Round Up #6

Another great week, so let me share with you!

L’Oreal lip gloss
I’d been eyeing this up nearly everyday for about four weeks before I finally look the plunge and made the purchase. I think that I was hesitant to get it was 1. my slight lack of funds and 2. the fact that it’s a lip gloss and we’ve never really got on that well. But with L’Oreal being on 2 for £12 and my need for another L’Oreal Superliner I felt that it was a sign. It’s in the shade Miami Vice, a slight red-y pink in the tube but much pinky pink-er on the lips. What drew me to this was the neon like colour and the fact that when I swatched it, it left a stain on my hands, and I do like a good stain. For me it lasts really well on the lips considering I eat up lip products like they’re a delicious cake and I love that after a few hours it leaves a stain on your lips that doesn’t budge for the rest of the day and doesn’t need much touching up. I think that for my holiday this is going to be a great ‘slap on and go’ kind of product that I won’t need to carry around with me. I may have to try some more out from the range.

Afternoon Tea
Last weekend was my mum’s birthday party and she decided that she wanted afternoon tea for all of her family and friends. I think in the end there was just under 60 people that came and we catered for them all. Yep, we made ALL of the food. We had; onion tartlets, salmon blinis, sandwiches, scones, eclairs, mini lemon meringue pies, chocolate meringues, shortbread biscuits, mini Victoria sponges and coffee and mini walnut cakes. Phew, I think that’s it. We should have started the production earlier than we did but hey ho, Friday and Saturday were a frenzy of flour, ovens and let’s face it panic. But it was all worth it because everything was delicious and it was such a nice day! The weather really helped as well. If the rain had made an appearence, let’s just day we’d have been slightly screwed space wise!

Work Experience
Well you’ll be glad to know that you won’t be hearing about my work experience exploits anymore seeing as though I seem to mention it in every single post I’ve written since I started. I went with the intention of doing a week and here I am five weeks later and a truck load of articles under my belt. Wooo! Just call me pro journo. I’ve had such a good time and I think that it’s made me realise that this is what I want to do when I finish uni, which is great because I was getting worried for a while that I’d just come out with an alcohol addition, debt and more fancy dress than you could shake a stick at!

The Primer of Dreams!

I’ve done it. I’ve found the primer I’ve been searching for for so long. For about the last 12 months I’ve been on the hunt for a face primer that was mattifying but not ‘pore clogging’ and that was light but not like rubbing pure silicone on my face. In comes the Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer, light, creamy and oh so great. This has been my saviour when I’ve wanted my makeup to last all day without much touching up. In a morning I spray my face with my Body Shop Vitamin C Face Spray, apply a layer of this and then get to work. I’ve previously used both cream and silicone based primers and when I was first introduced to them I was all about the cream. Then one of my friends gave me a mini Benefit Pore-fessional and I was hooked. I loved the way that it felt and looked on my skin but when that ran out I couldn’t bring myself to buy a full size one (although my mum wears it so maybe I could give it a cheeky steal). I then moved onto the Body Shop Instablur but I have to to say it wasn’t for me. I enjoyed it during the ‘honeymoon period’ but it was too slippy and it didn’t spread around my face properly.

This is why I love this primer so much, it covers the whole face without that much product and it doesn’t lie when it says it extends foundation wear for up to eight hours because it really does. My love for this primer has made me want to try out some other items from this range. I know that the concealer has some good reviews and last year the foundation was popular to so maybe watch this space!

How to: Work Experience

If you didn’t know I’m doing work experience (because I don’t mention it enough!). So I thought that I’d compile this handy little how to so that if you go on work experience then you’ll be prepared because I don’t think I really was.

1. Suitable clothing

Before I started I literally had one pair of smart black trousers and a couple of shirts. It was getting to the point where in my second week I’d exhausted my smart wardrobe so much I’d worn everything three times. I still only have one pair of trousers but I now I have a selection of long and short sleeved shirts as well as a couple of skirts. I’d suggest having one pair of smart black shoes and the a smart pair of sandals, something that I currently need in this stupid heat!

2. Take makeup with you

These past few weeks have been the prime opportunity to test out some long lasting makeup products so I’ve been testing out primers and eyeshadow sticks to see which stays on my face the longest. But the reason why I’m saying to take some makeup with you is not just in case you get a bit shiny or some concealer rubs off but because anything could happen. For example, last week my dad was driving me to work experience and I was drinking a smoothie in the car. The smoothie had frozen a bit and was really thick and hard to get out. Cue an awkward brake along with a big attempt at getting out smoothie and what do you get? Smoothie all over the face. Then follows having to wipe all of my makeup off and now having anything with me to reapply. Don’t make the same mistake I did, take makeup with you…and don’t drink smoothies in a car.

3. Prepare

Make sure you know what you need to do with your work experience before you go. In the sense of if you need to log it, like I did for uni, and if you need to get a form signed. It took me until my second week to find out where I needed to log my work experience and then it needed to be approved. Also I’ve only just found out where the appraisal form I need to get filled in is, and I finish next week. Don’t be like me, be prepared.

June Favourites

The end of June only means one thing, less than a month until my Florida holiday of dreams! I’m so excited you don’t even know! Anyway June has been a pretty good month. I finished my second year of uni and started my work experience which I have to say has been really great. But without further ado here are some of the things that I’ve been loving throughout the month of June.

Kiko Eyeshadow Sticks

These have literally become my life. Since I’ve got them I don’t use anything else and I don’t think I want to. I have two shades, 05 rosy brown and 21 passionfruit. They both have the best staying power and pigmentation, I swipe them all across the lid, blend them out and they’re good to go. Rosy brown creates a really simple smokey eye and passionfruit looks fresh and works really well with my Naked 3 palette. I put them on at 7 in the morning and they’re still on, without creases at 9 at night. Incredible isn’t it. I may have to think about expanding my collection, possibly with a champagne, ooh the excitement!

The Body Shop Mojito Shower Gel

This. Smells. Incredible. Part of the new mojito collection this has such a sweet smell that is perfect for Summer. It reminds me of the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush range with the citrus smell and colour. The shower gel was also pretty cheap, £4 and a little definitely goes a long way. The scent lingers after you get out of the shower, which I personally love, and when I pair it with my satsuma body butter I smell like a tropical fruit salad.

Work Experience

If you didn’t already know, because it’s not as if I mention it every five seconds on this blog, I’m doing work experience at my local paper the Halifax Courier. I am literally loving it so far. I’ve been given the chance to write so many stories and get my name in the paper which has definitely been my favourite thing. I’m learning so much and I’ll be sad to leave!