Bills! (Take two)

Bills take two and it was just as good as the first. It was a very impromptu visit which meant I chose something on the menu that I wouldn’t normally go for. For my main I chose the starter of crispy duck salad. I NEVER go for salads, but the apple sold it to me because I really fancied something fresh. It was really tasty and duck was full of flavour. The mixture of lettuce, rocket and apple went really nicely together and it didn’t taste like a normal boring salad. I also had a sneaky side of sweet potato fries which were delicious! They were crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and full of a sweet sticky flavour.

For dessert I had the pecan pie with malted banana ice cream and it was beautiful! The pie was sweet with a soft inside and thin pastry. Perfect combo! The pecans were nice and sweet and the ice cream was out of this world. The mixture of the pie and the ice cream were perfect and it’s definitely one that I will have again.

Theatre Meal!

Last week I went home on a short little two day trip because me and my family were going to see Barnum at the Alhambra theatre in Bradford! If you don’t know what Barnum is it’s a show about a circus, I’m not very good at describing things but trust me it was really good! Before we went to see the show we visited 1914, the restaurant in the theatre, and it was amazing! The food was so good I can’t even describe how good, but I’ll try.

For starter I had smoked salmon mousse which was really nice. The top was actual smoked salmon and the underneath was a mixture of smoked salmon, mustard and creme freshe. I wish that I had kept some bread back because it would have been nice with some bread but it was still good mixed with the rocket underneath. There was just the right amount and it nicely set me up for my main meal.

For my main meal I had pork with red cabbage, cider mash and a cheeky side of cauliflower cheese. The pork was beautiful, it was soft and melted in the mouth underneath but the top was crispy and tasty, the perfect combination. The mashed potato was buttery and smooth and went really well with the sweet cabbage which was crunchy and tasty. The cauliflower cheese was amazing! Possibly one of the best I’ve ever had, and I do like my cauliflower cheese. This is up there with one of the best meals I’ve ever had, bold statements.

Dessert was treacle tart. I think when it comes down it could be one of my favourite desserts and this is the best treacle tart I’ve ever had. It came with clotted cream, which I am in love with, and had a really nice ginger flavour and was buttery and sweet and amazing! The pastry was thin and crispy and the filling was aaaahhhh. That’s all I have to say.

I’m really hoping that something exciting comes back to the theatre so that we have an excuse to go again, fingers crossed!


Last Friday I had a little family visit from my mum, auntie, grandma and grandad and because we are all little piggies we had the worlds biggest lunch, EVER! I’ve been to Bill’s once before this when I visited my friend in Oxford this summer but we had afternoon tea and not an actual meal. The staff were really friendly and I love how it’s decorated, really quirky and mismatched. 

To start, we all shared crispy lemon squid which had big shoes to fill after the ones I had last week at Bella Italia. i’m not kidding, there was enough food in one portion to feed four people. The rings were huge and there must have been about 10 of them! The batter was nice and crispy and the the garlic mayo dip was seriously good. The only problem I found with it was that the squid itself was quite chewy and it lacked a little bit of seasoning. I preferred the one I had last week at Bella Italia but you can’t go wrong with the price and portion sizes, they are seriously insane!

As my main dish I had a chicken and chorizo burger which came with skinny fries. This was gorgeous! The chicken was moist and very flavoursome and the chorizo was beautiful and tasty. Everything went really well together and the sweet bun made it all sweet but not too sweet. Again the portion size was absolutely massive for the price and the chip tasted more than chips, they were nicely seasoned and a little sweet which I liked.

I just had to have a dessert after the first two courses as they were both so good and I needed to see if it matched up. i had the warm chocolate brownie with milk ice cream. the texture of the brownie was very nice, soft but with a slight crunch on the outside. The flavour wasn’t really there in the brownie but the chocolate sauce had so much it was unbelievable! One drop had so much chocolate flavour. I think that the next time I go back I might try the mini doughnuts!

The Food Awards!

As with the cruise ports it’s time to reflect on the best meals of the holiday! I’ll choose a best starter, best main and best dessert, then the best overall meal, Let’s go!
Best Starter:
Without a doubt the Beer Battered Cod Fingers. They were so good that, to not sound too weird, sometimes I can still taste the curried tartare sauce, it was just that good!
Best Main:
Although the Seafood Spaghetti scored higher, the Salmon En Croute was a lot more memorable and had some really delicious aspects. Anything with pastry is a winner with me and everything else was just a cherry on top.
Best Dessert:
Three words, White Chocolate Cheesecake. It was so insanely good that I just want to relive the experience everyday for the rest of my life. 
Best Overall Meal:
This was a hard one to choose as there good points and bad points about all of them but I finally settled on the meal I had on Day Eleven. It was the Beer Battered Cod Fingers, Beef Wellington and the Coffee Mousse. There was a mixture of fish and meat and the dessert drew everything together , it was very nice indeed.
I’m going to miss looking back on all of the food I ate on my holiday because it reminds me what I ate and maybe what I liked enough to have again in the future. Bring on the next holiday so I can do this again!

Food Day Five

Starter-Smoked Salmon Capriccio
Everything was in proportion and all of the components (the lettuce, salmon, onion and capers) went really well together. The caper dressing was really nice and the portion was just the right size so I really enjoyed it. But at the end of the day it was just smoked salmon and some other bits so it wasn’t overly memorable.
Main-Pan Fried Tilapia 
I was quite disappointed with this dish. I thought that the fish tasted of soil and the potatoes were too hard. The pea pods were a little too bitter and crunchy but the meal was slightly redeemed by the saffron sauce that was fragrant and tasty. 
Dessert-White Chocolate Cheesecake
There are no words to describe how good this cheesecake was. None. It was the best pudding so far by far. It was a proper cheesecake filling that was creamy and beautiful with a nice hint of lemon. What made it even better was that the was a gorgeous pastry bottom. It was perfection and the best cheesecake I’ve ever had. 
Overall, the starter and the main of this meal were okay but the cheesecake just mad sit one hundred times better so I think that the meal was 7/10 overall.