One year of Q&A a day

I’m back baby! Nearly three months of laptop problems and the festive season has led to things being a bit quiet over here but I’m back and ready for some new posts. I thought I’d start off my first post of the New Year with a look back on 2017 and what I’ve learnt doing Q&A a day. I got this the Christmas before last (2016) and I’m pretty impressed that I managed to stick it out for 12 months – I’m notorious for starting diaries in January and never getting past the 10th. I think the fact that there’re questions to answer makes it more interesting than a ‘traditional’ diary as it doesn’t matter if nothing has happened that day or not, there’s still something to write down. But if something exciting has happened I try and work it in.

So, what did I learn? Well, I discovered that I was quite negative in January – everything was an effort and reading some of my answers back it was just a bit like ‘pull yourself together’! Things seemed to be going great in the middle of the year around June or July time. Lots was going on, I went on holiday, went to Ascot and it was just a generally fun time and you can really tell I was upbeat most of the time. Other than that my mood was pretty average throughout the rest of the year and I found that writing something down every night was a good way to quick look back on the day but without being like ‘okay what happened step by step, minute by minute’.

As we’re a bit into the month already I’ve started answering the year two questions and seeing what I was writing last year. Safe to say the answers are pretty much identical (I mean it’s only been a year) and in some cases I’m writing the exact same thing without realising. I try not to look at last year’s answers before going into my current thoughts because I don’t want past me to influence present me.

I’m looking forward to continuing to write in this throughout 2018 and I’m really intrigued to see where I am in life when I finish the book in 2021!

Battle of the bronzers

This post in the first in a series of ‘face fights’ where I delve into my makeup draw and see which product is best in each category. To start this off I’ve gone for the bronzer category (partly because battle of the bronzers sounds really cool). Up until recently I’ve only had one bronzer at a time, which was fine for me because I never really go over glowy. I’ve been using the Boujouis chocolate bronzer for just under two years and it’s been treating me well for that time, still going strong and I’ve not had to purchase a new one. It smells so good, not like chocolate but a really nice sweet smell and it not too orange or too muddy. The only problem I find with it is that it takes a lot of building up if you want to go for a darker contour kind of thing. A few weeks ago I took the plunge and bought the ever so popular Soap and Glory solar powder bronzer. This is incredible. It’s soft, not too orange or muddy and applies just the right amount of product. I like the fact that there are too different sides so if I’m not really feeling a full face I can just use the lighter side. I feel like the only problem with this is that I might need to repurchase a little more frequently than the chocolate bronzer as it uses more product. Although both products are great I think the winner of this fight is the solar powder bronzer for its versatility, and it has a mirror, bonus!

R-L: Boujouis, Soap and Glory (dark, light)