June Favourites

The end of June only means one thing, less than a month until my Florida holiday of dreams! I’m so excited you don’t even know! Anyway June has been a pretty good month. I finished my second year of uni and started my work experience which I have to say has been really great. But without further ado here are some of the things that I’ve been loving throughout the month of June.

Kiko Eyeshadow Sticks

These have literally become my life. Since I’ve got them I don’t use anything else and I don’t think I want to. I have two shades, 05 rosy brown and 21 passionfruit. They both have the best staying power and pigmentation, I swipe them all across the lid, blend them out and they’re good to go. Rosy brown creates a really simple smokey eye and passionfruit looks fresh and works really well with my Naked 3 palette. I put them on at 7 in the morning and they’re still on, without creases at 9 at night. Incredible isn’t it. I may have to think about expanding my collection, possibly with a champagne, ooh the excitement!

The Body Shop Mojito Shower Gel

This. Smells. Incredible. Part of the new mojito collection this has such a sweet smell that is perfect for Summer. It reminds me of the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush range with the citrus smell and colour. The shower gel was also pretty cheap, £4 and a little definitely goes a long way. The scent lingers after you get out of the shower, which I personally love, and when I pair it with my satsuma body butter I smell like a tropical fruit salad.

Work Experience

If you didn’t already know, because it’s not as if I mention it every five seconds on this blog, I’m doing work experience at my local paper the Halifax Courier. I am literally loving it so far. I’ve been given the chance to write so many stories and get my name in the paper which has definitely been my favourite thing. I’m learning so much and I’ll be sad to leave!

A girl’s best friend

There’s just something about stationary that gets me really excited, but there’s one thing that is better than all the rest….highlighters! I definitely think that anyone who’s at school, sixth form/college or university needs these in their life to survive. If your like me then you’ll refuse to look at notes or revision material unless it look colourful and kind of ‘look at me’. These are always a lifesaver during exams and at the minute I’m writing up all of my notes (because I’m such a good student!) so I underline the key points so it looks really pretty. I pair off the colours so one lecture will be orange and yellow and the next will be pink and blue as it looks nice and colour coordinated as well as easily showing what was in each lecture.

Just a random post today and an insight into my weird brain which seems to think that highlighters are a great topic of conversation!

My cosy corner

Recently life has just been deadline central. Take now for instance, I’m half writing this and half sorting out my latest portfolio to hand in. Sometimes I’m in that mood where I just can’t get my brain to think and all I want to do is sleep. Similarly, and this has been my mood this week, I’ve just wanted to get the work done and have actually enjoyed it!

This is because of my cosy corner. My room at uni has this little window seat type thing and when I arrived I put my big, soft blanket on it so I could sit on it and over the months I’ve pillowed it up and it’s so comfy! Mixed with the weather I like to grab a cup of tea, snuggle up with my pillows and teddies and just get in the zone. At the minute I’ve been listening to Imagine Dragons when doing my work, which is quite strange as i wouldn’t say that this was my normal type of music but it just kind of matches with the sun, if that makes any sense!

I’m just getting my stuff ready as today I’m hopping on a train to go to Manchester to see Miranda Hart! I’m so excited, eeeeeeeeeek, so I’ll probably write a post on Tuesday about my journey. Bye!