Musicals, glitter and a day at Ascot | June Favourites

Well wasn’t June a great month! I don’t know about anyone else but I seemed to have a lot of exciting things going on and with this nice weather we’ve been having it’s just been a lovely few weeks. With that being said I’ve been a bit selective with my favourites this month and although there isn’t much to mention, the things that are in this post I am 100% obsessed with.

I think I’ve mentioned the Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Eye Shadow before, and for good reason. It’s literally like magic in a bottle and it’s perfect for when you have a special occasion that could do with a bit of extra sparkle. I have Gold Goddess, a twinkly bright gold that is seriously versatile. I’ve used this with my Naked Heat palette, Naked 3 and a standard brown smokey eye – it’s worked for all of them. No mess as it’s in a liquid form and really easy to build up for a super sparkly lid. Such a great product I could recommend this endlessly.

This month I’ve fallen back in love with the Revlon Colorstay Foundation, specifically in the shade Sand Beige. I’ve been fake tanning a fair bit over the past few weeks so I’ve needed a darker foundation shade so my face matches the my body. This formula is amazing for me. Semi matte so it stays put throughout the day but doesn’t dry your skin out. Lots of coverage but it can be blended out to something a little lighter if you want. Just an all round good egg that I need to not neglect in the future.

Now, over the past month I have become obsessed with musicals, like seriously obsessed. I’ve always been a fan of some but it’s started taking over my actual life. I listen to soundtracks all the time (we’ll get onto those in a minute) and can’t stop watching musical YouTubers. Amy Lovatt and Katherine Steele have been playing on repeat for the last month. They both do videos on musicals, songs, actual shows, etc and I cannot get enough. If you want something easy watching then their videos will be just the thing to pass four hours of your life (I’ve been on some serious video binges recently). It’s through these two that I’ve discovered my new music obsessions – Mean Girls the Musical and Dear Evan Hanson. Yes you saw right, Mean Girls the Musical is an actual thing and the soundtrack is amazing. I think if you’re a fan of the movie then you will love this! I love all the songs but my favourites are Revenge Party, Someone Gets Hurt and Sexy. Easy listening and great to sing-a-long to in the car. Dear Evan Hanson has an equally sing-a-long-ish soundtrack. I’m not 100% sure what the plot is but that doesn’t matter when listening to the soundtrack. Again, easy listening, some songs more jolly than others but they all make you fell good. Anybody have a map and Good for you are my top picks.

A shout out has to go to the events I’ve had on this month. A weekend trip for my friend’s birthday followed by the best day ever at Royal Ascot! It seems to be becoming an annual thing and I’m so there for it – what’s better than a picnic, prosecco and betting with friends? Nothing, that’s what.

Watching something a bit different | YouTube recommendations

I love watching videos on YouTube. It’s my go-to form of entertainment. But in and amongst the beauty videos and chatty vlogs I find myself falling down deep holes where I become obsessed with something a little bit odd and binging them all at once. We’re not talking about watching people’s loads of washing or destroying lipsticks (*shudders*) but these videos are still out of my usual watch list.

Buzzfeed is a place I find myself going from video to video without any signs of stopping but there’s one series that I binge over and over again every couple of months – Worth it. Now if you don’t know what this is it’s basically two guys going round different places eating a certain type of food, like pizza, in three different eateries to see which is the most ‘worth it’ for the price. I love watching videos about food and once I eat one I honestly cannot stop. One of my favourites is the Buffet episode, partly because they go around Las Vegas which is somewhere I like to see but also because they eat some amazing foods in those restaurants!

The Super Carlin Brothers are another binger for me. I can go months without watching any of their videos but then I have an urge to sit through their entire back catalogue. They’re brothers who make videos about Disney theories and Harry Potter quizzes and I find them really easy watching. If you love Disney, Star Wars or Harry Potter then I recommend watching these as you’ll find out some interesting facts you may not have known otherwise. My favourite videos of there’s are the quizzes they do against each other – it’s great to join in and attempt to act like I know more than I actually do!

Recently I’ve been all about Brad Mondo. He posts reaction videos to America’s Next Top Model makeovers, really bad bleach jobs and other hair related videos. They’re so addictive and if you like people reacting to things then this is right up your street. My favourites are the reactions to people bleaching their hair at home – it goes downhill fast.

What other random videos / channels do I need to add to my watchlist?

Favourite Friday: Yoga

I’m lazy. To the point where walking up to my bedroom from the lounge is too much of a struggle (I do live on the third floor which is very high). I decided to build up my fitness in a low level way I’d start yoga. After hearing that the 30 days of yoga with Adrianne on YouTube was a good place to start, thank you Vivianna does makeup, I decided to give it a go! So far I’m loving it! I did it everyday for the first 10 days and then I let it slip a little but don’t worry I’m back on track. I like it because 1. I don’t need to leave the house, 2. She doesn’t shout at me, and 3. It’s strenuous without being ‘strenuous’. I can already feel the flexibility returning to my legs and the ambition of doing the splits again isn’t too far off. If anyone’s thinking about it I’d definitely give it a go, exercise that isn’t really exercise, yes please.

Favourite Friday: The Glam Guide

I promise I’m not going to mention it anymore but it was my birthday last week! As soon as Friday came I was like “Today is the day I’m finally going to buy the Glam Guide”. Since I found out that the launch date was on my actual birthday I felt that it was a sign that I was meant to have it. So, I met up with one of my friends and we headed straight for Waterstones and right for The Glam Guide stand. As soon as I got it into my hands and was ready to head to the till my friend kindly said to me “If I were you I wouldn’t buy it yet”. Instant thought: Birthday present. And I was right! I literally can’t put it down. Every night before I go to bed I’ll have a flick through and I’ll always have it near me just in case I want to have a read. I like the way that she’s written a book but stuck to her makeup/lifestyle tips route and stuck to what she knows instead of making into a ‘glorified autobiography’. My favourite parts are the makeup section, travel and the drawings, the drawings are insane! I’d recommend this book to anyone as I think that it’s a book/keepsake that I will NEVER get bored of.

My little train journey

So I mentioned in my last blog post that I was going to see Miranda in Manchester on Friday and she was SO GOOD! I think I nearly wet myself on a couple of occasions with laughter which is definitely a thumbs up from me. But this post isn’t about how great the performance was, it’s about my train journey. Because I’m cool, and because I have too much spare time of my hands, I made a video of my train journey which was fun, except when people were staring at me wondering why I was filming my feet…not fun.

So enjoy!