverage. I lasts a descent amount of time – most of the working day – before sliding off my face and in this hot weather it’s been a dream because I have been a sweaty mess lately!

Every year when spring rolls around my trust Mac Blush in Immortal Flower comes out to play. A peachy pink that is impossible to over do it’s been an annual staple in my collection since I was given it by my friend Fiona in our first year of uni. It goes with pretty much any look and although it looks like a nothing colour, I love the warmth it brings to my face. A pinky lipstick is always a spring/summer staple for me. I have a new liquid lipstick coming very soon (seriously excited) which will fill this slot for me but for now the Tanya Burr Lipstick in Sunday Walk wild nicely. If there’s anything that gives my face a bit more life it’s a pinky nude and this one is great to just slap on in a hurry, safe in the knowledge that it’s not going to end up all over your face at the end of the day. Other pinky lip products I love are the Tanya Burr Liquid Lipstick in Rhubarb and Custard (slightly brighter but I lived in this last year) and my favourite lip product of all time at the moment, the Dior Addict Lipstick in Tout-Paris, a sheer pink that is so comfortable…I’ve already expressed my love for this enough so I’ll spare you it again…it’s amazing.

What’s your favourite product to bring out for spring?

If I could only wear three lipsticks

Maven | Tout-Paris | Pink Cocoa

I love all makeup products, from foundation to eyebrow gel I’m literally obsessed. The same is said for lip products but unlike all of the others where I chop and change what I use on the daily, I tend to stick to the same sort of thing. I think it’s out of habit and because I know that my favourites feel comfortable and have my go-to shade. Although I do test out new ones and new friends come into rotation, over the last few months these have been what I had on my lips.

Dior Addict Lipstick in Tout-Paris
To say I’m obsessed with this lipstick is an understatement because I am OBSESSED with it. I bought it in an airport when I was on my way home from Lanzarote last year because 1. I love the packaging and 2. I wanted to finally have a seriously posh lipstick in my collection. Picking a shade was hard because I wanted something a bit different to what I already have but one that I would wear on an everyday basis. Tout-Paris is a sheer bright pink that I’ve been wearing non-stop, like seriously. I usually layer it over the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk and it is my lips but pinker and glossier. Feels comfortable and easy to through in my bag if I’m out and about to just whack on if needed. Next on my list of things to buy is one of the Dior Lip Glows because if I love this as much as I do I’m sure I’ll be just as obsessed with that one!

Powerlips in Maven
One that’s relatively new to my collection but my mind still boggles with how amazing this formula is. Picture this, a matte liquid lipstick which is pretty easy to apply, stays on through thick and thin BUT doesn’t make your lips feel as dry as a desert. I mean it sounds like a fantasy but trust me, this is what it’s like. The shade is a dark nude on my skin which I love but it can be a bit much for everyday but I’m going to get another one which is a bit more nude-y (see, obsessed) and I can see that never leaving my lips.

Tanya Burr Lipstick in Pink Cocoa
This is my no nonsense, shove it on nude that is a fail safe for me. Like all of the lipsticks in the range it’s moisturising and comfortable to wear which is what I’m all about, especially when it’s a nude. If I have a warm toned eyeshadow on, like something from the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette, this is the lip option I do for and it always works. What I also really like about this is the packaging is so reflective that it can be used as a mirror, win, win, win!

What’s your go-to lipstick?

What’s worth a try from | Tanya Burr Cosmetics

Thought I’d try something different (when I say different I mean for me not totally because this has been done a lot before – anyway, moving on) and write more of a brand focus post today. I thought as a starting point I’d go for Tanya Burr Cosmetics, a well-known brand in the blogging world but one that has a relatively small selection of products compared with a brand like Rimmel or Max Factor which dominate Superdrug with their massive stands. I first tried out Tanya’s range when she released the lip glosses and nail varnishes in the rounded packaging with black lids. Since then as the packaging has become more luxe and the products better and better, I’ve become very impressed with each new release.

I’ve had a few Tanya Burr products which have come and gone over the years for one reason or another so the oldest product I still have is the nail varnish in the shade Fairy Godmother. This colour is seriously stunning and a shade of nail varnish I hadn’t had before or really seen since. A pastel blue that makes you think ‘yeah, I can see why that’s called Fairy Godmother’ as you swipe it on your nails I’m a big fan of the colour and formula. As someone who rarely paints their nails I need something easy and this isn’t made in terms of opaqueness meaning less coats needed and less waiting time required by lazy me. I must admit I haven’t tried out any other shades recently (the only other one I’ve ever tried is Penguin Chic back when it was first released) but I really like the look of Soft Pajamas. I’d appreciate any recommendations!
(Just been to look for the original line up of nail varnishes – have they been discontinued?)

In terms of eyeshadow palettes I have one hit and one sort of miss. A couple of years ago I was really excited to get my hands on the Hollywood Palette. My local Superdrug isn’t the best so it took them about four months to get them in once they were released but when I saw they were in stock I snatched it off the shelf and bought it. Finally, the answer to my Charlotte Tilbury Dupe prayers were answered. But sadly I was left a little disappointed. The colours just didn’t come off as brightly as I had hoped and everytime I used them the pigment seemed to be less and less intense. I got about one good use from the shade Enchantment before it turned into a hard lump that wouldn’t give anything in the way of product when I swiped it (anyone else find that that happened). I was pretty gutted. But this year when she released her Neutral Ambience range I decided that the shades in the My Paradise palette were just too stunning to pass up. And wow am I glad I gave them a second chance, this palette is gorgeous. Beautiful shades with a decent pigment that last on the lids, this was my go-to Summer palette. You can read my full first impressions here but I’d totally recommend picking up this palette. Great for the price, handy to travel with and shades that I didn’t have already my collection.

LIPSTICKS! I have two shades in Tanya’s lipstick range and they’re both easy to wear, through in your handbag shades that I switch between regularly as my work lip options. Pink Cocoa is the one I picked up first. A brown-y nude this is totally up my street and the formula is hydrating making it really easy to wear. Sunday Walk is exactly the same as my lip colour and if I want to give my lips a little bit of something extra this is what I go for. If I had one complaint I would say that they smell a bit funny but it’s not that offensive and it’s only while applying it so can’t really complain too much.

The Tanya Burr Matte Lips are some of my favourite lip products to use. I’m not a massive liquid lipstick wearer and I haven’t tried a lot of different ones out but these are something special. There are three shades in total but I have two; Rhubarb and Custard (a rhubarb coloured pink) and Martha Moo (a very nineties nude). The formula of these is a bit mousse-y and glides on the lips. As long as you apply a thin coat and don’t keep layering it up this lasts for a seriously long time, it’s stuck on my lips through many a buttered bagel on a Friday morning. Martha Moo is my favourite of the two but if ever I veer away from my usual nude palette then Rhurbarb and Custard is really the only ‘bright’ lipstick I wear. I hope Tanya brings out more shades in this range because I’m sold!

Last, but really the reason I wanted to write this post, is the Illuminating Powder. I am obsessed with this. I bought it a couple of months ago and when I got it I liked it but I felt like it was a bit too subtle for me. Now however I’ve become totally obsessed. I don’t know what’s changed but it gives my face a real dewy glow that I’m just so into I’m excited to put it on in the morning. I haven’t tried the other two shades in the range but from what I gather they’re also pretty good!

Side note: I have tried the lip glosses but sadly after sitting in my drawer for a few too many months I had to get rid. For lip glosses though did like them, not overly sticky, smelt delicious and the shades I did have (Champagne Toast and Lunch Date) I really did like.

Must try: My Paradise Pallette | Champagne Sorbet Illuminator | Matte Lips

Worth a go: Nail Varnishes | Lipsticks

Maybe miss: Hollywood Palette

What’s your favourite thing from Tanya Burr Cosmetics? Anything I should try out?

My favourite highlighters to make my face shine

In two years I’ve gone from having zero ‘proper’ highlighters to become an absolute shimmer fiend. 
When I started university I used a shimmery champagne eyeshadow as my highlight, as I didn’t see the point in spending money on something if I already had something similar. Since then I’ve gathered a collection of highlights for every eventuality and I just love them. The first ‘proper’ highlighter I bought was the Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter in Aura. I went for this pink shade because I’m quite pale and thought this would be the best one for me. Looking back I should have got Sin, the champagne shade, as I suit warmer colours but it does still look nice. It’s a very subtle highlight that catches the light nicely and shines purple. I imagine this would look amazing for a festival as a highlight underneath a tonne of glitter. Next up is The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer. This. Changed. My life. This will forever be one of my favourite highlighters. It’s the perfect champagne, gold shade for my skin tone that never looks overdone. I take my fan brush, give it a swish and then slather it on the tops of my cheekbones. For the price – under £20 – you cannot go wrong, the pigment is amazing and it performs just as well as the one I’m going to mention in a minute. If this isn’t already in your collection then go out and get it, now! My next highlight purchase is one that was totally hyped up and I lapped up that hype and put it in my basket. It’s the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop. I bought this with my birthday money this year and I haven’t looked back. It’s intense, it’s in your face but that’s what it’s meant to be. It looks better when I’ve had a tan as the shade is a little darker than my normal skin tone but I still love this. I am terrified of it breaking when I travel but so far the two cotton pads I’ve wedged inside it have done the trick (fingers crossed this continues). Last but not least, my most recent highlight purchase is the Tanya Burr Illuminating Powder in Champagne Sorbet. To read my full thoughts read this post but it’s such a great everyday highlight that is in my current makeup stash. Good packaging, stunning colour and hard to overdo it. Lots of bang for you buck.

Any highlighters you think I need to try? Let me know!

L-R: Becca Champagne Pop | Tanya Burr Champagne Sorbet | The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer | Urban Decay Aura
L-R: Becca Champagne Pop | Tanya Burr Champagne Sorbet | The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer | Urban Decay Aura

Tanya Burr Neutral Ambiance | First Impressions

I knew I wanted to try this collection as soon as I saw it. I mean look at these colours! Totally stunning and nothing like I currently have in my collection. I’ve tried a few things from Tanya Burr Cosmetics before, I like the Pink Cocoa lipstick, I love her matte lipsticks but I didn’t get on with her Hollywood Eyeshadow palette. I didn’t think the pigment translated onto the eyes, but as soon as i saw this palette I knew I had to try it. So, I bought the eyeshadow palette in My Paradise and the lipstick in Sunday Walk. The packaging on both matches the rest of the range, which I really like on the lipstick, sturdy. But I wish the eyeshadow packaging was thinner, that would just make it perfect because it closes nicely and the mirror is a nice touch.
For this first impressions I really wanted to give you a thorough review. So, I’m going to split it into two sections, swatches and throughout the day. So let’s get into it!

L-R: Champagne Cocktail | Tranquility | Miami Sunrise | Hammock

Starting with the lipstick. Very soft and creamy. When I applied it onto the back of my hand it felt moisturising but that it was going to stay on my lips for a while, unlike Pink Cocoa which is very creamy but is gone from my lips within the hour. I love the colour, very pink but a soft pink that I think on my lips will pass as a nude.
 These eyeshadows are stunning. They really do look like a sunset, very rose gold and I can’t wait to put them on my eyes. When swatching the shimmery shades (Champagne Cocktail, Tranquility and Miami Sunrise) they were really pigmented with one swipe and give off a gorgeous sheen. What I will say is on my arm, those three shades are very similar. They might look different on the eye but that was just what I noticed when I first swatched them. The one thing I am wondering about is Hammock. It’s a ashy matte brown which I think will look lovely in the crease but when I swatched it I was quite disappointed. It wasn’t coming up as pigmented as the shimmer shade but I do find that can happen with matte shades. The proof will be in the pudding when I test it on my eyes.

Sunday Walk
I applied my makeup at about 7.30am in the morning before I set off for work. I wanted to make sure I gave the eyeshadow the best chance at staying on my eyes so I applied Mac Painterly Paint Pot as a base and then went over that with the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder. I first applied Champagne Cocktail on the inner part of my lid, packing it on with a Mac 242 brush. I then used Tranquility on the second half of my lid and took Miami Sunrise in my crease with a Mac 217. Finishing off, I used Hammock, also on a Mac 217, on the outer corner of my eye. The eyeshadows were nice and pigmented and there was literally no fall out. I’m still not sure about Hammock as a shade, it looks really nice with the rest of the eye look but I’ll have to give it more of a test I think.
I ‘checked in’ with my makeup every two hours from finishing my makeup at about 8pm.
*Something to note about this day is that it was very warm, like 26 degrees warm*
10am // Eyes: Look just as good as when I applied it, no change.
Lips: After a bagel and a cup of tea a lot of the lipstick has worn off, there’s still a little bit of pigment hanging around but not loads. May have to reapply soon.

12pm// Eyes: Can start to see it wearing away on the inner part of my crease, which is where my eyeshadow usually wears away first. Other than that though it still looks great.
Lips: One more cup of tea later and the lipstick’s all gone now, I’ll have my lunch then reapply.

Lipstick reapplication: 1.10pm – Reapplied nicely but there was pretty much nothing left on my lips

2pm// Eyes: Just a little bit more wearing on the inner crease but as I said that’s usually what happens with my eyeshadow throughout the day. I’m still pretty impressed as it is a VERY warm day today.
Lips: Looking good, it’s 50 minutes since I reapplied and it’s looking good. I’ve only been drinking water but still intact. Loving the colour, really natural.

4pm// Eyes: As I said before it’s looking a little greasy on my inner crease and the shadow has pretty much disappeared from part of it but on the rest of my lid it’s still totally there and when my eyes are open there’s no way you would be able to tell that some of it had rubbed off. It wouldn’t be too hard to touch up either if I wanted to.
Lips: The shine has gone but I have to say the pigment is still there. I’ve eaten an apple and drunk some more but it’s looking not too bad

6pm// Eyes: It has started to wear off on the rest of my lid now. Still looks fine when I open my eyes but you can tell when they’re closed. The outer corners still look great though.
Lips: One Magnum later and it’s pretty much gone but there is a tint of pink that’s been left behind. Not too bad for a moisturising lipstick.

Reapplication: 6pm – I touched up Champagne Cocktail on my inner lid and although it took quite a bit of blending it looks just like it did this morning. I also put a little bit of Tranquility on the centre of my lid, it hadn’t really warn off there but just to blend it in more to Champagne Cocktail. Also, reapplied my lipstick but this time I used the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk as I’m going out for tea and I want to see how long it lasts with something to cling to.

8pm// Eyes: The same. Just as I’d reapplied.
Lips: Eaten a starter and a main and drunk some wine, the lipstick has gone so just the lip line remains. I have to say I’m a little disappointed, thought it was going to stick around a bit longer with the lip liner.

I love the eyeshadow. It sticks around just as long as some of my high end eyeshadows do, which for £5.99 is pretty great. The shades are also gorgeous, although I am still a bit unsure about Hammock but as I said it worked really well with the rest of the eye look. I love the colour of the lipstick and that it does look like a more spring ‘my lips but better’. The only issue is that if I have a drink or eat anything I can pretty much guarantee it’s not going to be there. I’m going to try it with a different lipliner or applying it with a lip brush to see if it could last just a little bit longer. Overall I’m very pleased with them both – definitely want to try the My Escape palette now!

Tanya Burr First Impressions

Now I know that I’m a bit late to the party with this one but it’s happened and I’m very glad it has! I bought a nail varnish and two of the lip glosses when they originally came out and although I grew to love the nail varnish I just couldn’t get on board with the lip glosses. I found them to smell way too sweet, sticky and clumpy and that they went on streaky. The ‘new’ ones are MILES better and are everything that the old ones weren’t. So let’s get started with my first impressions.

As soon as I saw this nail varnish I fell in love with it. The colour is a gorgeous, a light blue with a hint of lilac, and as soon as I saw that it was called Fairy Godmother I knew that it had to be mine. I didn’t buy it straight away but I couldn’t stop thinking about how pretty it was and a week later I picked it up. I’m awful at painting my nails so in terms of ‘how many coats’ I’m not the best to be judging that but what I can tell you is that it went on nicely and applied opaquely. I did two thin coats and a thick one and that covered my nails. It’s been on for a few days now and I have no chips, which is great because normally my nails manage to chip within 24 hours of painting them. I think I’m definitely going to pick up some more shades because I’ve fallen in love! The new packaging is amazing and looks so expensive and the lip gloss is so nice to handle and apply. I was sceptical to try the lip glosses again after the old ones but I can’t explain how much better the new ones are. I picked up the shade Lunch Date because I wanted to try out a neutral colour that I’d wear everyday. This is my perfect nude. It’s a pinky nude that hasn’t got any shimmer in and gives your lips a lovely gloss. The applicator is perfectly designed to nicely fit to your lips and apply a nice amount of product. Now for the smell. If I could find a perfume that smelt like this so that I could spray it all over myself, I would. It’s an amazing watermelon scent that is nice to smell when you apply it.

So far I’ve fallen in love with these two products so I’m definitely going to pick up more shades in both products. I also want to try some of the palettes so if anyone has any recommendations as to which ones to get then please let me know!

Lunch Date Lipgloss

Fairy Godmother Nail Polish